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nonpolitical, unpolitical, apolitical.

Quotes of political

  1. John Brown first swam into my vision in the 1960s when I was a political activist in the civil rights movement and the anti -war movement at Chapel Hill, where I went to university. – Russell Banks
  2. The two great cultural and political currents of Italy have always only been concerned with the masses. – Emma Bonino
  3. There is little place in the political scheme of things for an independent, creative personality, for a fighter. Anyone who takes that role must pay a price. – Shirley Chisholm
  4. Individuality is the aim of political liberty. By leaving the citizen as much freedom of action and of being as comports with order and the rights of others, the institutions render him truly a freeman. He is left to pursue his means of happiness in his own manner. – James F. Cooper
  5. But no one can praise Roosevelt for doing this and then insist that he restored our traditional political and economic systems to their former vitality. – John T. Flynn
  6. No, most of our political elite has not realized that the world is flat. – Thomas Friedman
  7. Honor is not the exclusive property of any political party. – Herbert Hoover
  8. Money is power, and in that government which pays all the public officers of the states will all political power be substantially concentrated. – Andrew Jackson
  9. I do what I do, and write what I write, without calculating what is worth what and so on. Fortunately, I am not a banker or an accountant. I feel that there is a time when a political statement needs to be made and I make it. – Arundhati Roy
  10. Feminism is a political mistake. Feminism is a mistake made by women's intellect, a mistake which her instinct will recognize. – Valentine de Saint-Point
  11. Religion and morality are critical to how students think about politics and form opinions on political issues. – Jeanne Shaheen
  12. I was a Political Science major. – Harry Shearer
  13. It was a particularly interesting and exciting time, and the European political and artistic establishment was turned on by the Civil Rights Movement and the artistic revolution that was becoming a part of jazz. – Archie Shepp
  14. I've always been interested in the relationship between total external surround, culture, the political matrix, technology, etc., and the internal human consciousness. – Norman Spinrad
  15. Under the big political umbrella, a man is just like a leaf in the ocean, with no control of his destiny and does not have any choice. – Zhang Yimou

Usage examples for political

  1. Since that terrible day no woman has suffered death in England for any political offence. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  2. There isn't anything in this political game for me, and the law is too long. – The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. What national political parties exist at present? – Community Civics and Rural Life by Arthur W. Dunn
  4. It is especially now, in the midst of a political struggle for German national life, that it would be useful to us to consider how this struggle began three centuries and a half ago. – Pictures of German Life in the XVth XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, Vol. I. by Gustav Freytag
  5. He does forget this, when he acts for political interests, and as one of a party, as he never would act in his private affairs. – Humanity in the City by E. H. Chapin
  6. From what I learn, on good authority, the political situation is this. – Diary of the Besieged Resident in Paris by Henry Labouchère
  7. In Once a Week, however, her articles became more decisively political year by year. – Harriet Martineau by Florence Fenwick Miller
  8. One of the best works on the philosophy of agriculture and of agricultural political economy that has appeared. – Cattle and Cattle-breeders by William M'Combie
  9. But that the political situation should continue as it was could not be expected. – A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6) by Leopold von Ranke
  10. We've a big political dinner on. – Senator North by Gertrude Atherton
  11. But the choice was also partly due to sound political reasons. – The War of Independence by John Fiske
  12. The political state of France was one which afforded the members of its court extraordinary occasions for the display of character. – The Friendships of Women by William Rounseville Alger
  13. But that is political will it weary Lady Florence?" – Ernest Maltravers, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  14. 14. Why I Belong to the X Political Party. – Practical Grammar and Composition by Thomas Wood
  15. Benda spoke of the political changes that might, he feared, take place because of the death of Gambetta. – The Goose Man by Jacob Wassermann
  16. I am sorry to say it, but, to gratify his political rage, he wou'd sacrifice every social tie, that is dear to friend or family. – The Man Of The World (1792) by Charles Macklin
  17. I trust to be able soon to congratulate you on a step which I am sure will be but the beginning of a long and brilliant political career. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  18. In this way I think I made my political hero interesting. – Autobiography of Anthony Trollope by Anthony Trollope
  19. As he could hardly have had this appointment, or have taken the political stand he did, until of age, he must have been at least twenty- one at that time. – The Mayflower and Her Log, Complete by Azel Ames
  20. The group of political gentlemen shook their heads in silent admiration. – Trumps by George William Curtis

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