Definitions of cast

  1.   form by pouring ( e. g., wax or hot metal) into a cast or mold; " cast a bronze sculpture"
  2.   A throw; the distance passed by a thing thrown; a glance or a turn of the eye; chance or hazard; a form or shape; a tinge; manner; whatever is run into a mould.
  3.   the distinctive form in which a thing is made; " pottery of this cast was found throughout the region"
  4.   Cast.
  5.   select to play, sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet; " He cast a young woman in the role of Desdemona"
  6.   A stoke, touch, or trick.
  7.   To stereotype or electrotype.
  8.   An object shaped in a mold.
  9.   A throw; anything thrown.
  10.   That which is throw out or off, shed, or ejected; as, the skin of an insect, the refuse from a hawk's stomach, the excrement of a earthworm.
  11.   To bring forth prematurely; to slink.
  12.   To throw; hurl; to project; shed; as, the snake casts its skin; direct or turn; as, cast the eyes; throw violently; as, to cast a prisoner into jail; calculate; as, cast up a bill; form into a certain shape; assign to various actors.
  13.   ( of molten metal or glass) formed by pouring or pressing into a mold
  14.   To dismiss; to discard; to cashier.
  15.   The act of casting in a mold.
  16.   To throw off; to eject; to shed; to lose.
  17.   object formed by a mold
  18.   To form into a particular shape, by pouring liquid metal or other material into a mold; to fashion; to found; as, to cast bells, stoves, bullets.
  19.   To drop; to deposit; as, to cast a ballot.
  20.   To throw up, as a mound, or rampart.
  21.   To receive form or shape in a mold.
  22.   To defeat in a lawsuit; to decide against; to convict; as, to be cast in damages.
  23.   Contrivance; plot, design.
  24.   To send or drive by force; to throw; to fling; to hurl; to impel.
  25.   To impose; to bestow; to rest.
  26.   To throw with force; fling; hurl.
  27.   container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens
  28.   To warp; to become twisted out of shape.
  29.   To consider; to turn or revolve in the mind; to plan; as, to cast about for reasons.
  30.   A squint.
  31.   move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment; " The gypsies roamed the woods"; " roving vagabonds"; " the wandering Jew"; " The cattle roam across the prairie"; " the laborers drift from one town to the next".
  32.   A hereditary social class, as one of those found in Hindustan.
  33.   To vomit.
  34.   Act of casting: a throw: the thing thrown: the distance thrown: a motion, turn, or squint, as of the eye: a chance: a mould: the form received from a mould: manner: the assignment of the various parts of a play to the several actors: the company of actors to whom such have been assigned.
  35.   To shape in a mold; found; stereotype.
  36.   To contrive; to plan.
  37.   To throw or fling; to sow seed; to reject; to reckon; to contrive or plan; to mould or shape, to ponder or weigh, as in the mind.
  38.   the actors in a play
  39.   Form; appearence; mien; air; style; as, a peculiar cast of countenance.
  40.   The assignment of parts in a play to the actors.
  41.   To throw off, out, or over; emit; shed; deposit; give; impute.
  42.   To compute; to reckon; to calculate; as, to cast a horoscope.
  43.   To throw, fling, drive, or thrust; to shed; to direct; to discharge; to throw up; to throw down; to condeinn; to compute; to contrive; to assign, as the parts in a play to the actors; to mould; to throw off, as a proof.
  44.   To calculate; to compute.
  45.   the act of throwing dice
  46.   A throw of dice; hence, a chance or venture.
  47.   The act of casting or throwing; a throw.
  48.   of Cast.
  49.   To direct or turn, as the eyes.
  50.   To throw the line in angling; receive form or shape in a mold.
  51.   bandage consisting of a firm covering ( often made of plaster of Paris) that immobilizes broken bones while they heal
  52.   Casting.
  53.   1. An object formed by the solidification of a liquid poured into a mould. 2 A mould of a tubular structure, such as a bronchial tube or a renal tubule, formed by a plastic exudate.
  54.   the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel
  55.   A tube or funnel for conveying metal into a mold.
  56.   The distance to which a thing is or can be thrown.
  57.   A motion or turn, as of the eye; direction; look; glance; squint.
  58.   A flight or a couple or set of hawks let go at one time from the hand.
  59.   To turn ( the balance or scale); to overbalance; hence, to make preponderate; to decide; as, a casting voice.
  60.   A chance, opportunity, privilege, or advantage; specifically, an opportunity of riding; a lift.
  61.   get rid of; " he shed his image as a pushy boss"; " shed your clothes"
  62.   eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; " After drinking too much, the students vomited"; " He purged continuously"; " The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"
  63.   To cast aside, to dismiss or reject; to cast away, to reject; to lavish; to cast down, to deject or depress; to cast forth, to throw out; to exhale; to cast off, to discard, or to put away; to cast out, to reject; to throw or turn out; to cast up, to compute; to reckon; to eject or vomit; to cast on, to put or place on, as loops of worsted on wires; to cast one's self on, to resign or yield to the disposal of, without reserve; to cast in the teeth, to upbraid; to blame for; to cast in one's lot with any one, to take the chance; to share the fortune; last- cast, all ventured on one effort.
  64.   put or send forth; " She threw the flashlight beam into the corner"; " The setting sun threw long shadows"; " cast a spell"; " cast a warm light"
  65.   Four; that is, as many as are thrown into a vessel at once in counting herrings, etc; a warp.
  66.   Theat. The distribution of parts to performers.
  67.   To throw or fling: to throw down: to throw together or reckon: to mould or shape.
  68.   the visual appearance of something or someone; " the delicate cast of his features"
  69.   An impression or mold, taken from a thing or person; amold; a pattern.
  70.   To warp:- pa. t. and pa. p. cast.
  71.   To throw; reckon; mould.
  72.   a violent throw
  73.   assign the roles of ( a movie or a play) to actors; " Who cast this beautiful movie?"
  74.   To cause to fall; to shed; to reflect; to throw; as, to cast a ray upon a screen; to cast light upon a subject.
  75.   choose at random; " draw a card"; " cast lots"
  76.   That which is formed in a mild; esp. a reproduction or copy, as of a work of art, in bronze or plaster, etc.; a casting.
  77.   Caster.
  78.   A throw; turn; appearance; form given by a mould.
  79.   To compute; calculate.
  80.   To throw, as a line in angling, esp, with a fly hook.
  81.   To throw, as a line; to reekon accounts; to consider; to receive form or shape; to warp.
  82.   An impression, as in wax.
  83.   To assign, as an actor of a part.
  84.   The thing thrown.
  85.   formulate in a particular style or language; " I wouldn't put it that way"; " She cast her request in very polite language"
  86.   To fix, distribute, or allot, as the parts of a play among actors; also to assign ( an actor) for a part.
  87.   To throw down, as in wrestling.
  88.   To turn the head of a vessel around from the wind in getting under weigh.
  89.   The act of throwing a line, shaping a mold, etc.; the distance to which a thing may be thrown; motion or turn; said of the eye; the form or shape; manner; appearance; as, a cast of countenance; a tinge; as, a cast of green; the company of actors to whom the parts of a play are assigned; an impression or mold.
  90.   deposit; " cast a vote"; " cast a ballot"
  91.   A characteristic formation; stamp; shade.
  92.   throw forcefully
  93.   A tendency to any color; a tinge; a shade.
  94.   3d pres. of Cast, for Casteth.
  95.   To throw out or emit; to exhale.
  96.   The act of casting; a throw; the thing thrown; the distance thrown; motion or turn of the eye; direction, look, or glance; a throw of dice; chance; the form into which a thing is cast; a thing so formed; an impression; shape; mould; a tinge; manner or mien; allotment of parts in a play. To cast aside, to dismiss or reject as useless or inconvenient. To cast away, to reject; to waste; to wreck. To cast down, to throw down; to depress. To cast forth, to throw out; to emit. To cast off, to discard. To cast out, to turn out. To cast up, to reckon up; to upbraid; to vomit. To cast one's self on, to resign or yield one's self to the disposal of, without reserve. To cast young, to miscarry. To cast in the tecth, to upbraid; to charge; to twit. To cast off copy, to ascertain how many printed pages will be made out of a manuscript.

Antonyms for cast

lay-by, keep down, stow, raw material, acquire, lay away, achromatism, composition, matter, develop, substance, material, squirrel, stuff, salt away, lay up, cultivate, put by, lay in.

Quotes of cast

  1. If coming events are said to cast their shadows before, past events cannot fall to leave their impress behind them. – H. P. Blavatsky
  2. For so, surely you will cast a light of gladness upon his onward journey, and contribute your part towards the building of that kingdom of love which links our earth to heaven. – Edward Carpenter
  3. Everyone would talk about their diets and working out and what it made me do was go to craft services where all the food for the cast and crew was and I would eat. – Kristin Davis
  4. I think the reason they cast me as the good girls is because they couldn't find any in Hollywood. – Victoria Jackson
  5. I was very careful to cast guys who were very good -looking and very fit and who had a certain sense of privilege about them, because with that sense of privilege comes contempt. – Neil LaBute
  6. The unsaved people will be cast into utter darkness forever. – Tim LaHaye
  7. Votes in federal elections are cast and counted in a highly decentralized and variable fashion, with no uniform ballots and few national standards. – Thomas E. Mann
  8. When I am cast in a movie where I feel that the woman's part is more interesting, I usually start thinking about Spencer Tracy and Fred Astaire. They seem to be the most clear actors when working with women. – Jack Nicholson
  9. Chance is always powerful. Let your hook always be cast in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish. – Ovid
  10. When they first cast me, I was a pretty avid fan and vampire movies and Celtic mythology, so I was excited to get a chance to walk in Doyle's shoes and have fun with it. – Glenn Quinn
  11. I think I believe a little bit in the power of people to really cast a bad energy on you if they want to. If the bad mojo wants to come your way, look out. – Dileep Rao
  12. The Swords were still interesting but by then a cast of characters had started to appear and go on from book to book, and other things about the world began to feel constricting. And there were other things I wanted to do, so I closed the series up and stopped it. – Fred Saberhagen
  13. It's the job of intellectuals and writers to cast doubt on perfection. – Antonio Tabucchi
  14. We've carried that over into the visual development as well. We've designed quite an exotic cast of characters, but the last thing we want is to dictate to the players how their PCs should look. What we want to do is inspire. – Sam Wood

Usage examples for cast

  1. “ " And the day after to- morrow," the boy went on, " she is to be cast into the Nile. ” – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. The sergeant cast his critical eye between the lines. ” – Idle Ideas in 1905 by Jerome K. Jerome
  3. “ " Your love would have made me a better man if I had not cast it from me. ” – Bad Hugh by Mary Jane Holmes
  4. And there de Lorgnac stood, both of us looking at him, his forehead burning and his eyes cast down. ” – The Heart of Denise and Other Tales by S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats
  5. This is of the same cast – Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete by Matthew L. Davis
  6. In an island called Hildesha, belonging to my father, the men were accustomed to cast their fish, as it is called, green, and to get payment at so much per cwt. ” – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  7. And Richard Wardour, she went on, cast the lot to remain behind. ” – The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins
  8. Can you cast all, and rest all, upon the love of Christ? ” – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  9. Better: " He will in no wise cast out any that come unto him." ” – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  10. Good Master, tell us, for what reason was it We could not cast him out? ” – The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  11. This ladder ended in a little landing of about six feet square, and to the left of the landing opened the door of the chamber where the shot were cast – Lysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch by H. Rider Haggard
  12. “ " Now, cast your eye on the paragraph marked as number two," directed Mr. Paulson. ” – Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  13. Daisy cast a glance of her eye to see that nobody was too near. ” – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell
  14. She cast about desperately in her mind for something- anything! ” – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris
  15. “ " And to cast herself on your mercy," I added, " in the character of a helpless woman." ” – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  16. But I will cast them up very shortly. ” – Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  17. He now asked Paul if he would like to try a cast – Around the World in Ten Days by Chelsea Curtis Fraser
  18. Not a few cast curious eyes upon the fair stranger and went away to say afterwards that she was the kind of friend to have. ” – The Sherrods by George Barr McCutcheon
  19. With this letter I cast it off. ” – Long Live the King by Guy Boothby
  20. He cast them upon the fire. ” – John March, Southerner by George W. Cable

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