Definitions of screen

  1. To provide with a shelter or means of concealment; to separate or cut off from inconvenience, injury, or danger; to shelter; to protect; to protect by hiding; to conceal; as, fruits screened from cold winds by a forest or hill.
  2. To pass, as coal, gravel, ashes, etc., through a screen in order to separate the coarse from the fine, or the worthless from the valuable; to sift.
  3. To shut off from danger, observation, etc.; to shelter or conceal; protect; pass through a coarse sieve; to project ( a picture) upon a screen with a moving- picture machine or magic lantern.
  4. To shelter or conceal: to pass through a coarse riddle.
  5. To shelter; conceal; pass through a coarse sieve.
  6. To shield from observation or annoyance.
  7. To sift.
  8. test or examine for the presence of disease or infection; " screen the blood for the HIV virus"
  9. examine methodically; test for suitability
  10. project onto a screen for viewing; of films
  11. examine in order to test suitability; " screen these samples"; " screen the job applicants"
  12. To shelter from inconvenience, injury, or danger; to pass through a coarse sieve; to riddle.
  13. To shelter; to conceal; to hide; to separate, as by a screen or riddle.
  14. a white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected for viewing
  15. protective covering consisting of a metallic netting mounted in a frame and covering windows or doors ( especially for protection against insects)
  16. partition consisting of a decorative frame or panel that serves to divide a space
  17. a door that is a screen to keep insects from entering a building through the open door; " he heard the screen slam as she left"
  18. examine methodically; " screen the suitcases"
  19. project onto a screen for viewing; " screen a film"
  20. An erection of white canvas or wood placed on the boundary opposite a batsman to enable him to see ball better.
  21. Anything that separates or cuts off inconvenience, injury, or danger; that which shelters or conceals from view; a shield or protection; as, a fire screen.
  22. A dwarf wall or partition carried up to a certain height for separation and protection, as in a church, to separate the aisle from the choir, or the like.
  23. A surface, as that afforded by a curtain, sheet, wall, etc., upon which an image, as a picture, is thrown by a magic lantern, solar microscope, etc.
  24. A long, coarse riddle or sieve, sometimes a revolving perforated cylinder, used to separate the coarser from the finer parts, as of coal, sand, gravel, and the like.
  25. A light, movable partition for protection; a shield; as, a door screen; a curtain; anything in the nature of a protection from observation, etc.; a coarse sieve; a surface on which images are projected by a moving- picture machine or a magic lantern.
  26. Screener.
  27. That which shelters from danger or observation: a partition in churches: a coarse riddle for sifting coal, etc.
  28. A partition; something to shelter or interpose; a long coarse sieve.
  29. Anything that shields, as a light partition.
  30. That which shelters from danger, or prevents inconvenience; something movable, used to intercept heat, cold, or light; a partition in a church carried up to a certain height; a riddle or sieve.
  31. A light movable partition for protecting from cold or light, or for partially intercepting the heat of a fire; anything that shelters or affords concealment; a sort of drapery for concealment; a long riddle or sieve which wards off the coarser particles, and prevents them passing through, as in coal, slaked lime- shell, and suchlike.