Definitions of slight

  1. To overthrow; to demolish.
  2. To make even or level.
  3. To throw heedlessly.
  4. To disregard, as of little value and unworthy of notice; to make light of; as, to slight the divine commands.
  5. To disregard, as of little value: to neglect.
  6. To neglect; disregard.
  7. To neglect; do imperfectly.
  8. pay no attention to, disrespect; " She cold- shouldered her ex- fiance"
  9. To neglect; to disregard.
  10. To disregard, as of no importance or unworthy of consideration; to neglect.
  11. Not stout or heavy; slender.
  12. Foolish; silly; weak in intellect.
  13. a deliberate discourteous act ( usually as an expression of anger or disapproval)
  14. Sleight.
  15. The act of slighting; the manifestation of a moderate degree of contempt, as by neglect or oversight; neglect; indignity.
  16. Intentional neglect; disregard; oversight.
  17. Slightness.
  18. Neglect: disregard.
  19. Dexterity in manipulation; a jugglers trick.
  20. A neglectful action; neglect; disregard.
  21. A moderate degree of contempt, manifested by neglect; neglect; artifice; dexterity.
  22. A moderate degree of contempt, manifested by neglect or indifference; disregard; disdain.
  24. almost no or ( with ` a') at least some; very little; " there's slight chance that it will work"; " there's a slight chance it will work"
  25. Not decidedly marked; not forcible; inconsiderable; unimportant; insignificant; not severe; weak; gentle; -- applied in a great variety of circumstances; as, a slight ( i. e., feeble) effort; a slight ( i. e., perishable) structure; a slight ( i. e., not deep) impression; a slight ( i. e., not convincing) argument; a slight ( i. e., not thorough) examination; slight ( i. e., not severe) pain, and the like.
  26. Feeble; as, the enemy offered only slight resistance; frail; slender; as, a slight figure; unimportant; as, a slight difference in color; not severe; as, a slight reproof.
  27. Weak: slender: of little value: trifling: small: negligent: not decided.
  28. Unimportant; trifling; weak; slender.
  29. Of small importance.
  30. Slender; frail.
  31. Weak; inconsiderable; not deep; not violent; trifling; not strong or firm.
  32. Superficial; not through; not deep, as an impression; faint; small; inconsiderable; trifling; not done with effort; not forcible.