Usage examples for Those

  1. Don't forget about those things for to- night, will you? – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. He heard those words. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  3. But get me those papers. – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume
  4. Well, you know those windows, Mr. Bannard. – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells
  5. " We do not see those things in the same light," he said quietly. – Countess Kate by Charlotte M. Yonge
  6. Not about those things. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell
  7. She herself made all those things?" – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton
  8. How they could talk, those young people! – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  9. " You say all those – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  10. Those were very interesting. – Hildegarde's Home by Laura E. Richards
  11. This, that, these, those – The American Nations, Vol. I. by C. S. Rafinesque
  12. " Because they are those of my wife," replied Dubois. – The Regent's Daughter by Alexandre Dumas (Pere)
  13. He isn't one of those – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  14. But I shall take only those whom I like. – Monsieur Cherami by Charles Paul de Kock
  15. Those things she did no more. – The Nightrider's Feud by Walter C. McConnell
  16. What did those people do, Mr. Murray? – Pine Needles by Susan Bogert Warner
  17. Brought those scruts with you? – A Christmas Garland by Max Beerbohm
  18. You are going to send those things to him? – When Valmond Came to Pontiac, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 15, 2009
  19. You can go and tell those who sent you, what I say. – Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  20. Next, I will show you Mr. Longcluse: those are dead. – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu