Definitions of liquid

  1. a frictionless non- nasal continuant ( especially ` l' and ` r')
  2. a substance in the fluid state of matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume
  3. a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure
  4. A substance whose parts change their relative position on the slightest pressure, and therefore retain no definite form; any substance in the state of liquidity; a fluid that is not aeriform.
  5. A letter which has a smooth, flowing sound, or which flows smoothly after a mute; as, l and r, in bla, bra. M and n also are called liquids.
  6. A substance that flows freely; one of the consonants l, m, n, r.
  7. A flowing substance: a letter of a smooth flowing sound, as: and r in pla, pra.
  9. A flowing substance; a smooth consonant.
  10. A flowing or fluid substance.
  11. One of the letters l, m, n, r.
  12. Liquidness.
  13. A fluid or flowing substance; a letter which has a smooth flowing sound, as l and r, in bla, bra.
  14. Any substance flowing or capable of flowing; a letter which has a smooth flowing sound.
  15. Liquidly.
  16. clear and bright; " the liquid air of a spring morning"; " eyes shining with a liquid luster"; " limpid blue eyes"
  17. smooth and flowing in quality; entirely free of harshness; " the liquid song of a robin"
  18. existing as or have characteristics of a liquid; especially tending to flow; " water and milk and blood are liquid substances"
  19. existing as or having characteristics of a liquid; especially tending to flow; " water and milk and blood are liquid substances"
  20. Flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid.
  21. Being in such a state that the component parts move freely among themselves, but do not tend to separate from each other as the particles of gases and vapors do; neither solid nor aeriform; as, liquid mercury, in distinction from mercury solidified or in a state of vapor.
  22. Flowing or sounding smoothly or without abrupt transitions or harsh tones.
  23. Pronounced without any jar or harshness; smooth; as, l and r are liquid letters.
  24. Fluid and transparent; as, the liquid air.
  25. Clear; definite in terms or amount.
  26. Clear; smooth in sound; as, a liquid melody; not solid; freely flowing.
  27. Flowing: fluid: soft: smooth: clear.
  28. Flowing; fluid; smooth.
  29. Fluid; flowing; soft; smooth, as in pronunciation.
  30. Fluid, or capable of flowing; in the form of water; soft; smooth.