Definitions of glow

  1. an alert and refreshed state
  2. an appearance of reflected light
  3. light from nonthermal sources
  4. a feeling of considerable warmth; " the glow of new love"; " a glow of regret"
  5. the phenomenon of light emission by a body as its temperature is raised
  6. experience a feeling of well- being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion; " She was beaming with joy"; " Her face radiated with happiness"
  7. be exuberant or high- spirited; " Make the people's hearts glow"
  8. emit a steady even light without flames; " The fireflies were glowing and flying about in the garden"
  9. a steady even light without flames
  10. especially of the complexion: show a strong bright color, such as red or pink; " Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna"
  11. To shine with an intense or white heat; to give forth vivid light and heat; to be incandescent.
  12. To exhibit a strong, bright color; to be brilliant, as if with heat; to be bright or red with heat or animation, with blushes, etc.
  13. To feel hot; to have a burning sensation, as of the skin, from friction, exercise, etc.; to burn.
  14. To feel the heat of passion; to be animated, as by intense love, zeal, anger, etc.; to rage, as passior; as, the heart glows with love, zeal, or patriotism.
  15. To make hot; to flush.
  16. White or red heat; incandscence.
  17. Brightness or warmth of color; redness; a rosy flush; as, the glow of health in the cheeks.
  18. Intense excitement or earnestness; vehemence or heat of passion; ardor.
  19. Heat of body; a sensation of warmth, as that produced by exercise, etc.
  20. To shine with intense heat; radiate heat and light; be incandescent or brilliant; be red or flushed; be animated or inspired with passion, love, zeal, etc.
  21. Intense or shining heat; incandescence; redness, or brightness of color; passion; ardor.
  22. To shine with an intense heat: to feel great heat of body: to be flushed: to feel the heat of passion: to be ardent.
  23. Shining or white heat: unusual warmth: brightness of color: vehemence of passion.
  24. Heat with light; heat; brightness of color.
  25. To shine with intense heat; feel heat or ardor; be flushed with color.
  26. To radiate light and heat, especially without a flame.
  27. To be ardent or excited.
  28. To flush.
  29. Fervid heat; strong emotion; ardor; flush; ruddiness.
  30. Shining or white heat; brightness of colour; ardour or vehemence of passion.
  31. To make hot, so as to shine.
  32. To shine with intense heat; to feel great heat of body; to be flushed with heat or animation; to feel the heat of passion; to be ardent; to burn with intense passion.
  33. Brightness of colour; redness; shining heat; passion.
  34. To shine with heat; to be red or flushed, as with heat or animation.

Usage examples for glow

  1. He felt a glow of hope. – The Adventures of a Freshman by Jesse Lynch Williams
  2. How slowly The glow of evening died away! – Boris Godunov A Drama in Verse by Alexander Pushkin Rendered into English verse by Alfred Hayes
  3. She had felt a little glow of satisfaction when she locked it into the safe in her desk; she liked the consciousness of a good job finished. – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  4. But still, head down and dogged, he pushed on, certain always of his general direction, confident of being under the cliffs in the first faint glow of the new day. – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  5. Now it washed the drawing with a glow of yellow and gold. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  6. They was above me, an' they was a glow in the north, behind 'em- an' they stood out plain an' clear. – The Trail Horde by Charles Alden Seltzer
  7. Forgiveness made him glow. – Erik Dorn by Ben Hecht
  8. It's dark out there- only the green glow. – The White Invaders by Raymond King Cummings
  9. Dark, and then, in the dark, Sudden, a flash, a glow, And a hand and a ring I know. – Silhouettes by Arthur Symons
  10. Peace like the river's gentle flow, Peace like the morning's silent glow, From day to day, in love supplied, An endless and unebbing tide. – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various
  11. I walked towards the end of the passage, and there I saw the glow of the fire reflected through the open door of the handsome sitting- room in which I had sat with the old lady on the previous day. – A Queen's Error by Henry Curties
  12. He turned quickly, and then she saw the glow. – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  13. He sat quite silent and still, with a glow of happiness upon him, such as he had never known in all his life. – The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason
  14. Shortly before sunset they saw a camp fire, very close on the eastern shore, and as they drew near the figures of men in uniform were visible against the red glow. – The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph Altsheler
  15. She, on her part, enjoyed the sound of his eager voice and the glow of his deep brown eyes. – The Eagle's Heart by Hamlin Garland
  16. It was the burst of rage- the first glow in the ashes of despair. – The Journal of Arthur Stirling "The Valley of the Shadow" by Upton Sinclair
  17. The cheeks of Kate were in a glow, and her eyes lit up, and her lips quivering. – The Home Mission by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  18. To the east a faint glow made the horizon seem blacker than ever. – The Man Who Rocked the Earth by Arthur Train Robert Williams Wood
  19. A moment later we saw its lights, and the fire of its engine- room shot a cheerful glow into the storm. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  20. " I pay for a sensation, as I would to- morrow pay a pile of gold to recover the most childish illusion that would but make my heart glow. – A Second Home by Honore de Balzac