Definitions of drawing

  1.   the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
  2.   the creation of artistic drawings he learned drawing from his father
  3.   an illustration that is drawn by hand and published in a book or magazine it is shown by the drawing in Fig 7
  4.   act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source the drawing of water from the well
  5.   players buy chances and prizes are distributed according to the drawing of lots
  6.   picture produced by representing forms or objects on a surface by means of lines he did complicated pen and ink drawings like medieval miniatures
  7.   players buy or are given chances and prizes are distributed according to the drawing of lots
  8.   a representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines drawings of abstract forms he did complicated pen and ink drawings like medieval miniatures
  9.   The act of pulling or attracting
  10.   The act or the art of representing any object by means of lines and shades especially such a representation when in one color or in tints used not to represent the colors of natural objects but for effect only and produced with hard material such as pencil chalk etc delineation also the figure or representation drawn
  11.   The process of stretching or spreading metals as by hammering or as in forming wire from rods or tubes and cups from sheet metal by pulling them through dies
  12.   The process of pulling out and elongating the sliver from the carding machine by revolving rollers to prepare it for spinning
  13.   The distribution of prizes and blanks in a lottery
  14.   of Draw
  15.   A representation or picture on a plane surface of the appearance of objects a sketch
  16.   The art of representing objects by lines drawn shading etc the distribution of prizes as at a lottery a picture or representation made with a pencil pen crayon etc Drawings are classifiable under the names of pencil pen chalk sepia or water color drawings from the materials used for their execution and also into geometrical or linear and mechanical drawings in which instruments such as compasses rulers scales are used and free hand drawings in which no instrument is used to guide the hand
  17.   A delineation art of delineating
  18.   The act of one who draws
  19.   A picture sketch or design also the art of representing objects by lines delineation
  20.   Money drawn for sales in a warehouse
  21.   The act of pulling hanling or attracting a representation of objects on a plain surface by means of lines and shades as with a pencil crayon c a picture drawn the distribution of prizes in a lottery
  22.   The representation of a thing on a flat surface

Quotes of drawing

  1. When you're drawing comics you get very involved in how the story is going to develop and you spend more time daydreaming on that particular subject – Sergio Aragones
  2. Drawing on my fine command of the English language I said nothing – Robert Benchley
  3. Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises – Samuel Butler
  4. I've never seen bad drawing destroy a good idea On the other hand I've never seen a good drawing save a bad idea – Paul Conrad
  5. I prefer drawing to talking Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies – Le Corbusier
  6. I tended to faint when I saw accident victims in the emergency ward during surgery or while drawing blood – Michael Crichton
  7. I guess I didn't enjoy drawing very much It was like homework – Robert Crumb
  8. Everything I write comes from my childhood in one way or another I am forever drawing on the sense of mystery and wonder and possibility that pervaded that time of my life – Kate DiCamillo
  9. This simple idea served to provide information on the geometrical shape of reacting molecules and I was able to make the role of the frontier orbitals in chemical reactions more distinct through visualization by drawing their diagrams – Kenichi Fukui
  10. I got into underground comics fairly early on and kind of wandered away from the superhero stuff but I was an art student and I was drawing a lot as a kid – Jonathan Lethem
  11. What is the good of drawing conclusions from experience I don't deny we sometimes draw the right conclusions but don't we just as often draw the wrong ones – Georg C. Lichtenberg
  12. But usually I begin things through a drawing so a lot of things are worked out in the drawing But even then I still allow for and want to make changes – Roy Lichtenstein
  13. It is only by drawing often drawing everything drawing incessantly that one fine day you discover to your surprise that you have rendered something in its true character – Camille Pissarro
  14. When I and the other young artists were working in comics our work carried with it a particularly American slant After all we were Americans drawing and writing about things that touched us As it turned out the early work was you might say a comic book version of Jazz – Joe Simon
  15. I am among the few who continue to draw after childhood is ended continuing and perfecting childhood drawing without the traditional interruption of academic training – Saul Steinberg

Usage examples for drawing

  1. At the door of the drawing room she paused and then entered with the first guilty feeling of shame she had known that evening – On the Frontier by Bret Harte
  2. Nevertheless evil was drawing near to us while we slept – In the Days of Drake by J. S. Fletcher
  3. It is very fine weather very warm said Grandet drawing a long breath – Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac
  4. But there must be no drawing back – White Fire by John Oxenham
  5. “ I knew I was at home as my feet pressed the stairs going up to the little drawing room – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  6. Julia has got her drawing book I see – The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly by Charles James Lever
  7. It means just what the drawing room is now – That Little Girl of Miss Eliza’s by Jean K. Baird
  8. “ Is there any one in the drawing room – Her Mother's Secret by Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  9. She slipped quickly from the stool drawing in her breath with a sort of gasp – The Pygmy Planet by John Stewart Williamson
  10. The drawing room is in darkness – Hedda Gabler Play In Four Acts by Henrik Ibsen
  11. “ I tell you nobody's been talking he said drawing his arm away – The Wooden Horse by Hugh Walpole
  12. You're only drawing the fire toward Hope – Soldiers of Fortune by Richard Harding Davis
  13. You'll find her in the drawing room – Amusement Only by Richard Marsh
  14. So drawing her to a sofa we sat down and talked the matter over more quietly – Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life by Ann S. Stephens
  15. In five minutes he was waiting alone in the great drawing room – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
  16. And go on with the drawing – Missing by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  17. At this moment said Frederick drawing his watch from his pocket it is quarter of six in Europe and still dark – Atlantis by Gerhart Hauptmann
  18. It was as easy as drawing your breath it was indeed the breath you drew – The Flaw in the Crystal by May Sinclair
  19. The boat seemed to be drawing away from him – The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Mississippi-or-Afloat-with-the-Big-Show-on-the-Big-River by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  20. She led the way into the drawing room to the left – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips

Rhymes for drawing