Definitions of picture

  1. To draw or paint a resemblance of; to delineate; to represent; to form or present an ideal likeness of; to bring before the mind.
  2. To represent in a painting, etc.; to describe vividly; to form a mental image of.
  3. To paint, to represent by painting: to form an ideal likeness of: to describe vividly.
  4. To represent in, or as in, a picture.
  5. To represent, as by a painting or drawing; depict.
  6. To paint or draw resemblances; to represent; to describe vividly.
  7. To paint a resemblance of in colours; to form an ideal likeness of; to describe in a florid or vivid manner.
  8. a visual representation of an object or scene or person produced on a surface; " they showed us the pictures of their wedding"; " a movie is a series of images projected so rapidly that the eye integrates them"
  9. a clear and telling mental image; " he described his mental picture of his assailant"; " he had no clear picture of himself or his world"; " the events left a permanent impression in his mind"
  10. graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; " a small painting by Picasso"; " he bought the painting as an investment"; " his pictures hang in the Louvre"
  11. a typical example of some state or quality; " the very picture of a modern general"; " she was the picture of despair"
  12. the visible part of a television transmission; " they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone"
  13. a situation treated as an observable object; " the political picture is favorable"; " the religious scene in England has changed in the last century"
  14. The art of painting; representation by painting.
  15. A representation of anything ( as a person, a landscape, a building) upon canvas, paper, or other surface, produced by means of painting, drawing, engraving, photography, etc.; a representation in colors. By extension, a figure; a model.
  16. An image or resemblance; a representation, either to the eye or to the mind; that which, by its likeness, brings vividly to mind some other thing; as, a child is the picture of his father; the man is the picture of grief.
  17. A painting, drawing, etc., of a person, object, scene, or incident; a likeness or image; a mental image; bodily representation; as he was the picture of despair; vivid description in words.
  18. A painting: a likeness in colors: a drawing: painting: a resemblance: an image.
  19. A painting; drawing; resemblance.
  20. A representation by lines or colors, as a drawing, engraving, painting, or photograph; image; resemblance.
  21. A painting or drawing exhibiting the resemblance of anything; a likeness; representation; description.