Definitions of flat

  1. To grow flat; to become insipid or dull; to depress the voice.
  2. To lower; flatten.
  3. To make flat; to flatten; to level.
  4. To depress in tone, as a musical note; especially, to lower in pitch by half a tone.
  5. To level; to lay smooth or even; to make broad and smooth; to flatten; to make vapid or tasteless; to make dull or unanimated; to depress; in music, to reduce below the true pitch, as a note, by depressing it half a tone.
  6. To become flat, or flattened; to sink or fall to an even surface.
  7. To fall form the pitch.
  8. To grow flat; to fall to an even surface; to become insipid, or dull and unanimated; in music, to depress the voice; to render a sound less sharp; to fall below the true pitch.
  9. To flatten; to make vapid or tasteless; to make dull or unammated; to depress.
  10. Having an even and horizontal surface, or nearly so, without prominences or depressions; level without inclination; plane.
  11. Lying at full length, or spread out, upon the ground; level with the ground or earth; prostrate; as, to lie flat on the ground; hence, fallen; laid low; ruined; destroyed.
  12. Wanting relief; destitute of variety; without points of prominence and striking interest.
  13. Tasteless; stale; vapid; insipid; dead; as, fruit or drink flat to the taste.
  14. Unanimated; dull; uninteresting; without point or spirit; monotonous; as, a flat speech or composition.
  15. Lacking liveliness of commercial exchange and dealings; depressed; dull; as, the market is flat.
  16. Clear; unmistakable; peremptory; absolute; positive; downright.
  17. Below the true pitch; hence, as applied to intervals, minor, or lower by a half step; as, a flat seventh; A flat.
  18. Not sharp or shrill; not acute; as, a flat sound.
  19. Sonant; vocal; - applied to any one of the sonant or vocal consonants, as distinguished from a nonsonant ( or sharp) consonant.
  20. scenery consisting of a wooden frame covered with painted canvas; part of a stage setting
  21. a deflated pneumatic tire
  22. a shallow box in which seedlings are started
  23. a musical notation indicating one half step lower than the note named
  24. a level tract of land
  25. A level surface, without elevation, relief, or prominences; an extended plain; specifically, in the United States, a level tract along the along the banks of a river; as, the Mohawk Flats.
  26. A level tract lying at little depth below the surface of water, or alternately covered and left bare by the tide; a shoal; a shallow; a strand.
  27. Something broad and flat in form
  28. A flat- bottomed boat, without keel, and of small draught.
  29. A straw hat, broad- brimmed and low- crowned.
  30. A car without a roof, the body of which is a platform without sides; a platform car.
  31. A platform on wheel, upon which emblematic designs, etc., are carried in processions.
  32. The flat part, or side, of anything; as, the broad side of a blade, as distinguished from its edge.
  33. A floor, loft, or story in a building; especially, a floor of a house, which forms a complete residence in itself.
  34. A horizontal vein or ore deposit auxiliary to a main vein; also, any horizontal portion of a vein not elsewhere horizontal.
  35. A dull fellow; a simpleton; a numskull.
  36. A homaloid space or extension.
  37. A character [] before a note, indicating a tone which is a half step or semitone lower.
  38. A level or extended plain; a shallow; shoal; story or floor of a house; the broad or plane part of a thing, as of a sword; surface without relief or prominence; a musical sign which lowers the succeeding note half a tone; the tone so lowered.
  39. A surface without relief or prominences; a level or extended plain; a low tract of land; a level ground lying at a small depth under the surface of water; a shoal; a shallow; a strand; a sandbank under water; something broad and flat in form; as, ( a) a broad, flat- bottomed boat without a keel, generally used in river navigation; ( b) a broad- brimmed, low- crowned straw hat; ( c) a railway car without a roof; the flat part or side of anything; as, the upper extended surface of the hand, the broad side of a sword or knife, and the like; in music, a mark of depression in sound, marked thus, and used to lower or depress, by the degree of a semitone, any note in the natural scale; an accidental flat is one which does not occurin the signature, and which affects only the bar in which it is placed; a double flat depresses a note two semitones below its natural pitch; in arch. that part of the covering of a house laid horizontal, and covered with lead or other material; a story or floor of a building, especially when fitted up for a single family; a foolish fellow; a simpleton; one who is easily duped; a gull; in ship- building, one of the timbers in midships; in theatres, one of the halves of such scenes or parts of scenes as are formed by two equal portions pushed from the sides of the stage and meeting in the centre.
  40. A level expanse; story of a house; in mus., a note lowered a semitone; the sign ( b) indicating this depression.
  41. A level; low land washed by the tide; shoal.
  42. Anything that is flat; the flat side of a thing.
  43. A tone a half step lower than a tone from which it is named, represented by the character b.
  44. A set of rooms on one floor; apartment.
  45. A level or extended plain; a shoal or shallow; an even surface; a story or floor of a house; a sign in music which lowers the following note half a tone.
  46. wholly or completely; " He is flat broke"
  47. at full length; " he fell flat on his face"
  48. below the proper pitch; " she sang flat last night"
  49. In a flat manner; directly; flatly.
  50. Without allowance for accrued interest.
  51. In a level or prostrate position; exactly; used of amounts, etc.; as, he ran the race in three minutes flat.
  52. Flatly.
  53. In a level position; so as to be flat; flatly.
  54. lacking taste or flavor or tang; " a bland diet"; " insipid hospital food"; " flavorless supermarket tomatoes"; " vapid beer"; " vapid tea"
  55. not increasing as the amount taxed increases
  56. not reflecting light; not glossy; " flat wall paint"; " a photograph with a matte finish"
  57. stretched out and lying at full length along the ground; " found himself lying flat on the floor"
  58. lacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth; " a film with two- dimensional characters"; " a flat two- dimensional painting"
  59. without pleats
  60. not made with leavening; " most flat breads are made from unleavened dough"
  61. lacking variety in shading; " a flat unshaded painting"
  62. ( of a tire) completely or partially deflated
  63. having no depth or thickness
  64. lacking contrast or shading between tones
  65. parallel to the ground; " a flat roof"
  66. lowered in pitch by one chromatic semitone; " B flat"
  67. having lost effervescence; " flat beer"; " a flat cola"
  68. flattened laterally along the whole length ( e. g., certain leafstalks or flatfishes)
  69. against a flat surface; " he lay flat on his back"
  70. with flat sails; " sail flat against the wind"
  71. Not having an inflectional ending or sign, as a noun used as an adjective, or an adjective as an adverb, without the addition of a formative suffix, or an infinitive without the sign to. Many flat adverbs, as in run fast, buy cheap, are from AS. adverbs in - e, the loss of this ending having made them like the adjectives. Some having forms in ly, such as exceeding, wonderful, true, are now archaic.
  72. Having a head at a very obtuse angle to the shaft; - said of a club.
  73. Flattening at the ends; - said of certain fruits.
  74. Level; even; smooth; horizontal; insipid; as, a flat taste; positive; downright; low; said of prices; dull; said of sales; without interest; sounded below the true pitch.
  75. Having an even and horizontal, or nearly horizontal surface, without elevations or depressions, hills or valleys; level without inclination; as, flat land, a flat roof; prostrate; lying the whole length on the ground; level with the ground; fallen; laid low; ruined; in the fine arts, wanting relief or prominence of the figures; tasteless; state; vapid; insipid; dead; as, fruit flat to the taste; dull; unanimated; frigid; without point or spirit; that can give no relish or interese; brought to an end; brought to nought; caused to collapse; ruined; not relieved, broken, or softened; peremptory; absolute; positive; downright; as, he gave the petitioner a flat denial; in music, below the natural or the true pitch; hence, as applied to intervals, indicating a note half a tone below its natural; minor; a flat fifth is an interval of a fifth diminished by a flat; not sharp or shrill; not acute; as, a flat sound; in gram. applied to one of that division of consonants, in the enunciation of which voice ( in contradistinction to breath) is heard- opposed to sharp; as, b, d, g, z, v; lacking briskness of commercial exchange or dealings; depressed; dull; as, the market was very flat.
  76. Positive; absolute.
  77. Level; monotonous; dull; spiritless; positive; in mus., lowered a semitone.
  78. Level; prostrate.
  79. Monotonous; dull.
  80. Below pitch.
  81. Having an even surface; level; without, or with but a moderate, inclination; prostrate; laid low; ruined; wanting relief or prominence of the figures; insipid; dull; without point or spirit; depressed; dejected; unpleasing; peremptory; absolute; not sharp; low, as the prices of goods, or dull, as sales.