Definitions of dog

  1. To hunt or track like a hound; to follow insidiously or indefatigably; to chase with a dog or dogs; to worry, as if by dogs; to hound with importunity.
  2. To follow like a hound; as, he dogged their steps.
  3. To follow as a dog: to follow and watch constantly: to worry with importunity:- pr. p. dogging; pa. p. dogged'.
  4. To follow continually.
  5. To follow closely; hound; hunt.
  6. To follow as a dog; to follow close and constantly; to worry with importunity.
  7. To follow insidiously; to hunt or follow closely for a particular purpose.
  8. Dogging.
  9. A quadruped of the genus Canis, esp. the domestic dog ( C. familiaris).
  10. A mean, worthless fellow; a wretch.
  11. One of the two constellations, Canis Major and Canis Minor, or the Greater Dog and the Lesser Dog. Canis Major contains the Dog Star ( Sirius).
  12. An iron for holding wood in a fireplace; a firedog; an andiron.
  13. A grappling iron, with a claw or claws, for fastening into wood or other heavy articles, for the purpose of raising or moving them.
  14. An iron with fangs fastening a log in a saw pit, or on the carriage of a sawmill.
  15. A piece in machinery acting as a catch or clutch; especially, the carrier of a lathe, also, an adjustable stop to change motion, as in a machine tool.
  16. A fellow; - used humorously or contemptuously; as, a sly dog; a lazy dog.
  17. One of the two constellations, Canis Major and Canis Minor, or the Greater and the Lesser Dog. Canis Major contains the Star ( Sirius).
  18. An intelligent and affectionate domestic animal of the wolf kind; any of various mechanical contrivances.
  19. A domestic quadruped: a term of contempt: one of two constellations of stars: an andiron: an iron hook for holding logs of wood.
  20. DOGGER.
  21. A domestic quadruped; andiron.
  22. A carnivorous mammal, commonly domesticated, and remarkable for its intelligence and its attachment to man.
  23. A catch or detent; implement.
  24. A well- known domestic animal of the genus canis; a term of contempt given to a man; one or two constellations in the southern hemisphere; aliandiron; an iron book or bar with a sharp fang, used by sawyers to fasten a log of timber in a saw- pit.
  25. A well- known domestic animal; a man, in reproach; an iron bar with a sharp fang, used to fasten a log of timber; a name applied to various tools, pieces of machinery, & c, having a curve like the neck of a dog.
  26. Doggish.
  27. In composition, male; degenerate. To give or throw to the dogs, to throw away. To go to the dogs, to go to ruin.
  28. Dogged.