Definitions of yellow

  1. To become yellow. Yellow Bachelor's Buttons, the double garden variety of the plant ranunculus repens.
  2. To make or become yellow.
  3. To make yellow; to cause to have a yellow tinge or color; to dye yellow.
  4. To become yellow or yellower.
  5. To make yellow.
  6. Being of a bright saffronlike color; of the color of gold or brass; having the hue of that part of the rainbow, or of the solar spectrum, which is between the orange and the green.
  7. A bright golden color, reflecting more light than any other except white; the color of that part of the spectrum which is between the orange and green.
  8. A yellow pigment.
  9. The third color of the rainbow, between orange and green; any dye or paint that colors things yellow; the yolk of an egg.
  10. Yellowness.
  11. A bright golden color.
  12. A yellow color.
  13. The color of the spectrum between green and orange.
  14. A bright colour, like that of gold, which, after white, reflects more light than any other colour, and occurs in the solar spectrum between green and orange.
  15. One of the primitive or prismatic colours; a bright- golden colour; united with blue it yields green, with red it produces orange.
  16. ( archaic) showing or experiencing a state of disordered feeling or distorted judgment as through bitterness or melancholy; " all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye"- Alexander Pope
  17. typical of tabloids; " sensational journalistic reportage of the scandal"; " yellow journalism"
  18. cowardly or treacherous; " the little yellow stain of treason"- M. W. Straight; " too yellow to stand and fight"
  19. changed to a yellowish color by age; " yellowed parchment"
  20. easily frightened
  21. Cowardly; hence, dishonorable; mean; contemptible; as, he has a yellow streak.
  22. Sensational; - said of some newspapers, their makers, etc.; as, yellow journal, journalism, etc.
  23. Of the color of gold, sulphur, etc.; slang, cowardly or dishonorable; as, the slacker showed his yellow streak; colloquially sensational: said of some newspapers; as, yellow journals are not to be depended on.
  24. Of a bright gold color.
  25. Of the color of gold.
  26. Having the color of brass, gold, etc.
  27. Being of the colour of gold.
  28. Being of a pure bright- golden colour.