Quotes of dropping

  1. I'm not regretful about dropping acid, but I could have stopped it a little sooner. – David Carradine
  2. You can lead a team in a lot of different ways. It can be talking to somebody who is down or, during the course of a game, looking to penetrate and then dropping the ball off to someone else for an easy bucket. – Bill Cartwright
  3. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped and nobody heard from him or got a response to orders. At this point Rod Walker looked him up and found he was living in a commune and seemed to be dropping out of the hobby. – Fred Davis
  4. If the record was picked up by Dot Records, I would imagine that they would have wanted both sides of the record to be something by Lou alone which would account for the dropping of "So Blue". – Phil Harris
  5. The fall of dropping water wears away the Stone. – Lucretius
  6. Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. – Don Marquis
  7. Writing a book of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. – Don Marquis
  8. Well, I started conducting kind of by accident. I wanted to give myself a special birthday present for my fortieth birthday, and I was living in San Francisco at the time and I started attending some of the concerts and then simply dropping hints. – Bobby McFerrin
  9. I am 1, 000 percent for Tom Eagleton and I have no intention of dropping him from the ticket. – George McGovern
  10. But I loved the theatre and I was just doing theatre 24/7 and kept dropping courses because I didn't have the time and the chancellor thought that wasn't a good idea after awhile. – Mandy Patinkin
  11. For fear of dropping the troops in the sea, the pilots tended to drop them too far inland- some of them actually in the British lines. The weapon containers often fell wide of the troops, which was another handicap that contributed to our excessive casualties. – Kurt Student
  12. There's an expectation these days that novels- like any other consumer product- should be made on a production line, with one dropping from the conveyor belt every couple of years. – Donna Tartt

Usage examples for dropping

  1. Dropping into his chair, he pulled out his watch and put it beside his plate. – The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
  2. He stole away and sat down, dropping his face in his hands. – A Daughter of the Vine by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  3. When Patrick announced that he was dropping out, his father seemed to think it was fine. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  4. As the men moved, they moved; never coming nearer and never dropping behind. – The Raid on the Termites by Paul Ernst
  5. Dropping his niece's hand, he extended his own toward his nephew. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln
  6. We'd like to know what you expect to gain by dropping out! – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson
  7. No, said Harley, dropping down upon the bed, that is perfectly true, Knox. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  8. She watched the moon dropping down and down. – In Wild Rose Time by Amanda M. Douglas
  9. Patrick could not help dropping his voice: 'Isn't it very like? – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  10. Now they were in a lift, dropping speedily into the depths of the Tritu Anu. – The Copper-Clad World by Harl Vincent
  11. Causton, they'll be dropping on you yet! – The Story of Louie by Oliver Onions
  12. " You will find him all these," she resumed, dropping her eyes before his gratitude which was much too personal. – The-Choir-Invisible by Allen, James Lane
  13. " And there is another thing," continued Alice, dropping into a chair by Kathleen's side. – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  14. I heard the noise of one dropping on her knees. – Melomaniacs by James Huneker
  15. If you ask me I think it's dropping behind the times! – Loyal to the School by Angela Brazil
  16. From all parts of the forest to which they had wandered, the party came, dropping in one by one to congratulate the lost and found pair. – The Red Eric by R.M. Ballantyne
  17. The figure paused and turned, dropping its cloak. – Temporal Power by Marie Corelli
  18. Those who established our liberty and our government are daily dropping from among us. – Select Speeches of Daniel Webster by Daniel Webster
  19. " Oh, leave that be and come and sit here with me," he said, dropping on the step where the doctor had sat when she opened her heart to him and told him about her father. – The Mountain Girl by Payne Erskine
  20. Dropping the girl's arm, he ran forward. – The Ruined Cities of Zululand by Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley