Definitions of layer

  1. To propagate by layers. Layer out, one who expends money; a steward. Layer up, one who deposits for future use; a treasurer.
  2. thin structure composed of a single thickness of cells
  3. a hen that lays eggs
  4. a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another
  5. An article of furniture to sleep or take rest in or on; a couch. Specifically: A sack or mattress, filled with some soft material, in distinction from the bedstead on which it is placed ( as, a feather bed), or this with the bedclothes added. In a general sense, any thing or place used for sleeping or reclining on or in, as a quantity of hay, straw, leaves, or twigs.
  6. One who, or that which, lays.
  7. That which is laid; a stratum; a bed; one thickness, course, or fold laid over another; as, a layer of clay or of sand in the earth; a layer of bricks, or of plaster; the layers of an onion.
  8. A shoot or twig of a plant, not detached from the stock, laid under ground for growth or propagation.
  9. An artificial oyster bed.
  10. One that lays; a stratum, row, or bed; one thickness; as, a layer of earth; a runner of a plant fastened down and covered with earth.
  11. A bed or stratum: a shoot laid for propagation.
  12. A single horizontal thickness, as of strata.
  13. A shoot laid in the ground to take root and form a new plant.
  14. One who lays; a stratum; a bed; an undetached shoot laid under ground for propagation.
  15. A bed; a stratum; a coat, as of paint; a row or course, as of bricks; a shoot or twig of a plant for propagating.