Antonyms for being

dying, moribund, attribute, nonentity, nonexistence, property, nonbeing, quality.

Quotes of being

  1. For certainly there cannot be a higher pleasure than to think that we love and are beloved by the most amiable and best Being – Mary Astell
  2. It was a dream come true performing with her and just being on the same record. So in my eyes, she was the epitome of a great voice and for us to share together was awesome. – Deborah Cox
  3. Hitler was so modern, in that he was obsessed with being famous. He was caught up with this rush to be have achieved greatness before turning 30. – John Cusack
  4. I am not ashamed of my grandparents for having been slaves. I am only ashamed of myself for having at one time being ashamed. – Ralph Ellison
  5. To know that everything we say and do to this new little human being may have a profound effect on him or her is a daunting obligation. – Gloria Estefan
  6. U. S. journalists I don't think are very courageous. They tend to go along with the government's policy domestically and internationally. To question is seen as being unpatriotic, or potentially subversive. – Robert Fisk
  7. Money differs from an automobile or mistress in being equally important to those who have it and those who do not. – John Kenneth Galbraith
  8. One thing about being successful is that I stopped being afraid of dying. Once you're a star you're dead already. You're embalmed. – Dustin Hoffman
  9. I have the capacity of being more wicked than any example that man could set me. – James C. Maxwell
  10. We talk about heaven being so far away. It is within speaking distance to those who belong there. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. – Dwight L. Moody
  11. Stop being a vegan and start enjoying what you eat. – Jamie Oliver
  12. It's the board I had a problem with. I could totally handle being in the water and stuff. I came here to do my own stunts. Water! Ocean! Action! Big waves! That water, that water has tamed me. You can feel that the world is connected to it. – Michelle Rodriguez
  13. After that I jumped, especially being in art school, to the illustrators. – Bill Sienkiewicz
  14. The Busted thing happened when I was 16. I saw an opportunity, took it and it was better than being at school. It was a fun job but I'd never claim Busted was anything other than a pop band. – Charlie Simpson
  15. I don't enjoy public performances and being up on a stage. I don't enjoy the glamour. Like tonight, I am up on stage and my feet hurt. – Barbra Streisand

Usage examples for being

  1. Very well; then you are the best being of the two. ” – Twenty-Four Short Sermons On The Doctrine Of Universal Salvation by John Bovee Dods
  2. Their being away- for Mr. Vandeleur was not in London himself just then- was the part that pleased me the most of the whole plan. ” – My New Home by Mary Louisa Molesworth
  3. “ " So that is what you mean by being a Christian," said papa at last. ” – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  4. And in spite of his name being yours, I didn't expect to find him here. ” – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  5. “ I never met such a girl for being busy all day long. ” – A Houseful of Girls by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  6. “ " If it's what you call 'friends, ' being all day long with a chap, I don't so call it," he said. ” – The Literary Sense by E. Nesbit
  7. “ I was silent, being of her opinion. ” – Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle
  8. But Bertram was now angry, and, being angry, he could not but speak. ” – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  9. You are sure of his being still in the house? ” – The Chief Legatee by Anna Katharine Green
  10. He wasn't smiling at the boy- he was smiling at himself, for being here. ” – This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch
  11. “ A man does not always know what is being said about him, Mr. Harricutt. ” – The City of Fire by Grace Livingston Hill
  12. “ " No - I suppose not -" " I shall; so you may feel easy about being alone down here. ” – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  13. Oh; if that's all- I shouldn't think anything of Mr. Newton for being in Parliament. ” – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  14. Do you think I'd care what people might say about our being here together? ” – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  15. It is about my being afraid.... ” – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  16. Only you must mind what I say to you; else I shall stop being him. ” – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  17. But being Rastignac, he had to talk. ” – Rastignac the Devil by Philip José Farmer
  18. You should not be angry at my being happy. ” – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  19. “ " Blind old Dandalo" may also be claimed as German; Dandalo, corresponding with an O. G. Dantulo, being formed as a diminutive from the Old German name Dando. ” – Surnames as a Science by Robert Ferguson
  20. There is no such thing as being too sure. ” – Caves of Terror by Talbot Mundy

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