Definitions of dip

  1. To sink; to pierce; to engage or take a concern; to look cursorily; to choose at random; to incline downward.
  2. To plunge or immerse; especially, to put for a moment into a liquid; to insert into a fluid and withdraw again.
  3. To immerse for baptism; to baptize by immersion.
  4. To wet, as if by immersing; to moisten.
  5. To plunge or engage thoroughly in any affair.
  6. To engage as a pledge; to mortgage.
  7. To take out, by dipping a dipper, ladle, or other receptacle, into a fluid and removing a part; - often with out; as, to dip water from a boiler; to dip out water.
  8. To plunge; put quickly into liquid and take out again; to scoop up with a ladle; baptize by putting under water; lower and raise quickly.
  9. To dive or plunge into any liquid for a moment.
  10. To immerse or depress for a moment.
  11. To put into or under a fluid and withdraw again; lower and then raise, as a flag.
  12. To lift up and out, as liquor with a ladle.
  13. To immerse one's self; to become plunged in a liquid; to sink.
  14. To perform the action of plunging some receptacle, as a dipper, ladle. etc.; into a liquid or a soft substance and removing a part.
  15. To incline downward from the plane of the horizon; as, strata of rock dip.
  16. To dip snuff.
  17. To pierce; to penetrate; - followed by in or into.
  18. To enter slightly or cursorily; to engage one's self desultorily or by the way; to partake limitedly; - followed by in or into.
  19. To immerse oneself; enter slightly into anything; incline downwards; sink.
  20. To sink: to enter slightly: to look cursorily: to incline downwards:- pr. p. dipping; pa. p. dipped'.
  21. To sink; enter slightly; incline downwards.
  22. stain an object by immersing it in a liquid
  23. dip into a liquid while eating; as of bread in a soup or sauce
  24. slope downwards; " Our property dips towards the river"
  25. appear to move downward; " The sun dipped below the horizon"; " The setting sun sank below the tree line"
  26. switch ( a car's headlights) from a higher to a lower beam
  27. To plunge partly or momentarily; engage slightly; with in or into.
  28. To incline downward, as a compass needle; lie at an angle with the horizon, as strata.
  29. To plunge in a liquid and then straightway withdraw; to take out, as with a ladle; to moisten; to plunge; to involve one's self.
  30. To put into water for a brief time and then to withdraw; to plunge into a liquid for a moment; to take out, as with a ladle; to sink; to look slightly into, or here and there, as into a book; to incline downwards.
  31. Dipping.
  32. a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places
  33. tasty mixture or liquid into which bite- sized foods are dipped
  34. a depression in an otherwise level surface; " there was a dip in the road"
  35. a gymnastic exercise on the parallel bars in which the body is lowered and raised by bending and straightening the arms
  36. a candle that is made by repeated dipping in a pool of wax or tallow
  37. scoop up by plunging one's hand or a ladle below the surface; " dip water out of a container"
  38. immerse in a disinfectant solution; " dip the sheep"
  39. of candles; by dipping the wick into hot, liquid wax
  40. The action of dipping or plunging for a moment into a liquid.
  41. Inclination downward; direction below a horizontal line; slope; pitch.
  42. A liquid, as a sauce or gravy, served at table with a ladle or spoon.
  43. A dipped candle.
  44. A gymnastic exercise on the parallel bars in which the performer, resting on his hands, lets his arms bend and his body sink until his chin is level with the bars, and then raises himself by straightening his arms.
  45. In the turpentine industry, the viscid exudation, which is dipped out from incisions in the trees; as, virgin dip ( the runnings of the first year), yellow dip ( the runnings of subsequent years).
  46. A sudden drop followed by a climb, usually to avoid obstacles or as the result of getting into an airhole.
  47. The act of putting into water temporarily; as, to take a dip in the ocean; a downward slope; in aviation, a quick descent followed by an ascent.
  48. Inclination downwards: a sloping.
  49. Inclination downwards.
  50. The act of dipping; a plunge; bath; dipping up; depression.
  51. Inclination, as of strata, etc.
  52. A candle made by dipping.
  53. The act of dipping; inclination downward; depression; a candle made by dipping; a fish sauce from fat pork; inclination downward from a horizontal line; the downward inclination of strata.
  54. Inclination downwards; depression; in geol., the inclination or angle at which strata slope downwards into the earth- the word rise is used as the opposite of dip; in magnetism, downward inclination of the magnetic needle; a candle made by dipping the wick in tallow.
  55. Dipped, dipt.