Definitions of duck

  1. To dip in water, and immediately withdraw; to drop the head suddenly; to bow; to cringe. To make ducks and drakes, to throw a flat stone, tile, & c., obliquely, so as to make it rebound repeatedly from the surface of water; to squander. Lame duck, a cant phrase for a defaulter at the Stock Exchange.
  2. To plunge suddenly under water; dive; bob; dodge; cringe.
  3. To thrust or plunge under water or other liquid and suddenly withdraw.
  4. To plunge the head of under water, immediately withdrawing it; as, duck the boy.
  5. To bow; to bob down; to move quickly with a downward motion.
  6. Any bird of the subfamily Anatinae, family Anatidae.
  7. A sudden inclination of the bead or dropping of the person, resembling the motion of a duck in water.
  8. To dip or plunge under water; throw into water; wet thoroughly.
  9. To plunge under water; drench.
  10. To go under the surface of water and immediately reappear; to dive; to plunge the head in water or other liquid; to dip.
  11. To plunge the head under water and then withdraw it quickly; bob the head.
  12. To dip or dive: to lower the head suddenly.
  13. To nod or stoop suddenly.
  14. avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing ( duties, questions, or issues); " He dodged the issue"; " she skirted the problem"; " They tend to evade their responsibilities"; " he evaded the questions skillfully"
  15. submerge or plunge suddenly
  16. to move ( the head or body) quickly downwards or away; " Before he could duck, another stone struck him"
  17. To dip or plunge in water, and suddenly withdraw; to bow, stoop, or nod.
  18. To plunge or dip among water, and then withdraw, as the head; to stoop; to bow.
  19. small wild or domesticated web- footed broad- billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs
  20. a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing and tents
  21. flesh of a duck ( domestic or wild)
  22. ( in cricket) a score of nothing by a batsman
  23. A pet; a darling.
  24. The light clothes worn by sailors in hot climates.
  25. A linen ( or sometimes cotton) fabric, finer and lighter than canvas, - used for the lighter sails of vessels, the sacking of beds, and sometimes for men's clothing.
  26. A common swimming bird with short neck and legs and flat bill; the female of this bird, as distinguished from the male, or drake; a strong linen or cotton material.
  27. A kind of coarse cloth for small sails, sacking, etc.
  28. The name common to all the fowls constituting the Linnaean genus Anas, now raised into a sub- family Anatinae, and by some naturalists divided into two sub- families Anatinae and Fuli- gulinae, or land- ducks and sea- ducks. The common mallard or wild- duck ( Anas Boschas) is the original of our domestic duck. In its wild state the male is characterized by the deep green of the plumage of the head and neck, by a white collar separating the green from the dark chestnut of the lower part of the neck, and by having the four middle feathers of the tail recurved. The wild- duck is taken in large quantities by decoys and other means, in Lincolnshire, England, and Picardy, France. Some tame ducks have nearly the same plumage as the wild ones; others vary greatly, being generally duller, but all the males have the four recurved tail- feathers. The most obvious distinction between the tame and wild ducks lies in the color of their feet, those of the tame being black, and of the wild yellow: a dipping or stooping of the head: a pet, darling.
  29. A water- fowl; kind of canvas.
  30. A web - footed, short - legged water - fowl.
  31. A strong linen or cotton fabric.
  32. A species of coarse cloth, used for small sails, sacking of bed, & c.
  33. A water- fowl, so called from its plunging; an inclination of the head, resembling the motion of a duck in water; a darling; a pet.
  34. A well- known water- fowl; a kind of canvas; a vulgar term of endearment; a quick inclination of the head, resembling the motion of a duck's head In water.