Common misspellings for cover

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Definitions of cover

  1.   a fixed charge by a restaurant or night club over and above the charge for food and drink
  2.   put something on top of something else; " cover the meat with a lot of gravy"
  3.   be sufficient to meet, defray, or offset the charge or cost of; " Is this enough to cover the check?"
  4.   to take an action to protect against future problems; " Count the cash in the drawer twice just to cover yourself"
  5.   A tablecloth, and the other table furniture; esp., the table furniture for the use of one person at a meal; as, covers were laid for fifty guests.
  6.   To overspread the surface or top of anything by another thing; to veil or conceal from view by some intervening object; to clothe; to shelter; to protect; to equal or be equivalent to.
  7.   To spread a table for a meal; to prepare a banquet.
  8.   To shelter, as from evil or danger; to protect; to defend; as, the cavalry covered the retreat.
  9.   span an interval of distance, space or time; " The war extended over five years"; " The period covered the turn of the century"; " My land extends over the hills on the horizon"; " This farm covers some 200 acres"
  10.   provide with a covering or cause to be covered; " cover her face with a handkerchief"; " cover the child with a blanket"; " cover the grave with flowers"
  11.   a natural object that covers or envelops; " under a covering of dust"; " the fox was flushed from its cover"
  12.   clothe, as if for protection from the elements; " cover your head!"
  13.   a false identity and background ( especially one created for an undercover agent); " her new name and passport are cover for her next assignment"
  14.   invest with a large or excessive amount of something; " She covered herself with glory"
  15.   To lay a table for a meal: to prepare a banquet. Shak. " To cover courtly for a king."- Greene.
  16.   That which covers; a veil or disguise; a shelter, as a thicket; defense; protection.
  17.   play a higher card than the one previously played; " Smith covered again"
  18.   To spread over with something; to conceal by something overspread or interposed; to clothe; to overwhelm; to conceal from notice or punishment; to refrain from disclosing or confessing; to wrap or envelop; to shelter; to incubate; to be of equal extent; to be equivalent to; to include or embrace.
  19.   To invest ( one's self with something); to bring upon ( one's self); as, he covered himself with glory.
  20.   To extend over; to be sufficient for; to comprehend, include, or embrace; to account for or solve; to counterbalance; as, a mortgage which fully covers a sum loaned on it; a law which covers all possible cases of a crime; receipts than do not cover expenses.
  21.   provide for; " The grant doesn't cover my salary"
  22.   To put something over; to conceal; to overspread, as the top of anything; to sit upon or incubate, as a hen her eggs; to overrun; extand thickly over an area; to include or be sufflcient for; to pass over, as a space; shelter; clothe.
  23.   Anything which veils or conceals; a screen; disguise; a cloak.
  24.   Anything laid or spread over something else; anything that veils or conceals; disguise; shelter; protection.
  25.   Table furniture for one person.
  26.   a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something; " they crouched behind the screen"; " under cover of darkness"
  27.   cover as if with a shroud; " The origins of this civilization are shrouded in mystery"
  28.   fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations; " artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal"
  29.   To remove from remembrance; to put away; to remit.
  30.   sit on ( eggs); " Birds brood"; " The female covers the eggs"
  31.   hide from view or knowledge; " The President covered the fact that he bugged the offices in the White House"
  32.   Dining apparatus for one.
  33.   Anything which is laid, set, or spread, upon, about, or over, another thing; an envelope; a lid; as, the cover of a book.
  34.   To hide: to clothe: to shelter: to brood or sit on: to be sufficient for, as to cover expense.
  35.   protect or defend ( a position in a game); " he covered left field"
  36.   the front and back covering of a book; " the book had a leather binding"
  37.   maintain a check on; especially by patrolling; " The second officer covered the top floor"
  38.   Anything that covers; a screen; shelter; protection; the woods, underbush, & c., which shelter and conceal game.
  39.   spread over a surface to conceal or protect; " This paint covers well"
  40.   a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else; " they made a cover of a Beatles' song"
  41.   Shelter; protection; as, the troops fought under cover of the batteries; the woods afforded a good cover.
  42.   To brood or sit on; to incubate.
  43.   deal with verbally or in some form of artistic expression; " This book deals with incest"; " The course covered all of Western Civilization"; " The new book treats the history of China"
  44.   hold within range of an aimed firearm
  45.   To overspread; overlay; enwrap; hide; screen; command, as with a weapon.
  46.   To spread over; hide; clothe; protect; suffice for.
  47.   form a cover over; " The grass covered the grave"
  48.   The woods, underbrush, etc., which shelter and conceal game; covert; as, to beat a cover; to ride to cover.
  49.   Put on a hat or headdress.
  50.   The lap of a slide valve.
  51.   help out by taking someone's place and temporarily assuming his responsibilities; " She is covering for our secretary who is ill this week"
  52.   To hide sight; to conceal; to cloak; as, the enemy were covered from our sight by the woods.
  53.   be responsible for guarding an opponent in a game
  54.   make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities; " he is compensating for being a bad father"
  55.   To overspread the surface of ( one thing) with another; as, to cover wood with paint or lacquer; to cover a table with a cloth.
  56.   include in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one's sphere or territory; " This group encompasses a wide range of people from different backgrounds"; " this should cover everyone in the group"
  57.   covering for a hole ( especially a hole in the top of a container); " he removed the top of the carton"; " he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; " put the cover back on the kettle"
  58.   Shelter; protection; anything that covers.
  59.   To put the usual covering or headdress on.
  60.   protect by insurance; " The insurance won't cover this"
  61.   To accomplish; pass over, as a distance.
  62.   copulate with a female, used especially of horses; " The horse covers the mare"
  63.   That which covers or protects: ( hunting) the retreat of a fox or hare.
  64.   To envelop; to clothe, as with a mantle or cloak.
  65.   That which is laid on something else; a protection; a shelter; a thicket concealing game; the table equipment at a meal, especially for one person.
  66.   To suffice or compensate for.
  67.   hinder or prevent ( the efforts, plans, or desires) of; " What ultimately frustrated every challenger was Ruth's amazing September surge"; " foil your opponent"
  68.   be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism; " Snow reported on China in the 1950's"; " The cub reporter covered New York City"
  69.   To copulate with ( a female); to serve; as, a horse covers a mare; -- said of the male.
  70.   the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it; " the cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft"
  71.   bedding that keeps a person warm in bed; " he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep"

Quotes of cover

  1. I'm into a casual -dressing girl: blue jeans and a tank top is super sexy. But the sexiest thing on a girl- when I see it I'm like, oh my God- is these little tight boxers. Don't get me wrong, g -strings are fine, but those cover a little, to where it's just enough. – Jensen Ackles
  2. I have no secrets; all of these things have been discussed at length in guitar magazines over the years but are far too elaborate to cover in one article. – Adrian Belew
  3. I thought it was amazing to work with authors, to get a manuscript and try to make up a cover for it. – Dick Bruna
  4. We should just get somebody from the left and the right and they should all throw bumper stickers at each other and the first one to cover the other one wins. – David Cross
  5. Any fool knows that bravado is always a cover -up for insecurity. That's the truth. And on that note, I'll say goodnight. God love you. – Bobby Darin
  6. Two women? God, man. Well, I'm still living. So clearly I must've gotten away with it, when I did do it. But I don't think it's time to blow my cover now. – Peter Gallagher
  7. What do we tell our children? Haste makes waste. Look before you leap. Stop and think. Don't judge a book by its cover We believe that we are always better off gathering as much information as possible and spending as much time as possible in deliberation. – Malcolm Gladwell
  8. I mean, the fight for a health care bill to cover all Americans and leave none behind is attacked as being a race appeal, which is not true, but then it's put out in the media as true. – Jesse Jackson
  9. As fighting in Iraq intensifies, President Bush delivered his supplemental war budget to Congress. The money will cover 30 days of fighting, then we'll be sent one war every other month until we cancel our subscription. – Craig Kilborn
  10. For sleep, one needs endless depths of blackness to sink into; daylight is too shallow, it will not cover one. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  11. For me, just being on the cover of a magazine wasn't enough. I began to think, what value is there in doing something in which you have no creative input? – Elle Macpherson
  12. Being on the cover of a magazine with my son is the best thing ever. It took me 18 years to get my first cover he gets one at 8 months. – Cindy Margolis
  13. I teach at USC, and it's obvious to anyone who teaches college students that they don't cover much modern history and certainly not the modern presidency. – Robert Scheer
  14. There is a curious relationship between a candidate and the reporters who cover him. It can be affected by small things like a competent press staff, enough seats, sandwiches and briefings and the ability to understand deadlines. – Ronald Steel

Usage examples for cover

  1. As we wanted to be together, we did not go to the theatre that day and when we got home I did not wait for Marcoline to undress to cover her with kisses. ” – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. What have you at that corner there, under the cover – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth
  3. The next moment two horsemen broke from the dense cover about him, and flung out of the saddle. ” – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  4. Will they never fight except under cover – Janice Meredith by Paul Leicester Ford
  5. Neither was there any name, save her own on the cover – The Precipice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie
  6. Cover and cook slowly until very tender. ” – The Myrtle Reed Cook Book by Myrtle Reed
  7. She had read The Family Poetry Book through from cover to cover a hundred times at least. ” – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox
  8. We should be under cover now. ” – Captain Jim by Mary Grant Bruce
  9. She listened carefully, and as the sound seemed to come from the basket, she removed the cover – Philippine Folk Tales by Mabel Cook Cole
  10. “ " I doubt if a yacht could take us there," said Heath, smiling as if to cover something grave or sad. ” – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  11. Remain under cover inside the room, but in sight of the stairway. ” – The Boy Volunteers with the Submarine Fleet by Kenneth Ward
  12. Then there was another ten minutes' wait, that the girls tried to cover with conversation. ” – Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways by Jessie Graham Flower
  13. Silvio did not stir, but said softly, under the bed- cover I really mean just what I say." ” – Rico And Wiseli Rico And Stineli, And How Wiseli Was Provided For by Johanna Spyri
  14. We beat the cover almost to the road. ” – The White Peacock by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  15. “ A hundred and fifty dollars will cover everything! ” – After a Shadow, and Other Stories by T. S. Arthur
  16. But after this I'll keep the cover on, so no more of my little Bunkers will get into trouble." ” – Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's by Laura Lee Hope
  17. Cover one- half of meat with cold water. ” – Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (1918) by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss
  18. It had need to keep its head under cover – Church and State as Seen in the Formation of Christendom by T. W. Allies
  19. The book is alive from cover to cover – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith
  20. She longed to cover them with her hands; or bid him look away over the woods and water, while he went on saying these sweet things to her. ” – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay

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