Definitions of retreat

  1. To retire from any position or place; to withdraw to seclusion or safety; to retire; to retire from an enemy. See Retract.
  2. To make a retreat; to retire from any position or place; to withdraw; as, the defeated army retreated from the field.
  3. To go back or backward; withdraw to seclusion or to a place of safety; retire before an enemy.
  4. To draw back: to retire, esp. to a place of shelter or security: to retire before an enemy or from an advanced position.
  5. To draw back; retire; take refuge.
  6. To withdraw; retire; recede.
  7. pull back or move away or backward; " The enemy withdrew"; " The limo pulled away from the curb"
  8. move away, as for privacy; " The Pope retreats to Castelgondolfo every summer"
  9. move back; " The glacier retrogrades"
  10. an area where you can be alone
  11. ( military) withdrawal to a more favorable position
  12. ( military) a bugle call signaling the lowering of the flag at sunset
  13. ( military) a signal to begin a withdrawal from a dangerous position
  14. a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet
  15. ( military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeat; " the disorderly retreat of French troops"
  16. The place to which anyone retires; a place or privacy or safety; a refuge; an asylum.
  17. The retiring of an army or body of men from the face of an enemy, or from any ground occupied to a greater distance from the enemy, or from an advanced position.
  18. The withdrawing of a ship or fleet from an enemy for the purpose of avoiding an engagement or escaping after defeat.
  19. A signal given in the army or navy, by the beat of a drum or the sounding of trumpet or bugle, at sunset ( when the roll is called), or for retiring from action.
  20. A special season of solitude and silence to engage in religious exercises.
  21. A period of several days of withdrawal from society to a religious house for exclusive occupation in the duties of devotion; as, to appoint or observe a retreat.
  22. The act of with drawing or retiring; place of privacy; shelter; asylum; the retiring of troops from the face of an enemy; a bugle call which is a signal for retiring from an engagement, or to quarters.
  23. A drawing back or retracing ones steps: retirement: place of privacy: a place of security: a shelter: in the Catholic Church, a religious devotion observed by the clergy and ecclesiastical students, and usually lasting for a week, during which time prayer, exhortation, and meditation completely shut out worldly concerns: ( mil.) the act of retiring in order from before the enemy, or from an advanced position: the signal for retiring from an engagement or to quarters.
  24. Act of retiring; shelter; seclusion.
  25. The act of retreating; retirement; seclusion; refuge.
  26. The act of retiring; retirement or seclusion; place of retirement; place of safety or security; the retiring of an army from the face of an enemy or an advanced position; a signal for retiring to quarters or from an engagement.
  27. Retirement; seclusion; place of safety or privacy; the retiring of an army before an enemy, or from an advanced position.