Definitions of slate

  1. An argillaceous rock which readily splits into thin plates; argillite; argillaceous schist.
  2. A prepared piece of such stone.
  3. A thin, flat piece, for roofing or covering houses, etc.
  4. A tablet for writing upon.
  5. An artificial material, resembling slate, and used for the above purposes.
  6. A thin plate of any material; a flake.
  7. A list of candidates, prepared for nomination or for election; a list of candidates, or a programme of action, devised beforehand.
  8. To register ( as on a slate and subject to revision), for an appointment.
  9. To set a dog upon; to bait; to slat. See 2d Slat, 3.
  10. To cover with slate; register for a political appointment.
  11. To roof with slate.
  12. To put on a political slate.
  13. choose someone for a job or function
  14. cover with slate; " slate the roof"
  15. To cover or roof with slates.
  16. ( formerly) a writing tablet made of slate
  17. a list of candidates to be considered for nomination or election to public offices
  18. a fine- grained metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers
  19. thin layers of rock used for roofing
  20. A kind of rock that splits into thin plates; the dark gray color of this rock; a thin plate of this rock used for roofing or as a tablet for writing upon; a list of candidates, prepared for nomination or election.
  21. A well- known stone which splits into thin plates: a rock or stone of a slaty structure: a piece of slate for roofing, or for writing upon.
  22. SLATER.
  23. Kind of stone which splits into plates; a plate of it.
  24. Any kind of rock that splits readily into layers; also, a piece of such rock for roofing, writing upon, etc.
  25. A list of candidates, made up for nomination or appointment.
  26. Any rock that can be split into thin laminae or plates; argillaceous rocks whose lamination is produced by cleavage; a thin plate of stone for roofing, or for writing on; foliated rocks, like gneiss and mica- schist, are termed schists and not slates; thinly- bedded sandstones are called flagstones or tilestones.
  27. a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices
  28. designate or schedule; " He slated his talk for 9 AM"; " She was slated to be his successor"
  29. Slaty.
  30. Made or consisting of slate.