Definitions of bait

  1. To take food and drink for refreshment on a journey. See Bite.
  2. To provoke and harass; esp., to harass or torment for sport; as, to bait a bear with dogs; to bait a bull.
  3. To give a portion of food and drink to, upon the road; as, to bait horses.
  4. To furnish or cover with bait, as a trap or hook.
  5. To provoke, as an animal, by the setting on of dogs for sport; to worry by biting; to torment; annoy persistently; to prepare, as a hook, trap, or snare, by covering with food; to feed ( an animal).
  6. To set food as a lure: to give refreshment on a journey.
  7. To provoke an animal by inciting dogs to bite it: to harass.
  8. To fix a bait; allure by a bait; give food to.
  9. To put a bait on or in.
  10. To feed while resting.
  11. To torment, as by setting dogs upon; harass; worry.
  12. Any substance, esp. food, used in catching fish, or other animals, by alluring them to a hook, snare, inclosure, or net.
  13. Anything which allures; a lure; enticement; temptation.
  14. A portion of food or drink, as a refreshment taken on a journey; also, a stop for rest and refreshment.
  15. A light or hasty luncheon.
  16. To stop to take a portion of food and drink for refreshment of one's self or one's beasts, on a journey.
  17. To flap the wings; to flutter as if to fly; or to hover, as a hawk when she stoops to her prey.
  18. To take refreshment on a journey.
  19. lure, entice, or entrap with bait
  20. harass with persistent criticism or carping; " The children teased the new teacher"; " Don't ride me so hard over my failure"; " His fellow workers razzed him when he wore a jacket and tie"
  21. To stop for rest and refreshment.
  22. To put food on a hook or among snares, to entice fish, fowls, and other animals into one's power; to allure; to give food and drink to a beast upon the road; to provoke and harass by dogs, or in any way.
  23. To allure by food; to give food or drink to a beast on a journey; to refresh with food on a journey.
  24. To provoke and harass with the help of others; to attack with violence, as with dogs.
  25. something used to lure victims into danger
  26. anything that serves as an enticement
  27. Any substance used to entice fish or other animals in order to catch them; temptation.
  28. Food put on a hook to allure fish or make them bite: any allurement: a refreshment taken on a journey.
  29. Food put on a hook to entice fish; allurement; slight repast.
  30. Anything used to allure a fish or other animal.
  31. A inre or enticement, generally to deceive and catch fish or other animals; food or refreshment on a journey; whitebait.