Definitions of white

  1. being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light; " as white as fresh snow"; " a bride's white dress"
  2. United States educator who in 1865 ( with Ezra Cornell) founded Cornell University and served as its first president ( 1832- 1918)
  3. ash- colored or anemic looking from illness or emotion; " a face turned ashen"; " the invalid's blanched cheeks"; " tried to speak with bloodless lips"; " a face livid with shock"; " lips... livid with the hue of death"- Mary W. Shelley; " lips white with terror"; " a face white with rage"
  4. of a surface; not written or printed on; " blank pages"; " fill in the blank spaces"; " a clean page"; " wide white margins"
  5. a member of the Caucasoid race
  6. restricted to whites only; " under segregation there were even white restrooms and white drinking fountains"; " a lily- white movement which would expel Negroes from the organization"
  7. Australian writer ( 1912- 1990)
  8. marked by the presence of snow; " a white Christmas"; " the white hills of a northern winter"
  9. United States architect ( 1853- 1906)
  10. United States political journalist ( 1915- 1986)
  11. turn white; " This detergent will whiten your laundry"
  12. ( chess or checkers) the lighter pieces
  13. the quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness ( bearing the least resemblance to black)
  14. glowing white with heat; " white flames"; " a white- hot center of the fire"
  15. ( of hair) having lost its color; " the white hairs of old age"
  16. ( board games) the lighter pieces
  17. a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows southeastward through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri
  18. of summer nights in northern latitudes where the sun barely sets; " white nights"
  19. dressed ( or especially habited) in white; " white nuns"
  20. ( of coffee) having cream or milk added
  21. benevolent; without malicious intent; " white magic"; " a white lie"; " that's white of you"
  22. free from moral blemish or impurity; unsullied; " in shining white armor"
  23. To whiten.
  24. Destitute of color, as in the cheeks, or of the tinge of blood color; pale; pallid; as, white with fear.
  25. Having the color of purity; free from spot or blemish, or from guilt or pollution; innocent; pure.
  26. Gray, as from age; having silvery hair; hoary.
  27. Characterized by freedom from that which disturbs, and the like; fortunate; happy; favorable.
  28. Regarded with especial favor; favorite; darling.
  29. The color of pure snow; one of the natural colors of bodies, yet not strictly a color, but a composition of all colors; the opposite of black; whiteness. See the Note under Color, n., 1.
  30. Something having the color of snow; something white, or nearly so; as, the white of the eye.
  31. Specifically, the central part of the butt in archery, which was formerly painted white; the center of a mark at which a missile is shot.
  32. A person with a white skin; a member of the white, or Caucasian, races of men.
  33. A white pigment; as, Venice white.
  34. Any one of numerous species of butterflies belonging to Pieris, and allied genera in which the color is usually white. See Cabbage butterfly, under Cabbage.
  35. To make white; to whiten; to whitewash; to bleach.
  36. Reflecting to the eye all the rays of the spectrum combined; not tinted with any of the proper colors or their mixtures; having the color of pure snow; snowy; - the opposite of black or dark; as, white paper; a white skin.
  37. Of the color of clean snow: opposite to black; pure; innocent; having silvery hair; gray with age; having a fair skin; pale.
  38. The color formed by the combination of all the colors in the spectrum; the color of clean snow; a white man; albumen of an egg; the part of the eyeball outside the iris.
  39. To make of the color of clean snow; bleach.
  40. Whiteness.
  41. Of the color of snow: pale: colorless: pure: unblemished: ( B.) purified from sin.
  42. The color of snow: anything white, as a white man, the mark at which an arrow is shot, the albuminous part of an egg.
  43. A white color: anything white.
  44. Of the color of snow; pale; pure.
  45. Having the color of pure snow.
  46. Having a light complexion; blond.
  47. A color devoid of any tint, the opposite of black.
  48. Anything white, as the white portion of the eyeball, a white person, etc.
  49. Being of the colour of pure snow; not dark; pale; destitute of colour in the cheeks; pure; free from spot; gray; unblemished; purified from sin. To show the white feather, to evince cowardice.
  50. One of the natural colours of bodies, though not strictly a colour, it being a combination of all the colours as united in a ray of pure light; the colour, as of snow; a white spot or thing; the mark at which an arrow is shot; a white man. White of the eye, that part of the ball of the eye surrounding the iris or coloured part. White of an egg, the albumen or pellucid, viscous fluid which surrounds the vitcllus or yolk. Spanish white, a substance used in painting, prepared from chalk.
  51. To make white; to whitewash.
  52. Having the hue or colour of pure snow, or approaching to it; destitute of colour; pure; innocent; unclouded; purified from sin.
  53. One of the natural colours of bodies like pure snow; opposite of black; a colour resulting from a certain combination of all the prismatic colours; a white man, as opposed to a black man.
  54. To make white in colour.

Usage examples for white

  1. But her face is so white. – The Worshipper of the Image by Richard Le Gallienne
  2. It was very white. – Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. Presently we saw the white man stand up and look towards us. – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  4. " Come out white brudder," was the answer. – Stories and Sketches by Harriet S. Caswell
  5. The snowdrop's white And so are you. – The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie
  6. Better than that, White Farm, better than that! – Foes by Mary Johnston
  7. Where white boy's fadder? – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  8. And really he was so tired and white- well, it moved me! – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett
  9. " I told you," White answered. – Vignettes of Manhattan; Outlines in Local Color by Brander Matthews
  10. I, too, am white. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930 by Various
  11. This is no place for white men. – The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine by Ross Kay
  12. White Cloud soon found her father. – Two Indian Children of Long Ago by Frances Taylor
  13. His eyes burned in his white face. – A Maid of Many Moods by Virna Sheard
  14. She's as white and as wolfy as ever. – Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood by George MacDonald
  15. White man tryin' to fine out who you is. – Short Stories of Various Types by Various
  16. And any white man would help me do it." – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  17. And here is my White Rocking Horse! – The Story of a White Rocking Horse by Laura Lee Hope
  18. Wayeesis, way- ee'sis, the white wolf, the strong one. – Northern Trails, Book I. by William J. Long