Definitions of thing

  1. a vaguely specified concern; " several matters to attend to"; " it is none of your affair"; " things are going well"
  2. a special situation; " this thing has got to end"; " it is a remarkable thing"
  3. a separate and self- contained entity
  4. an action; " how could you do such a thing?"
  5. an artifact; " how does this thing work?"
  6. an entity that is not named specifically; " I couldn't tell what the thing was"
  7. any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence; " the thing I like about her is ..."
  8. a special abstraction; " a thing of the spirit"; " things of the heart"
  9. a special objective; " the thing is to stay in bounds"
  10. a statement regarded as an object; " to say the same thing in other terms"; " how can you say such a thing?"
  11. a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion; " he has a thing about seafood"; " she has a thing about him"
  12. an event; " a funny thing happened on the way to the..."
  13. Whatever exists, or is conceived to exist, as a separate entity, whether animate or inanimate; any separable or distinguishable object of thought.
  14. A transaction or occurrence; an event; a deed.
  15. A portion or part; something.
  16. Clothes; furniture; appurtenances; luggage; as, to pack or store one's things.
  17. In Scandinavian countries, a legislative or judicial assembly.
  18. A diminutive or slighted object; any object viewed as merely existing; - often used in pity or contempt.
  19. Whatever may be possessed or owned; a property; - distinguished from person.
  20. That which has a separate, individual existence; lifeless matter, as a stone; any object of thought; an event or act; a creature; an indefinite object.
  21. An inanimate object: an event: a part.
  22. An inanimate object; event; action; fact.
  23. Any distinct substance; a distinct object of thought.
  24. Personal belongings, as clothes.
  25. Clothes; luggage.
  26. Any substance; any particular article or commodity; an animal; an act or event spoken of; a portion or part.
  27. That which can be thought of; a matter; an affair; an event or action; any substance; used in contempt, by way of extenuation or in pity, as " never any thing was soill- bred," " the poor thing sighed".

Usage examples for thing

  1. But one thing we must do. – Faust by Goethe
  2. Best thing- best thing to do." – An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad
  3. Mother says that's the first thing. – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  4. The time is long, but the thing is sure. – Bunyan Characters First Series by Alexander Whyte
  5. The idlest thing in the world, child. – Brother Copas by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  6. " What is this thing I see? – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  7. Could she give her this one thing? – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  8. I'm sure it's a good thing you came home. – Non-combatants and Others by Rose Macaulay
  9. It is a good thing to say we do not know. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  10. It was a good thing. – Remarks by Bill Nye
  11. He was right in one thing. – Tinker's Dam by Joseph Tinker
  12. There wasn't a thing- that will help. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter
  13. Why had he done this thing? – A Mummer's Wife by George Moore
  14. It is the only thing to do. – The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  15. Don't miss a thing!" – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  16. But a thing like that! – The Twelfth Hour by Ada Leverson
  17. It is good to do one thing and to do it well. – The Water of Life and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley
  18. " You know," he said, " I had a good thing going for me out there. – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett