Definitions of domestic

  1. a household servant
  2. One who lives in the family of an other, as hired household assistant; a house servant.
  3. Articles of home manufacture, especially cotton goods.
  4. A servant in the house.
  6. A house- servant.
  7. A family servant.
  8. A servant or hired labourer residing with a family.
  9. A servant living in a family.
  11. produced in a particular country; " domestic wine"; " domestic oil"
  12. of or involving the home or family; " domestic worries"; " domestic happiness"; " they share the domestic chores"; " everything sounded very peaceful and domestic"; " an author of blood- and- thunder novels yet quite domestic in his taste"
  13. Of or pertaining to one's house or home, or one's household or family; relating to home life; as, domestic concerns, life, duties, cares, happiness, worship, servants.
  14. Remaining much at home; devoted to home duties or pleasures; as, a domestic man or woman.
  15. Living in or near the habitations of man; domesticated; tame as distinguished from wild; as, domestic animals.
  16. Made in one's own house, nation, or country; as, domestic manufactures, wines, etc.
  17. Pertaining to the house or household affairs; private; home- made; tame; pertaining to one's own country in distinction to foreign countries.
  18. Belonging to the house: remaining much at home, private: tame: not foreign.
  19. Belonging to the house; tame; not foreign.
  20. Belonging to or fond of the house or household.
  21. Domesticated; tame.
  22. Of or pertaining to one's own country; home made.
  23. Belonging to the house or the home; remaining much at home and devoted to home life; tame, not wild; pertaining to a nation considered as a family, or to one's own country; intestine, not foreign; made in one's own house, nation, or country.
  24. Pert. to one's home or family; remaining much at home; private; tame; not wild; not foreign.