Definitions of touch

  1. To be in contact; to be in a state of junction; to treat of slightly in discourse.
  2. To induce to give or lend; to borrow from; as, to touch one for a loan; hence, to steal from.
  3. To come in contact with; to hit or strike lightly against; to extend the hand, foot, or the like, so as to reach or rest on.
  4. To perceive by the sense of feeling.
  5. To come to; to reach; to attain to.
  6. To try; to prove, as with a touchstone.
  7. To relate to; to concern; to affect.
  8. To handle, speak of, or deal with; to treat of.
  9. To meddle or interfere with; as, I have not touched the books.
  10. To affect the senses or the sensibility of; to move; to melt; to soften.
  11. To mark or delineate with touches; to add a slight stroke to with the pencil or brush.
  12. To infect; to affect slightly.
  13. To make an impression on; to have effect upon.
  14. To perform, as a tune; to play.
  15. To influence by impulse; to impel forcibly.
  16. To harm, afflict, or distress.
  17. To be tangent to. See Tangent, a.
  18. To affect with insanity, especially in a slight degree; to make partially insane; - rarely used except in the past participle.
  19. To compare with; of be equal to; - usually with a negative; as, he held that for good cheer nothing could touch an open fire.
  20. To come in contact with; as, to touch something with the hand; to perceive or know by feeling; to handle slightly; to concern; to refer to in a light manner; as in conversation, to touch a subject briefly; add a light stroke to; reach; affect the senses or feelings of; as, an act of kindness will touch a person; meddle with; disturb; injure or hurt; to affect to a slight extent; as, plants touched by frost.
  21. To come in contact with: to perceive by feeling: to reach: to relate to: to handle or treat gently or slightly: to move or soften: to influence.
  22. To come into contact with; perceive by feeling; reach to; relate to; influence; affect.
  23. To affect with tender feeling.
  24. To relate to; concern.
  25. To strike; to manipulate; to play on; as, to touch an instrument of music.
  26. To be in contact; to be in a state of junction, so that no space is between; as, two spheres touch only at points.
  27. To fasten; to take effect; to make impression.
  28. To be brought, as a sail, so close to the wind that its weather leech shakes.
  29. To treat anything in discourse, especially in a slight or casual manner; - often with on or upon.
  30. To be in contact; as, the two forms touch; to speak of a subject lightly; with on or upon; as, in the course of his talk, he touched upon the gravity of such an offense; to call at a port; with at.
  31. To be in contact with: to speak of anything slightly.
  32. dye with a color
  33. tamper with; " Don't touch my CDs!"
  34. affect emotionally; " A stirring movie"; " I was touched by your kind letter of sympathy"
  35. The act of touching, or the state of being touched; contact.
  36. The sense by which pressure or traction exerted on the skin is recognized; the sense by which the properties of bodies are determined by contact; the tactile sense. See Tactile sense, under Tactile.
  37. Act or power of exciting emotion.
  38. An emotion or affection.
  39. Personal reference or application.
  40. A stroke; as, a touch of raillery; a satiric touch; hence, animadversion; censure; reproof.
  41. A single stroke on a drawing or a picture.
  42. Feature; lineament; trait.
  43. The act of the hand on a musical instrument; bence, in the plural, musical notes.
  44. A small quantity intermixed; a little; a dash.
  45. A hint; a suggestion; slight notice.
  46. A slight and brief essay.
  47. A touchstone; hence, stone of the sort used for touchstone.
  48. Hence, examination or trial by some decisive standard; test; proof; tried quality.
  49. The broadest part of a plank worked top and but ( see Top and but, under Top, n.), or of one worked anchor- stock fashion ( that is, tapered from the middle to both ends); also, the angles of the stern timbers at the counters.
  50. To be in contact.
  51. To come in contact with; to perceive by the sense of feeling; to come to; to reach; to try; to concern; to handle slightly; to meddle with; to affect; to move; to soften; to delineate slightly; to strike; to be in contact with. To touch up, to repair. To touch the wind, to keep near it.
  52. To come close to or in contact with; to perceive by the sense of feeling; to handle slightly; to put the hand, finger, foot, or other part on or against; to arrive at; to meddle with; to rub or strike against; to soften; to make an impression on, as the heart; to be in a state of contact; to take effect; to treat of slightly in a discourse.
  53. the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin; " she likes the touch of silk on her skin"; " the surface had a greasy feeling"
  54. a slight but appreciable addition; " this dish could use a touch of garlic"
  55. the act of putting two things together with no space between them; " at his touch the room filled with lights"
  56. the feel of mechanical action; " this piano has a wonderful touch"
  57. deftness in handling matters; " he has a master's touch"
  58. the act of soliciting money ( as a gift or loan); " he watched the beggar trying to make a touch"
  59. a slight attack of illness; " he has a touch of rheumatism"
  60. comprehend; " He could not touch the meaning of the poem"
  61. consume; " She didn't touch her food all night"
  62. make physical contact with, come in contact with; " Touch the stone for good luck"; " She never touched her husband"
  63. cause to be in brief contact with; " He touched his toes to the horse's flanks"
  64. perceive via the tactile sense; " Helen Keller felt the physical world by touching people and objects around her"
  65. deal with; usually used with a form of negation; " I wouldn't touch her with a ten- foot pole"; " The local Mafia won't touch gambling"
  66. have to do with or be relevant to; " There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; " My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
  67. to extend as far as; " The sunlight reached the wall"; " Can he reach?" " The chair must not touch the wall"
  68. A set of changes less than the total possible on seven bells, that is, less than 5, 040.
  69. An act of borrowing or stealing.
  70. The particular or characteristic mode of action, or the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers; as, a heavy touch, or a light touch; also, the manner of touching, striking, or pressing the keys of a piano; as, a legato touch; a staccato touch.
  71. That part of the field which is beyond the line of flags on either side.
  72. A boys' game; tag.
  73. Tallow; - a plumber's term.
  74. The act or state of coming or being in contact; contact; sense of feeling; sensation; the manner of action of the hand, as on a musical instrument; as, she has a light touch; the peculiar manner of execution, as of a painting, etc.; as, the touch of an expert; a single stroke on a painting, etc.; close understanding or sympathy; as, in close touch with a friend; a light attack of a disease.
  75. Act of touching: a movement on a musical instrument: sense of feeling: an affection or emotion: a little: ( music) resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers.
  76. Contact; sense of feeling; a little; marks of pencil or brush on a picture; manipulation of an artist.
  77. A touching; contact.
  78. The sense that gives the impression of contact.
  79. Any slight effort or effect, as of brush or pen.
  80. Accord; sympathy.
  81. Contact; the junction of two bodies at the surface so that there is no space between them; the sense of feeling; the act of touching; test; tried qualities; the single set of a pencil, & c.; feature; act of the hand on a musical instrument; an affection; a stroke; the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers.
  82. The contact of two bodies at the surface; the sense of feeling; that by which anything is examined; the act of putting the hand, finger, or other on or against; a single act of a pencil upon the pictures being painted; a stroke; slight notice quantity intermixed.
  83. To lay a hand upon for curing disease.