Definitions of french

  1. United States sculptor who created the seated marble figure of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. C. ( 1850- 1931)
  2. the people of France
  3. The language spoken in France.
  4. Collectively, the people of France.
  5. The people of France; the language of France.
  6. The people or language of France.
  7. The language or people of France.
  8. The language spoken by the inhabitants of France.
  9. The language of France: French chalk, a variety of talc used for marking: French horn, a wind musical instrument; French polish, a furniture varnish.
  10. Belonging to France or its people.
  11. Pertaining to France.
  12. Pertaining to France or its inhabitants.
  13. Pert. to France.