Definitions of expression

  1. the expression on a person's face; " a sad expression"; " a look of triumph"; " an angry face"
  2. a group of words that form a constituent of a sentence and are considered as a single unit; " I concluded from his awkward constructions that he was a foreigner"
  3. ( genetics) the process of expressing a gene
  4. the act of forcing something out by squeezing or pressing; " the expression of milk from her breast"
  5. a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement
  6. expression without words; " tears are an expression of grief"; " the pulse is a reflection of the heart's condition"
  7. the communication ( in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions; " expressions of good will"; " he helped me find expression for my ideas"
  8. The act of expressing; the act of forcing out by pressure; as, the expression of juices or oils; also, of extorting or eliciting; as, a forcible expression of truth.
  9. The act of declaring or signifying; declaration; utterance; as, an expression of the public will.
  10. Lively or vivid representation of meaning, sentiment, or feeling, etc.; significant and impressive indication, whether by language, appearance, or gesture; that manner or style which gives life and suggestive force to ideas and sentiments; as, he reads with expression; her performance on the piano has expression.
  11. That which is expressed by a countenance, a posture, a work of art, etc.; look, as indicative of thought or feeling.
  12. The representation of any quantity by its appropriate characters or signs.
  13. The act or power of representing anything; a saying; mode of speech; change of the countenance; manner of speaking.
  14. Act of expressing or forcing out by pressure: act of representing or giving utterance to: faithful and vivid representation by language, art, the features, etc.: that which is expressed: look: feature: the manner in which anything is expressed: tone of voice or sound in music.
  16. A pressing out; representation; utterance of thought or feeling; phrase; look.
  17. That which is uttered.
  18. Aspect; look; looks.
  19. A pressing out.
  20. The act of expressing or forcing out by pressure; the art or power of uttering, declaring, or representing; utterance; declaration; representation; a phrase or mode of speech; diction; the peculiar manner of utterance suited to the subject and sentiment; representation, as suggestive of an idea, a mood, or an emotion; the tone, grace, or modulation of voice or sound suited to any particular subject; that manner which gives life and reality to ideas and sentiments; the character or feeling as expressed in the countenance, attitude, & c; distinct, sonerous, and pleasing pronunciation, accompanied with action suited to the subject; the representation of any quantity by its appropriate character or signs.
  21. Manner of utterance; mode of speech; declaration; a natural and lively representation of an object in painting or sculpture; the transient change which takes place in the permanent form of a face or figure while under the influence of various emotions; the modulation of the voice suited to the subject in music; the appearance of the countenance; the representation of an algebraic quantity by its proper symbols.

Usage examples for expression

  1. Mrs. Pelby paused, and looked him in the face with an expression of half despair and half astonishment. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur
  2. Mrs. Verrier's expression changed. – Marriage à la mode by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. He did not look at his father or change his expression, but he said again: " Knowing what we do, we hadn't ought to sell him." – White Lilac; or the Queen of the May by Amy Walton
  4. As her eyes met his, she noticed his expression of deep concern, and hesitated with the reply she had evidently been just about to make. – The Exploits of Elaine by Arthur B. Reeve
  5. David was not glad that he was there, for the expression on Dan's face told him that he had seen and heard more than he had any business to know. – The Boy Trapper by Harry Castlemon
  6. I did not know what she was going to say and the expression did not help me to guess. – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln
  7. She had made up her mind to smile at once, to come up to him with a smile, so that the expression of her face might put her poor brother at his ease. – The Twilight of the Souls by Louis Couperus
  8. Grace's lips closed with an expression of pain. – Not Like Other Girls by Rosa N. Carey
  9. Your whole expression has changed.... – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  10. Some people, it is true, might not have noticed the expression of the lad's face; but to those who had eyes it told of something more than poverty and distress. – King Matthias and the Beggar Boy by Nicholas Jósika
  11. Here she hesitated, and the expression of her face suddenly changed. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  12. You look ill; your eyes have a strange expression. – A Sweet Girl Graduate by Mrs. L.T. Meade
  13. To be sure, it is not quite like him, it has an expression, a look which is not his, and ... – Fickle Fortune by Elisabeth Burstenbinder (AKA E. Werner)
  14. His expression instantly changed. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  15. Waterman had started up from his languid position on the box; his face had lost its wearied, languid expression, and had become quite animated. – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  16. These modes of expression were collected by Lichtenberg, and a few only have been added to them. – The Student-Life of Germany by William Howitt
  17. She did not answer or change expression. – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  18. A kingdom is a fit expression of a king’ s love and good will. – The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning by Hugh Binning