Definitions of effect

  1. cause to happen or occur; " The scientists set up a shockwave"
  2. the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work
  3. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; " the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; " his decision had depressing consequences for business"; " he acted very wise after the event"
  4. act so as to bring about; " effect a change"
  5. an outward appearance; " he made a good impression"; " I wanted to create an impression of success"; " she retained that bold effect in her reproductions of the original painting"
  6. ( of a law) having legal validity; " the law is still in effect"
  7. an impression ( especially one that is artificial or contrived); " he just did it for effect"
  8. a symptom caused by an illness or a drug; " the effects of sleep loss"; " the effect of the anesthetic"
  9. produce; " The scientists set up a shockwave"
  10. act so as to bring into existence; " effect a change"
  11. Execution; performance; realization; operation; as, the law goes into effect in May.
  12. Manifestation; expression; sign.
  13. In general: That which is produced by an agent or cause; the event which follows immediately from an antecedent, called the cause; result; consequence; outcome; fruit; as, the effect of luxury.
  14. Impression left on the mind; sensation produced.
  15. Power to produce results; efficiency; force; importance; account; as, to speak with effect.
  16. The purport; the sum and substance.
  17. Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance.
  18. To produce, as a cause or agent; to cause to be.
  19. To bring to pass; to execute; to enforce; to achieve; to accomplish.
  20. Consequence intended; purpose; meaning; general intent; - with to.
  21. Goods; movables; personal estate; - sometimes used to embrace real as well as personal property; as, the people escaped from the town with their effects.
  22. To produce as a cause, consequence, or result; accomplish; bring about.
  23. Result; purpose; impression.
  24. The result or consequence of an action.
  25. That which is produced by an operating agent or cause: the result or consequence of the application of a cause or of the action of an agent on some subject: consequence: result: as, the effect of luxury, of intemperance, of cold, etc.: he spoke with great effect: the effect of this war was the breaking up of the kingdom. " Effect is the substance produced, or simple idea introduced into any subject by the exerting of power."- Locke. Power to- produce consequences or results: force: validity: importance: account: as, the obligation is void and of no effect. " Christ is become of no effect to you."- Gal. v. 4. Purport: tenor: import or general intent: as, he made the purchase for his friend, and immediately wrote him to that effect: his speech was to the effect that, etc.: completion: perfection. " Not so worthily to be brought to heroical effect by fortune or necessity."- Sir P. Sidney. Reality: not mere appearance: fact: substance. " No other in effect than what it seems."- Denham. " To say of a celebrated piece that there are faults in it, is, in effect, to say the author is a man."- Addison. The impression produced on the mind, as by natural scenery, a picture, musical composition, or other work or art, by the object as a whole, before its details are examined: the ensemble or general result of all the qualities of a work of art. " The effect was heightened by the wild and lonely nature of the place."- W. Irving. ( pl.) Goods: movables: personal estate: as, the people escaped from the iown with their effects.
  26. Something done; result; operation; impression.
  27. To accomplish; bring to pass.
  28. To cause; product; achieve; accomplish.
  29. Aresult; product; consequence.
  30. The substance of a statement; gist.
  31. Active operation; execution.
  32. Fact or reality; following in.
  33. Movable goods.
  34. That which is produced by an agent or cause; consequence; intent; advantage; force or validity; completion; reality; fact; general impression; goods; movables; personal estate; truthful imitation, heightened and made more impressive chiefly by the artifices of light, shade, and colour; that impression which a composition makes on the car and mind, in performance.
  35. To produce; to cause to be; to accomplish or achieve. For effect, for the purpose of heightening or exaggerating.
  36. Result or consequence of a cause or agent; consequence; result; impression produced by certain combinations, as in a picture.
  37. To produce; to bring to pass; to accomplish.

Quotes of effect

  1. You can hardly judge women's effect on politics merely from the action of individual women officeholders. – Florence E. Allen
  2. Circumstances give in reality to every political principle its distinguishing color and discriminating effect The circumstances are what render every civil and political scheme beneficial or noxious to mankind. – Edmund Burke
  3. Take a commonplace, clean it and polish it, light it so that it produces the same effect of youth and freshness and originality and spontaneity as it did originally, and you have done a poet's job. The rest is literature. – Jean Cocteau
  4. The cause ceasing, the effect ceases also. – Edward Coke
  5. It is not the simple statement of facts that ushers in freedom; it is the constant repetition of them that has this liberating effect Tolerance is the result not of enlightenment, but of boredom. – Quentin Crisp
  6. The average husband enjoys the total effect of his home but is usually unable to contribute any of the details of work and organisation that make it enjoyable. – Havelock Ellis
  7. The Chancellor also in effect asks us to bargain away whatever obligation or interest we have as regards the neutrality of Belgium. We could not entertain that bargain either. – Edward Grey
  8. Usually you talk about directors in terms of the way they choose camera lenses or a kind of light to create a certain effect But to me the most valuable commodity for a movie to create is a feeling of life, and that's what A Hard Day's Night has in spades. – Michael Patrick Jann
  9. What perhaps should receive more attention is the effect of the treatment on the virus. – Luc Montagnier
  10. It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is 'soporific'. – Beatrix Potter
  11. If the large power voluntarily abstains from using its full power or feels the strategic situation to be such that it cannot do so, it in effect loses the advantage of being a big power. – Elliot Richardson
  12. You can eliminate, for example, a Brazil nut gene if you know that it will create an allergenic effect – Jeremy Rifkin
  13. The most common and most important result of them is that the nature and size of the effect on corresponding series of different elements are largely an expression of the peculiarity of their atomic structure- or, at least, of the structure of the surface. – Johannes Stark
  14. I conceived of an instrument that would create sound without using any mechanical energy, like the conductor of an orchestra. The orchestra plays mechanically, using mechanical energy; the conductor just moves his hands, and his movements have an effect on the music artistry. – Leon Theremin
  15. It became very clear that Hanoi was in effect strategically running the Viet Cong operation. – William Westmoreland

Usage examples for effect

  1. She knew nothing- then; and he was afraid of its effect upon her. – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. A separate expansion valve is a valve employed to effect the cut off and vary the expansion. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. I'm going to take you up with me, for the sake of the effect of that face of yours, looking the way it does right now. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  4. Its effect will be the same as later. – Human Error by Raymond F. Jones
  5. The next day the merchant's son sent word to his mother to the effect that he would like to get married. – Folk-Tales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day
  6. Every chap on the team resolved to make a run or die in the attempt, and Reddy could see that his speech had had some effect – Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball by J. W. Duffield
  7. There can be no effect without a cause. – Elsie's Womanhood by Martha Finley
  8. The effect of Scriptural instruction on the minds of the Greek children is very gratifying. – Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by John Yeardley
  9. It remained to be seen what the effect would be upon us. – Byeways in Palestine by James Finn
  10. St. George hardly knew what effect his words had. – Romance Island by Zona Gale
  11. I've given him a pretty straight warning, though Heaven alone knows what effect it will have." – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  12. Strange, however, was the effect on Henry Ashley. – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  13. " I can and I will effect it," replied Mr. Fanshaw. – All's for the Best by T. S. Arthur
  14. I said something of this in effect to the Dominie. – With Axe and Rifle by W.H.G. Kingston
  15. The first blow failed in its intended effect – The Three Commanders by W.H.G. Kingston
  16. His words had a certain effect upon me, and his manner perhaps more. – Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  17. And to what effect – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  18. And nothing I can say will have the least effect on you? – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  19. The effect is seen in the uniform excellence of his work. – The Age of Tennyson by Hugh Walker
  20. He had told her he would be there, if she had occasion to call him; but now, what he wanted to effect would take some time, nearly half an hour perhaps. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford

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