Definitions of good

  1.   having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude adept in handicrafts an adept juggler an expert job a good mechanic a practiced marksman a proficient engineer a lesser known but no less skillful composer the effect was achieved by skillful retouching
  2.   tending to promote physical well being beneficial to health beneficial effects of a balanced diet a good night's sleep the salutary influence of pure air
  3.   promoting or enhancing well being an arms limitation agreement beneficial to all countries the beneficial effects of a temperate climate the experience was good for her
  4.   having or showing or arising from a desire to promote the welfare or happiness of others his benevolent smile a benevolent nature
  5.   with or in a close or intimate relationship a good friend my sisters and brothers are near and dear
  6.   financially sound a good investment a secure investment
  7.   exerting force or influence the law is effective immediately a warranty good for two years the law is already in effect or in force
  8.   deserving of esteem and respect all respectable companies give guarantees ruined the family's good name
  9.   superior to the average in fine spirits a fine student made good grades morale was good had good weather for the parade
  10.   having the normally expected amount gives full measure gives good measure a good mile from here
  11.   used of clothing my good clothes her Sunday go to meeting clothes
  12.   moral excellence or admirableness there is much good to be found in people
  13.   that which is good or valuable or useful weigh the good against the bad among the highest goods of all are happiness and self realization
  14.   benefit for your own good what's the good of worrying
  15.   often used as a combining form in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard the children behaved well a task well done the party went well he slept well a well argued thesis a well planned party good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for well' as in the baby can walk pretty good
  16.   in a complete and thorough manner he was soundly defeated good' is used informally for thoroughly' as in we beat him good
  17.   thorough had a good workout gave the house a good cleaning
  18.   feeling healthy and free of aches and pains I feel good
  19.   of moral excellence a genuinely good person a just cause an upright and respectable man the life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest truthful and virtuous Frederick Douglass
  20.   most suitable or right for a particular purpose a good time to plant tomatoes the right time to act the time is ripe for great sociological changes
  21.   appealing to the mind good music a serious book
  22.   not left to spoil the meat is still good
  23.   resulting favorably its a good thing that I wasn't there it is good that you stayed it is well that no one saw you all's well that ends well
  24.   generally admired good taste
  25.   not forged a good dollar bill
  26.   having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified good news from the hospital a good report card when she was good she was very very good a good knife is one good for cutting
  27.   morally admirable
  28.   in excellent physical condition good teeth I still have one good leg a sound mind in a sound body
  29.   agreeable or pleasing we all had a good time good manners
  30.   capable of pleasing good looks
  31.   in a complete and thorough manner good' is sometimes used informally for thoroughly' he was soundly defeated we beat him good
  32.   Best
  33.   Goodness
  34.   Possessing desirable qualities adapted to answer the end designed promoting success welfare or happiness serviceable useful fit excellent admirable commendable not bad corrupt evil noxious offensive or troublesome etc
  35.   Adequate sufficient competent sound not fallacious valid in a commercial sense to be depended on for the discharge of obligations incurred having pecuniary ability of unimpaired credit
  36.   Real actual serious as in the phrases in good earnest in good sooth
  37.   Not small insignificant or of no account considerable esp in the phrases a good deal a good way a good degree a good share or part etc
  38.   Not lacking or deficient full complete
  39.   Not blemished or impeached fair honorable unsullied as in the phrases a good name a good report good repute etc
  40.   To make good to turn to good
  41.   To manure to improve
  42.   Possessing moral excellence or virtue virtuous pious religious said of persons or actions
  43.   Kind benevolent humane merciful gracious polite propitious friendly well disposed often followed by to or toward also formerly by unto
  44.   Serviceable suited adapted suitable of use to be relied upon followed especially by for
  45.   Clever skillful dexterous ready handy followed especially by at
  46.   That which possesses desirable qualities promotes success welfare or happiness is serviceable fit excellent kind benevolent etc opposed to evil
  47.   Advancement of interest or happiness welfare prosperity advantage benefit opposed to harm etc
  48.   Wares commodities chattels formerly used in the singular in a collective sense In law a comprehensive name for almost all personal property as distinguished from land or real property
  49.   Well especially in the phrase as good with a following as expressed or implied equally well with as much advantage or as little harm as possible
  50.   Having excellent qualities adapted to any particular work or use as fish are good for food pious moral kind favorable beneficial as good counsel cheerful as good spirits gracious and pleasing as good manners undamaged as the dress was old but still good honest or genuine as good coin
  51.   Excellence that which is right not wrong prosperity benefit
  52.   An expression of assent or pleasure as good I am glad of it
  53.   Better
  54.   Having qualities whether physical or moral desirable or suitable to the end proposed promoting success welfare or happiness virtuous pious kind benevolent proper fit competent sufficient valid sound serviceable beneficial real serious as in good earnest not small considerable as in good deal full complete as measure unblemished honorable as in good name comp BETTER superl BEST
  55.   That which promotes happiness success etc opposed to EVIL prosperity welfare advantage temporal or spiritual moral qualities virtue B possessions pl household furniture movable property merchandise
  56.   Well right
  57.   Having suitable or desirable qualities virtuous kind valid sound serviceable
  58.   That which promotes welfare c prosperity advantage
  59.   Having excellent useful or admirable qualities excellent worthy righteous virtuous religious
  60.   Adequate competent servicable ample
  61.   Valid genuine
  62.   That which is good advantage benefit righteousness virtue welfare
  63.   Personal property chattels
  64.   Valid sufficiently perfect in its kind having the qualities physical or moral best adapted to its design and use virtuous pious proper fit seasonable expedient sound wholesome palatable salutary beneficial full useful competent convenient able skilful kind benevolent faithful pleasant honourable unblemished cheerful considerable polite serious companionable brave well formed mild not irritable friendly Good advice wise and prudent counsel Good heed great care due caution In good sooth in good truth To make good to perform to fulfil to confirm or establish to supply deficiency to indemnify to carry into effect To stand good to be firm or valid To think good to see good to be pleased or satisfied As good as equally no better than the same as As good as his word equalling in fulfilment what was promised
  65.   As good as well with equal advantage
  66.   Well right For good and all finally See Goods
  67.   That which contributes to diminish pain or to increase happiness or prosperity advantage welfare prosperity spiritual advantage or improvement earnestness moral qualities virtue richness abundance
  68.   The opposite of bad pious sound undamaged proper or fit considerable having sufficient pleasant to the taste unblemished kind favourable clever real as he is in good earnest in the sense of wishing well as good day and good bye
  69.   The contrary of evil virtue righteousness benefit advantage
  70.   Well as in the phrase as good
  71.   A word expressing approbation or admiration

Antonyms for good

evil-minded, ghastly, incorrect, base, gimcrack, insufferable, crackerjack, fabulous, lousy, ignominious, debatable, malevolent, defeatist, unacceptably, inexact, revengeful, disloyal, Irksome, grotesque, divine, unreliable, low-down, depressing, splendid, incompatible, fancy, unhealthful, dark, unimportant, impertinent, offensive, untrustworthy, ill-favored, cruel, repellent, unrighteous, inept, parlous, unprepossessing, treacherous, ham-fisted, indefensible, pessimistic, first class, damaging, unprincipled, fine, uncool, indiscriminating, trumpery, tough, recreant, snide, untruthful, soft, diabolic, heartbreaking, poisonous, intolerable, sickening, dishonest, untested, meagre, optimum, trifling, untrue, opprobrious, evil, wonderful, iniquitous, demoralized, measly, little bitty, pint-size, depreciatory, malapropos, unconvincing, imitative, prejudicial, boring, unsupported, unappealing, fallen, bilious, peeving, evilness, Foundationless, self-obsessed, shaky, incomplete, unwarranted, inoperative, minute, perilous, catty, sterling, inapposite, unarticulated, scummy, pretty, despicable, nifty, spare, inaccurate, low-rent, preposterous, hesitant, counter, inconstant, mephistophelean, effete, unparalleled, unacceptable, null and void, profligacy, cruddy, nonintellectual, unfaithful, dissipated, Revulsive, disheartening, trivial, little, homely, risky, clumsy, unconfirmed, decadent, unpalatable, fragile, extreme, villainous, hopeless, Demonian, machiavellian, insignificant, fatuous, onus, Rankling, Jeopardizing, wanting, distasteful, hideous, disingenuous, fallacious, corky, ill-bred, libertine, inconsequential, sinister, threatening, noble, punk, misguided, Nocuous, crude, diabolical, sleazy, unclean, faultfinding, weeny, harebrained, vile, wrong, unwarrantable, second class, Haggish, flimsy, hateful, untrained, hostile, unsavory, specious, pocket, foul, closefisted, peerless, ham-handed, piddling, ignoble, cockeyed, destructive, flagitious, unprepared, weak-kneed, unfriendly, slim, inadequate, ruinous, blameworthy, contemptuous, half-witted, wicked, scornful, ineffectual, sensational, slimy, unqualified, ill, faltering, inferior, sordid, inapt, low-grade, satanic, naughty, unfitting, fearful, mad, dishonorable, incompetent, Angering, unfounded, demoniac, stinky, vacillating, insipid, implausible, stellar, deceitful, maddening, vindictive, ratty, unsound, thoughtless, putrid, flawed, valueless, rude, uncivil, classic, tragic, irritating, maximum, unmannerly, unpleasing, Eristic, badness, unwelcome, capital, corrupted, smirch, par excellence, despiteful, spoiled, Unreasoned, obnoxious, outside, insalubrious, yucky, miniature, smudge, cheap, mediocre, undeserving, off, grave, unfortunate, null, unsuitable, inexpert, rotten, Censuring, milk-and-water, inexperienced, sour, disadvantageous, derogatory, god-awful, warped, infernal, ineffective, negligible, icky, unjustifiable, insubstantial, dolorous, mean, lying, impolite, weakling, atrocious, itty-bitty, indecent, atomic, sorry, scrimpy, inappreciative, unenjoyable, intimidating, skimpy, mischievous, inexcusable, deficiently, bad, pygmy, iniquity, dissolute, Weak-minded, mournful, paltry, superior, primitive, unpardonable, microscopic, unshapely, unprofessional, microminiature, cheesy, undependable, senseless, horrible, unbearable, common, incongruous, illogical, doubtful, disturbing, revolting, misleading, disagreeable, Misbecoming, useless, malign, decomposed, false, harmful, severe, limp-wristed, notorious, second-rate, bum, nonrational, villainy, bribable, disgusting, self-centered, perfidious, hypocritical, decayed, faithless, captious, unattractive, wavering, evildoing, first-rate, heavy-handed, unable, painful, malignant, disdainful, disgraceful, objectionable, nemesis, uncompelling, aggravating, detestable, spot, supreme, infectious, degenerate, slighting, felonious, Libertinage, unsurpassed, frumpy, unimposing, deficient, traitorous, sneaking, ugly, stigma, parsimonious, Riling, dreary, bane, unpolished, substandard, faulty, amateur, untoward, self-seeking, nonsensical, depravity, top-notch, groovy, el cheapo, simpleminded, grievous, baleful, unseasoned, defective, bitty, immoral, indecorous, loose, badly, dubious, marginal, unfit, harsh, tip-top, teensy-weensy, grating, petty, insanitary, overcritical, purchasable, addled, venturesome, bitter, picayune, unreasonable, absurd, erring, louche, negative, pestiferous, corrupt, regrettable, nerveless, trashy, inappropriate, tiny, teeny-weeny, counterfeit, inconsequent, schlock, dreadful, worthless, lacking, Unhandsome, unschooled, depraved, premium, joyless, meager, inflaming, untaught, Low-minded, deadly, uncomely, poorly, questionable, frail, unforgivable, rough, niggardly, toxic, carping, untalented, amateurish, undiscriminating, Daffy, debauched, groundless, grubby, grand, corruptible, disapproving, frumpish, censurable, baneful, improper, special, matchless, A1, odious, annoying, marvelous, vice, disparaging, abominable, unsanitary, beginning, wet, unbeautiful, unfeeling, maximized, unholy, sorrowful, witchy, shabby, unhealthy, unlawful, invertebrate, rakish, exquisite, Enraging, unflattering, inconvenient, awful, exasperating, no-good, slur, unwholesome, unhygienic, tedious, low, inexpiable, uncalled-for, would-be, cheapjack, Hard-hearted, lamentable, shy, dangerous, teensy, half-baked, fickle, unjustified, adverse, nonbinding, gloomy, errant, heartrending, loathsome, unhelpful, unhappy, monstrous, uncomplete, unlovely, nugatory, shoddy, Dissatisfying, unfavorable, incapable, Doubtable, Libertinism, weak, depreciative, pestilential, unfitted, nefarious, prime, irresponsible, artless, distressing, hypercritical, plain, self-concerned, untutored, unsafe, execrable, unsatisfactorily, shady, Discommoding, unconscionable, nutty, Unmeet, repulsive, puny, untried, Misled, preeminent, ungracious, infuriating, scanty, lugubrious, unprofitable, minuscule, disreputable, witless, dismal, dodgy, Pleasureless, inimical, jim-dandy, spineless, illegitimate, exceptionable, awkward, dandy, deleterious, corruption, criminal, disputable, problematic, neat, remote, spiteful, curse, Outraging, suspect, ill-mannered, upsetting, Lousily, disrespectful, inconsiderable, perverted, superb, scurvy, perturbing, unsightly, illicit, unfavourable, sad, junky, selfish, reprehensible, cut rate, invalid, putrefied, great, contemptible, blot, bang up, inopportune, critical, debauchery, coarse, superlative, pitiless, unpleasant, self-indulgent, pocket-size, ignorant, crazy, unmatched, wee, uninterested, displeasing, fishy, casuistic, jackleg, reprobate, demonic, mendacious, short, hazardous, fraudulent, miserable, hellish, menacing, taint, swingeing, nominal, discourteous, unaesthetic, deplorable, lame, gorgonian, lawless, belittling, stain, wrongful, imperfect, dull, Ungifted, black, loony, nauseating, distant, unrespectable, affliction, unscientific, sin, scabby, licentiousness, inefficient, stinking, sinful, Unapt, supernal, unsympathetic, incoherent, pernicious, shocking, namby-pamby, injurious, Picayunish, uncomplimentary, horrid, void, lachrymose, illegal, vexing, baseless, vengeful, frightful, wretched, flat, Rakehell, Luciferian, infinitesimal, perversive, exceptional, diminutive, unbecoming, Incommoding, bearish, insufficient, tight, abhorrent, unsatisfactory, mephistophelian, nasty, dirty, wimpish, jarring, infamous, small, noxious, uncertain, serious, pitiful, unspeakable, commonplace, inadequately, uncongenial, wishy-washy, inconsiderate, inapplicable, detrimental, infelicitous, debased, raw, malicious, vicious, keen, unendurable, unseemly, cutthroat, forbidding, uninformed, unpretty, scourge, unscrupulous, shameful, cacodemonic, downbeat, smallish, terrible, irrational, poor, brand, heavenly, Fiendish, slight, irresolute, corruptive, insupportable, wimpy, sick, corked, characterless, perverse, unethical, insane, stingy, nonvalid, unworthy, green, middling, unskillful, stale, miserly, doleful, high-grade, wretchedly, hard, unmannered, Unbeseeming, undersized, sophistic, degraded, unsubstantiated, terrific, disobliging, incensing, top, virulent, tightfisted, boss, venal, weakened, discreditable, devilish, swell, new, despairing, hurtful, noisome, teeny, meagerly, repugnant, unskilled, bargain-basement, rubber, graceless, caviling, currish, optimal, bitsy, dispassionate, banner, unappetizing, apathetic, unappreciative.

Quotes of good

  1. That's the way I work and one day I won't have the energy to do it so I think it's always good to make the most of your life and living as much as possible – Marc Almond
  2. And I believe that good journalism good television can make our world a better place – Christiane Amanpour
  3. To live well is to work well to show a good activity – Thomas Aquinas
  4. Just about this time when in imagination I was so great a warrior I had good use in real life for more strength as I was no longer taken to school by the nurse but instead had myself to protect my brother two years my junior – Georg Brandes
  5. Between good sense and good taste there lies the difference between a cause and its effect – Jean de la Bruyere
  6. He's just like my father that way -my father just adored my mother and let her do whatever she wanted John's like that He's a very rare man a very good man and I've had a good life with him I'm proud to be walking in the wake of Johnny's fame – June Carter Cash
  7. Thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes It gave me the strength to persevere and warmed my heart – Steven Cojocaru
  8. If you want to make good use of your time you've got to know what's most important and then give it all you've got – Lee Iacocca
  9. I do remember though when I discovered the third I was about five years old it was a very pleasing sound I remembered that if I hit one note then skipped one and played the next I could get this really good sound – Robert Morris
  10. You have to have been a Republican to know how good it is to be a Democrat – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  11. It's a good thing I was born a girl otherwise I'd be a drag queen – Dolly Parton
  12. Truth is the beginning of every good to the gods and of every good to man – Plato
  13. There is a good principle which created order light and man and an evil principle which created chaos darkness and woman – Pythagoras
  14. I am a cynical optimist Big opening weekends are like cotton candy The films you will remember over time are the films that stick in the consciousness of the audience in a good way – Robert Redford
  15. Oh man If I had magic powers I would hope that I would use them for good I think I would But I would do something pretty trivial like making traffic disappear – Nick Stahl

Usage examples for good

  1. “ That's to the good – A Hero of Liége by Herbert Strang
  2. Are you going to say good night – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. Oh good so it is ” – For the Sake of the School by Angela Brazil
  4. The good like you – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  5. It will do you a world of good – Daisy by Elizabeth Wetherell
  6. “ I don't know if it's a good way – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss
  7. That sounds good Doctor – The Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife by Ellen M. Firebaugh
  8. “ I shall say what I think will do you good my dear – The Master of the Ceremonies by George Manville Fenn
  9. You are good to talk so to me – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  10. Good for you Kitsie ” – Marjorie's New Friend by Carolyn Wells
  11. It's good for you – Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington
  12. Not much good at it either – The Whirligig of Time by Wayland Wells Williams
  13. Said in good time – Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden
  14. How good of you to think of me – The New Tenant by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  15. “ No I thought you were a good woman – The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley
  16. It was so good of him to come to them – That Fortune by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009
  17. They all told me that he was a good for nothing – Fruitfulness Fecondite by Emile Zola
  18. Not at all good sir – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  19. You will know how all in good time – Gold Out of Celebes by Aylward Edward Dingle
  20. Good boy he said – The Metal Monster by A. Merritt