Definitions of eyes

  1. opinion or judgment; " in the eyes of the law" or" I was wrong in her eyes"

Usage examples for eyes

  1. And he looked at me with his dear little eyes. – Plays by Chekhov, Second Series On the High Road, The Proposal, The Wedding, The Bear, A Tragedian In Spite of Himself, The Anniversary, The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov
  2. I see it in your eyes. – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben
  3. What is the matter with your eyes? – The Everlasting Arms by Joseph Hocking
  4. Some women would give their very eyes, do you know, to be as much loved by any man as she's loved by you, Harry." – The Beckoning Hand and Other Stories The Beckoning Hand--Lucretia--The Third Time--The Gold Wulfric--My Uncle's Will--The Two Carnegies--Olga Davidoff's Husband--John Cann's Treasure--Isaline and I--Professor Milliter's Dilemma--In Strict Confidence--The by Grant Allen
  5. She the one with the eyes? – Missy by Dana Gatlin