Definitions of bloom

  1. To put forth blossoms; to flower; to be in a state of bloom. See Blow.
  2. To cause to blossom; to make flourish.
  3. To bestow a bloom upon; to make blooming or radiant.
  4. To produce in full bloom or beauty.
  5. To produce or yield blossoms; to blossom; to flower or be in flower.
  6. To be in a state of healthful, growing youth and vigor; to show beauty and freshness, as of flowers; to give promise, as by or with flowers.
  7. To produce blossoms; flower; show the freshness of youth.
  8. To put forth blossoms: to flower: to be in a state of beauty or vigor: to flourish.
  9. To put forth flowers; to be in a state of youth or beauty.
  10. To blossom; grow luxuriantly; glow with health and beauty.
  11. To yield blossoms; to flower; to be in a state of vigour; to have the freshness and beauty of early life.
  12. the best time of youth
  13. A blossom; the flower of a plant; an expanded bud; flowers, collectively.
  14. A state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor; an opening to higher perfection, analogous to that of buds into blossoms; as, the bloom of youth.
  15. The delicate, powdery coating upon certain growing or newly- gathered fruits or leaves, as on grapes, plums, etc. Hence: Anything giving an appearance of attractive freshness; a flush; a glow.
  16. The clouded appearance which varnish sometimes takes upon the surface of a picture.
  17. A yellowish deposit or powdery coating which appears on well- tanned leather.
  18. A popular term for a bright- hued variety of some minerals; as, the rose- red cobalt bloom.
  19. A mass of wrought iron from the Catalan forge or from the puddling furnace, deprived of its dross, and shaped usually in the form of an oblong block by shingling.
  20. A blossom; the flower of a plant; the state of having flowers; as, the tree is in bloom; a state or period of health and growth; the delicate color or powdery coating upon certain fruits or leaves; as, the bloom on peaches; a flush; a glow.
  21. A blossom or flower: the opening of flowers: rosy color: the prime or highest perfection of anything.
  23. Blooming or bloomy.
  24. Blossom; flower; the flush on the cheek; flush or prime; a white dust on certain fruits; a mass of hammered metal.
  25. The blooming or being in flower; fulness and freshness; a flower or flowers collectively; the downy covering of certain fruits.
  26. Metal. A mass of malleable iron from which the slag has been beaten.
  27. A blossom or flower; the blue colour upon newly- gathered plums, grapes, & c.; full maturity; the rosy flush of full life; a mass of iron that has passed the blomary and undergone the first hammering.
  28. Blossom; the flower of any plant; the beginning of youth or manhood; life; vigour; beauty; bright or blue colour on fruit, as on the peach or grape; a clouded appearance which varnish sometimes assumes upon the surface of a picture; a whitish waxy secretion produced on the surface of some leaves and fruits.
  29. The rough mass of iron from the puddling- furnace after undergoing the first hammering.
  30. Layer of wax particles on the external surface of certain fruits, such as grapes, peaches; the flower of a plant.