Definitions of canvas

  1. get the opinions of people, for example
  2. an oil painting on canvas
  3. the setting for a narrative or fictional or dramatic account; " the crowded canvas of history"; " the movie demanded a dramatic canvas of sound"
  4. cover with canvas; " She canvassed the walls of her living room so as to conceal the ugly cracks"
  5. get the opinions ( of people) by asking specific questions
  6. A coarse cloth so woven as to form regular meshes for working with the needle, as in tapestry, or worsted work.
  7. A piece of strong cloth of which the surface has been prepared to receive painting, commonly painting in oil.
  8. Something for which canvas is used: ( a) A sail, or a collection of sails. ( b) A tent, or a collection of tents. ( c) A painting, or a picture on canvas.
  9. A rough draft or model of a song, air, or other literary or musical composition; esp. one to show a poet the measure of the verses he is to make.
  10. A strong cloth made of hemp, flax, or cotton; - used for tents, sails, etc.
  11. A coarse, heavy cloth of hemp or flax, used for tents, sails, etc., and also for painting; sails in general; sometimes, a painting.
  12. A coarse cloth made of hemp, used for sails, tents, etc., and for painting on: the sails of a ship.
  13. Coarse, strong cloth; sail- cloth.
  14. A heavy, strong cloth for sails, paintings, etc.
  15. A coarse cloth, made of hemp, used for tents, sails, painting on, & c.; a clear unbleached cloth, woven regularly in little squares, used for working tapestry with the needle; sails in general.
  16. A coarse cloth made of flax or hemp, used for tents, sails, painting on, & c.; in a ship, the sails are called the canvas.
  17. Made of, pertaining to, or resembling, canvas or coarse cloth; as, a canvas tent.
  18. Made of canvas.