Definitions of very

  1. being the exact same one; not any other:; " this is the identical room we stayed in before"; " the themes of his stories are one and the same"; " saw the selfsame quotation in two newspapers"; " on this very spot"; " the very thing he said yesterday"; " the very man I want to see"
  2. used as intensifiers; ` real' is sometimes used informally for ` really'; ` rattling' is informal; " she was very gifted"; " he played very well"; " a really enjoyable evening"; " I'm real sorry about it"; " a rattling good yarn"
  3. precisely so; " on the very next page"; " he expected the very opposite"
  4. used to give emphasis; " the very essence of artistic expression is invention"- Irving R. Kaufman; " the very back of the room"
  5. used to give emphasis to the relevance of the thing modified; " his very name struck terror"; " caught in the very act"
  6. precisely as stated; " the very center of town"
  7. Alt. of night signals
  8. True; real; actual; veritable.
  9. In a high degree; to no small extent; exceedingly; excessively; extremely; as, a very great mountain; a very bright sum; a very cold day; the river flows very rapidly; he was very much hurt.
  10. Absolute; complete; utter; as, that is the very truth: especial; as, his very own; the same; as, that is the very one; for emphasis, equivalent to even the; as, the very thought frightens me.
  11. In a high degree; extremely.
  12. Verier.
  13. Veriest.
  14. True: real ( so in B.): actual.
  15. In a great degree.
  16. Real; actual; true; same.
  17. Real; true.
  18. In a great, eminent, or high degree, but not generally the highest.
  19. True; real; complete; perfect.
  20. In a great or eminent degree.

Usage examples for very

  1. The very thing I wanted. – The Comedies of Terence by Publius Terentius Afer
  2. " Very well," he returned. – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  3. I'm not very well. – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  4. I am so very sorry, Mr. Lane. – Father Stafford by Anthony Hope
  5. What Rollo said is very true. – Rollo in Geneva by Jacob Abbott
  6. It is very kind in you to be so good to me. – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge
  7. " Very well," said Ernst. – The Twilight of the Souls by Louis Couperus
  8. " Just for that very reason. – St. Peter's Umbrella by Kálmán Mikszáth
  9. That is very right, he said. – Plato's Republic by Plato
  10. Oh, very well, always well. – The Crown of Life by George Gissing
  11. Very well; answer me what I came to ask you to- night." – The Ship of Stars by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  12. And then, she was very beautiful. – Arms and the Woman by Harold MacGrath
  13. " It's all very well for you, I tell you. – Peggy by Laura E. Richards
  14. " I am glad, very glad- to hear what you say. – The Dark Forest by Hugh Walpole
  15. But he was very old. – White Otter by Elmer Russell Gregor
  16. He is very good to us, and you will like it here. – The Story of a Nodding Donkey by Laura Lee Hope
  17. Very well, said Paul, I thank you. – The Fortunate Youth by William J. Locke
  18. A very good one could. – Whispering Wires by Henry Leverage
  19. He was very slow to speak. – Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope
  20. " Not very Patrick said. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau