Definitions of Family

  1.   Course of descent; genealogy; line of ancestors; lineage.
  2.   The collective body of persons who live in one house, and under one head or manager; a household, including parents, children, and servants, and, as the case may be, lodgers or boarders.
  3.   A group of persons, consisting of parents and their children; a household; house; line; clan; tribe; race.
  4.   The group comprising a husband and wife and their dependent children, constituting a fundamental unit in the organization of society.
  5.   A social group consisting of parents or parent substitutes and children.
  6.   a social unit living together; " he moved his family to Virginia"; " It was a good Christian household"; " I waited until the whole house was asleep"; " the teacher asked how many people made up his home"
  7.   A household; descendants from one common progenitor; race; lineage; in nat. hist. classifications, the group next in comprehensiveness above a genus; kind, tribe, or group.
  8.   A group of organisms, either animal or vegetable, related by certain points of resemblance in structure or development, more comprehensive than a genus, because it is usually based on fewer or less pronounced points of likeness. In zoology a family is less comprehesive than an order; in botany it is often considered the same thing as an order.
  9.   a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities
  10.   Distinguished or ancient lineage; descent.
  11.   Of, belonging to, or suitable for a family.
  12.   people descended from a common ancestor; " his family has lived in Massachusetts since the Mayflower"
  13.   A household, living in one house and under one head, including parents and children, and primarily, as well as sometimes still, servants; the children of a household; those who descend from one common progenitor; a tribe or race; kindred; lineage; course of descent; genealogy; line of ancestors; honourable descent; noble or respectable stock; a collection or union of nations or states; a group of animals or other natural productions, more extensive than a genus and less than an order; an order.
  14.   1. A group of blood relatives, or, more strictly, the parents and their children. 2. In biological classification a division, denoted by the termination - idea, between the order and the genus.
  15.   The household, or all those who live in one house under one head; the descendants of one common progenitor; race; honorable or noble descent; a group of animals, plants, languages, etc., more comprehensive than a genus.
  16.   Household; descendants of one ancestor; race; class.
  17.   Term used in classification, signifying one group of an Order.
  18.   Honorable descent; noble or respectable stock; as, a man of family.
  19.   A class or group of like or related things.
  20.   primary social group; parents and children; " he wanted to have a good job before starting a family"
  21.   A household; children as distinguished from the parent; a body of persons descended from the parent; a body of persons descended from a common ancestor; tribe; race; genealogy; class; a group of animals larger than a genus or class, but less than an order; in botany. an order.
  22.   a collection of things sharing a common attribute; " there are two classes of detergents"
  23.   a person having kinship with another or others; " he's kin"; " he's family"
  24.   an association of people who share common beliefs or activities; " the message was addressed not just to employees but to every member of the company family"; " the church welcomed new members into its fellowship"
  25.   A group of kindred or closely related individuals; as, a family of languages; a family of States; the chlorine family.
  26.   Those who descend from one common progenitor; a tribe, clan, or race; kindred; house; as, the human family; the family of Abraham; the father of a family.

Quotes of Family

  1. There is other disturbing facts surround the hideous 911 attacks, which my family and I could see from the third floor bathroom window of our homes! – Amiri Baraka
  2. The crew are the faces you see every morning and last at night before you go home. I spend more time with those people than I do with my friends and family so they're forever a part of you and who you become as an actor so I hope I see them again. – Claudia Black
  3. No longer is the female destined solely for the home and the rearing of the family and only the male for the marketplace and the world of ideas. – William J. Brennan, Jr.
  4. Most Americans have some experience with nursing homes or other long term care settings, and nearly half have had a family member or close friend in a home in the past three years. – Michael Burgess
  5. When I was planning Family Viewing, the Ontario Film Development Corporation came into existence. – Atom Egoyan
  6. My family were broadminded enough to support me when I wanted to pursue a life in the theatre. – Peter Gallagher
  7. When I came there I found all my family gone, for the Indians had killed five people in the winter near that place, which frightened my wife and family away to Roanoke about 35 miles nearer in among the inhabitants, which I was informed of by an old man I met near the place. – Christopher Gist
  8. Insanity runs in my family It practically gallops. – Cary Grant
  9. My father died when I was five, but I grew up in a strong family – Philip Levine
  10. It's the sense of what family is at the dinner table. It was the joy of knowing mother was in the kitchen making our favorite dish. I wish more people would do this and recall the joy of life. – Paul Prudhomme
  11. We will invest in our people, quality education, job opportunity, family neighborhood, and yes, a thing we call America. – Dan Quayle
  12. I had been out there long enough. I had not seen my family for four years. – Barney Ross
  13. I came from Canada when I was about 10 years old, and our family settled in Cleveland, Ohio. – Joe Shuster
  14. I was actually very pleased that they let me do it, because I feel very deeply for breast cancer survivors. I don't have it, but it is in my family I've always been very aware of it. I go for mammograms and checkups. – Erika Slezak

Usage examples for Family

  1. He is the head of the family it is true, but he is only one of the family after all. ” – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge
  2. All her family moved away years ago. ” – The Damnation of Theron Ware by Harold Frederic
  3. Do you think the family will stand for me?" ” – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  4. The truth is, Pete, Mr. Farron is the real person in that whole family – The Happiest Time of Their Lives by Alice Duer Miller
  5. “ I shall see your wife, if in London, as well as her family – The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders by Ernest Scott
  6. 15, 390. Was that for your own family – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  7. Their family name was Chandroz. ” – The Prussian Terror by Alexandre Dumas
  8. How happy would she be if there had been such a one in her mother's family and were she with her now! ” – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton
  9. And what have I done for that family sir? ” – The History of Samuel Titmarsh and the Great Hoggarty Diamond by William Makepeace Thackeray
  10. But the family didn't like it. ” – More Jonathan Papers by Elisabeth Woodbridge
  11. The house, perhaps, was safe, but what of the family – Some Three Hundred Years Ago by Edith Gilman Brewster
  12. One to my family the other- to the woman I was to have married! ” – Then Marched the Brave by Harriet T. Comstock
  13. One of your family is my child's father. ” – Nature and Art by Mrs. Inchbald
  14. There can't be two wise ones in a family – The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
  15. All the family are here; my father better than I have seen him these two years; my mother the same as ever. ” – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang
  16. Otherwise family history negative. ” – Studies in Forensic Psychiatry by Bernard Glueck
  17. You would not have had me leave him in the street with his family would you? ” – Leigh Hunt's Relations with Byron, Shelley and Keats by Barnette Miller
  18. In duty to my father, or the family or what? ” – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore
  19. This child is of good family and of good name. ” – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  20. Then it does go in the family – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald

Rhymes for Family

  • amalie;
  • multifamily;

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