Definitions of understanding

  1. the statement ( oral or written) of an exchange of promises; " they had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business"; " there was an understanding between management and the workers"
  2. the cognitive condition of someone who understands; " he has virtually no understanding of social cause and effect"
  3. the capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination; " we are told that man is endowed with reason and capable of distinguishing good from evil"
  4. an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion; " his sympathies were always with the underdog"; " I knew I could count on his understanding"
  5. characterized by understanding based on comprehension and discernment and empathy; " an understanding friend"
  6. of Understand
  7. Knowing; intelligent; skillful; as, he is an understanding man.
  8. The act of one who understands a thing, in any sense of the verb; knowledge; discernment; comprehension; interpretation; explanation.
  9. An agreement of opinion or feeling; adjustment of differences; harmony; anything mutually understood or agreed upon; as, to come to an understanding with another.
  10. The power to understand; the intellectual faculty; the intelligence; the rational powers collectively conceived an designated; the higher capacities of the intellect; the power to distinguish truth from falsehood, and to adapt means to ends.
  11. Specifically, the discursive faculty; the faculty of knowing by the medium or use of general conceptions or relations. In this sense it is contrasted with, and distinguished from, the reason.
  12. Intelligent.
  13. The reasoning faculties; the mind; state of knowing, or power to know; comprehension; an agreement.
  14. Understandingly.
  15. The act of comprehending: the faculty or the act of the mind by which it understands or thinks: the power to understand: knowledge: exact comprehension: agreement of minds: harmony.
  16. ( B.) Knowing, skillful.
  17. Act of knowing; comprehension; faculty of comprehending; judgment.
  18. Intellectual apprehension.
  19. The faculty by which one understands.
  20. The facts of a case as apprehended.
  21. An informal compact.
  22. Knowing; skilful.
  23. The faculty of the mind by which it apprehends the real state of things presented to it or the representation made to it; the act of comprehending or apprehending; power to understand; discernment; knowledge; exact comprehension; intelligence between two or more persons; agreement of minds.
  24. Comprehending the ideas or sense of another.
  25. That power of the mind by which it is enabled to receive or comprehend the real state of things presented to it, or that by which men derive ideas from sensations; the faculty of reflection and generalisation; among Ger. metaphysicians, the faculty of the mind which deals with real, practical, and material knowledge, and the adaptation of means to ends, and which is distinguished from reason; intellect; comprehension; conception; intelligence; terms of communication.

Usage examples for understanding

  1. What was wrong was beyond our understanding. – If You're Going to Live in the Country by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley
  2. " Ammad's king is a wise and understanding man," she murmured. – The Return of Tharn by Howard Carleton Browne
  3. He laughed, understanding, and kissed her. – The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence
  4. You who in understanding, activity, wealth and manly beauty are the first of the kingdom, why do you not take the high position which is becoming you? – The Golden Age in Transylvania by Mór Jókai
  5. She looks about her, not understanding. – The Return of Peter Grimm by David Belasco Edited by Montrose J. Moses
  6. It's five years ago since I got the peace that passeth understanding. – Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  7. Good is of the will, and truth is of the understanding; and the will alone does nothing but by the understanding; nor does the understanding alone do anything but from the will. – The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love by Emanuel Swedenborg
  8. So she had to hide her understanding, her regret, her anxiety. – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  9. He was a necessary step for me at least, on the way to understanding. – The Passionate Friends by Herbert George Wells
  10. With the understanding that no lessons are neglected. – Dorothy at Oak Knowe by Evelyn Raymond
  11. Could he not, with more consideration, have made of her a more understanding companion? – Baby Mine by Margaret Mayo
  12. But when they explained to him what earnest meant, then he laughed with understanding, as well as with good will. – Gutta-Percha Willie by George MacDonald
  13. " It was false; he did not want understanding. – Sidonia The Sorceress V1 by William Mienhold
  14. Breakfast was eaten and the day was before them, and an understanding was necessary. – Rose of Dutcher's Coolly by Hamlin Garland
  15. With this view we shall most easily come to an understanding with each other. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner
  16. Gilbert said, not understanding. – The Bad Man by Charles Hanson Towne
  17. And he was glad for this new bond of understanding between them. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930 by Various
  18. Yetta stopped him as soon as her amazement had given place to understanding. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  19. Arms stronger than Betty's held her close- held her with a very human, understanding strength. – The Man Thou Gavest by Harriet T. Comstock
  20. Before we start back, he began, we had better come to an understanding. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various