Definitions of hide

  1. To lie concealed. To hide the face, to withhold countenance or favour. To hide the face from, to overlook or forgive. Hide and seek, a play of children.
  2. To put or keep out of sight; secrete; disguise.
  3. make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing; " a hidden message"; " a veiled threat"
  4. To conceal, or withdraw from sight; to put out of view; to secrete.
  5. To withhold from knowledge; to keep secret; to refrain from avowing or confessing.
  6. To remove from danger; to shelter.
  7. To flog; to whip.
  8. To conceal; to put out of view; to remove from danger; to shelter; secrete; not to confess; disguise.
  9. To conceal: to keep in safety.
  10. To flog or whip.
  11. To cover; conceal.
  12. To whip with a rawhide; cover as with hide.
  13. To flog.
  14. To lie concealed; to keep one's self out of view; to be withdrawn from sight or observation.
  15. To lie concealed; to keep oneself out of view; to be withdrawn from view.
  16. To lie concealed:- pa. t. hid; pa. p. hidden, hid.
  17. To lie concealed.
  18. To be withdrawn from sight; to conceal; to keep secret.
  19. Hiding.
  20. Hid, hidden.
  21. An abode or dwelling.
  22. A measure of land, common in Domesday Book and old English charters, the quantity of which is not well ascertained, but has been differently estimated at 80, 100, and 120 acres.
  23. The human skin; - so called in contempt.
  24. An animal's skin, raw or dressed; formerly, a measure of land.
  25. The skin of an animal.
  26. An old measure of land varying from 60 to 120 acres.
  27. Skin of a quadruped.
  28. The skin of a large animal, as an ox.
  29. A certain portion of land, from 60 to 100 acres.
  30. The skin of a horse, ox, or other large animal; an anc. measure of land of about 100 acres, or as much as could be tilled by a single plough.
  31. Hid.
  32. Hidden.