Definitions of on

  1. with a forward motion; " we drove along admiring the view"; " the horse trotted along at a steady pace"; " the circus traveled on to the next city"; " move along"; " march on"
  2. ( of events) planned or scheduled; " the picnic is on, rain or shine"; " we have nothing on for Friday night"
  3. indicates continuity or persistence or concentration; " his spirit lives on"; " shall I read on?"
  4. in a state required for something to function or be effective; " turn the lights on"; " get a load on" is slang for" drink enough to become intoxicated"
  5. in operation or operational; " left the oven on"; " the switch is in the on position"
  6. performing or scheduled for duties; " I'm on from five to midnight"; " Naval personnel on duty in Alaska"; " her on- duty hours were 11p. m. to 7 a. m."
  7. The general signification of on is situation, motion, or condition with respect to contact or support beneath
  8. At, or in contact with, the surface or upper part of a thing, and supported by it; placed or lying in contact with the surface; as, the book lies on the table, which stands on the floor of a house on an island.
  9. Denoting performance or action by contact with the surface, upper part, or outside of anything; hence, by means of; with; as, to play on a violin or piano. Hence, figuratively, to work on one's feelings; to make an impression on the mind.
  10. Indicating dependence or reliance; with confidence in; as, to depend on a person for assistance; to rely on; hence, indicating the ground or support of anything; as, he will promise on certain conditions; to bet on a horse.
  11. At or in the time of; during; as, on Sunday we abstain from labor. See At ( synonym).
  12. At the time of, conveying some notion of cause or motive; as, on public occasions, the officers appear in full dress or uniform. Hence, in consequence of, or following; as, on the ratification of the treaty, the armies were disbanded.
  13. At the peril of, or for the safety of.
  14. In reference or relation to; as, on our part expect punctuality; a satire on society.
  15. Occupied with; in the performance of; as, only three officers are on duty; on a journey.
  16. In the service of; connected with; of the number of; as, he is on a newspaper; on a committee.
  17. Forward, in succession; as, from father to son, from the son to the grandson, and so on.
  18. In continuance; without interruption or ceasing; as, sleep on, take your ease; say on; sing on.
  19. Attached to the body, as clothing or ornament, or for use.
  20. In progress; proceeding; as, a game is on.
  21. To or against the surface of; - used to indicate the motion of a thing as coming or falling to the surface of another; as, rain falls on the earth.
  22. At or near; adjacent to; - indicating situation, place, or position; as, on the one hand, on the other hand; the fleet is on the American coast.
  23. In addition to; besides; - indicating multiplication or succession in a series; as, heaps on heaps; mischief on mischief; loss on loss; thought on thought.
  24. Toward; for; - indicating the object of some passion; as, have pity or compassion on him.
  25. By virtue of; with the pledge of; - denoting a pledge or engagement, and put before the thing pledged; as, he affirmed or promised on his word, or on his honor.
  26. To the account of; - denoting imprecation or invocation, or coming to, falling, or resting upon; as, on us be all the blame; a curse on him.
  27. Forward, in progression; onward; - usually with a verb of motion; as, move on; go on.
  28. Adhering; not off; as in the phrase, He is neither on nor off, that is, he is not steady, he is irresolute.
  29. Upon; as, to sit on a chair; in contact with the upper surface; as, we live on the earth; along or by; as, Paris is on the Seine; in the act or state of; as, on a journey; toward; as, he looked on her as his guide; in connection with; as, to go on business; showing the relation of following after; as, they are on his trail; in the direction of; as, the door opens on a lawn; about; as, an address on war; indicating time; as, on July first; resting against; as, a picture on the wall; supported by; as, on my honor.
  30. Forward; onward; along; as, to go on; so as to cover or be supported by; as, put on your coat; jump on before the train starts; in or into action or use; as, to turn on the gas; in progress; as, the fight is on.
  31. In contact with the upper part of: to and towards the surface of: upon or acting by contact with: not off: at or near: at or during: in addition to: toward, for: at the peril of: in consequence: immediately after: ( B.) off.
  32. Above, or next beyond: forward, in succession: in continuance: not off.
  33. Go on! proceed!.
  34. Forward; not off.
  35. In contact with the upper part of; at; during; to; with; for; upon; by; after.
  36. An incalculable period of time; an age; eternity.
  37. So as to cover, overspread, of adhere.
  38. Forward; ahead.
  39. In of into contact with the top of; by means of.
  40. Close behind.
  41. Directed toward.
  42. In the act of.
  43. Comprised in.
  44. In reference to.
  45. In a state of.
  46. Forward; onward; not off.
  47. Being in contact with the upper part of a thing; upon; at; or near.
  48. Of.
  49. Above, and in contact with the upper surface of a thing; not off; upon; at or near; denoting dependence or reliance; denoting nearness or closeness; denoting addition or accumulation.
  50. Forward in progression; in continuance; without ceasing; opposed to off; on a sudden, suddenly.
  51. A word of excitement or encouragement to attack or advance; a contraction for go on.
  52. One; they.

Usage examples for on

  1. I'm in on that! – Pee-wee Harris on the Trail by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. He did go on. – The Co-Citizens by Corra Harris
  3. " No discountin' on that. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  4. I'll take you on to Wayville. – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue by Laura Lee Hope
  5. In gardyns on the mottes. – Dialogues in French and English by William Caxton
  6. And I said I should like to try you on him. – Louisiana by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  7. They would have gone on if they could, but they could not. – Black Jack by Max Brand
  8. All going on well? – The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins
  9. Go on with the thought. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  10. So it went on for some time. – Good Stories For Great Holidays Arranged for Story-Telling and Reading Aloud and for the Children's Own Reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott
  11. She was going on as if nothing had happened. – The Real Adventure by Henry Kitchell Webster
  12. If they did, they didn't let on. – The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe
  13. But we can't let it go on, you know. – Short Stories of Various Types by Various
  14. He is away on the hunt. – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor
  15. Go on, sir," I cried to Hoskyns. – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  16. Well, come on with it. – Plays by August Strindberg, Second series by August Strindberg
  17. But they know I can't get on without it. – Mr. Waddington of Wyck by May Sinclair
  18. Shall I try it on? – A Duet by A. Conan Doyle
  19. Noo ye'll gang on thegither again, an' I'll come ahin'." – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  20. " Yes, go on, Fragini," said Dellarme. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer