Definitions of shade

  1. To screen from light and heat; shield.
  2. To blend, as colors; modify.
  3. To shelter or screen by intercepting the rays of light; to keep off illumination from.
  4. To shelter; to cover from injury; to protect; to screen; to hide; as, to shade one's eyes.
  5. To obscure; to dim the brightness of.
  6. To pain in obscure colors; to darken.
  7. To mark with gradations of light or color.
  8. To present a shadow or image of; to shadow forth; to represent.
  9. To screen from light or heat; to darken or make dim; to mark or paint with varying degrees of light or color.
  10. To screen from light or heat: to shelter: to mark with gradations of color: to darken.
  11. To screen from light; darken; mark with gradations in color.
  12. To change by slight degrees; as, the sunset clouds shade from pale pink to deep purple.
  13. To act as a shade.
  14. represent the effect of shade or shadow on
  15. cast a shadow over
  16. protect from light, heat, or view; " Shade your eyes when you step out into the bright sunlight"
  17. To screen from light or heat; to obscure; to shelter; to darken; to paint with gradations of colour.
  18. The place or abode of the ghosts of the dead.
  19. Hades.
  20. a mental representation of some haunting experience; " he looked like he had seen a ghost"; " it aroused specters from his past"
  21. a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude; " without understanding the finer nuances you can't enjoy the humor"; " don't argue about shades of meaning"
  22. a representation of the effect of shade in a picture or drawing ( as by shading or darker pigment)
  23. a position of relative inferiority; " an achievement that puts everything else in the shade"; " his brother's success left him in the shade"
  24. relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; " it is much cooler in the shade"; " there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"
  25. Comparative obscurity owing to interception or interruption of the rays of light; partial darkness caused by the intervention of something between the space contemplated and the source of light.
  26. An obscure place; a spot not exposed to light; hence, a secluded retreat.
  27. That which intercepts, or shelters from, light or the direct rays of the sun; hence, also, that which protects from heat or currents of air; a screen; protection; shelter; cover; as, a lamp shade.
  28. The darker portion of a picture; a less illuminated part. See Def. 1, above.
  29. Degree or variation of color, as darker or lighter, stronger or paler; as, a delicate shade of pink.
  30. A minute difference or variation, as of thought, belief, expression, etc.; also, the quality or degree of anything which is distinguished from others similar by slight differences; as, the shades of meaning in synonyms.
  31. Darkness; obscurity; - often in the plural.
  32. The soul after its separation from the body; - so called because the ancients it to be perceptible to the sight, though not to the touch; a spirit; a ghost; as, the shades of departed heroes.
  33. To undergo or exhibit minute difference or variation, as of color, meaning, expression, etc.; to pass by slight changes; - used chiefly with a preposition, as into, away, off.
  34. A blind.
  35. Partial darkness caused by cutting off rays of light; darkness; dimness; a spot not exposed to the sun; something which cuts off or softens the rays of light, as a screen or curtain; special quality or degree of color; as, a peculiar shade of blue; a slight degree of difference in meaning, etc.; a ghost or phantom.
  36. Partial darkness: interception of light: obscurity: a shady place: protection: shelter: a screen: degree of color: a very minute change: ( paint.) the dark part of a picture: the soul separated from the body: a ghost.
  37. SHADER.
  38. A ghost.
  39. Interception of light; obscurity; screen; degree of color; a ghost.
  40. Obscurity; gloom; dusk; shadow.
  41. A gradation of color; minute difference.
  42. Obscurity, due to the interception of the rays of light; darkness; obscurity; a shady place; degree or gradation of light; a spirit or ghost; a secluded retreat; something that intercepts light or heat; shelter; the dark part of a picture.
  43. The obscurity or darkness resulting from the partial interruption of the rays of light; gloom; any obscure or partially- dark place; anything which intercepts light or heat; a glass cover for enclosing and protecting timepieces and valuable ornaments, & c.; a screen; shelter; protection; the varying dark parts of a picture; a very minute difference; a ghost; a disembodied spirit.