Definitions of layer

  1. make or form a layer; " layer the different colored sands"
  2. thin structure composed of a single thickness of cells
  3. a hen that lays eggs
  4. an abstract place usually conceived as having depth; " a good actor communicates on several levels"; " a simile has at least two layers of meaning"; " the mind functions on many strata simultaneously"
  5. a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another
  6. An article of furniture to sleep or take rest in or on; a couch. Specifically: A sack or mattress, filled with some soft material, in distinction from the bedstead on which it is placed ( as, a feather bed), or this with the bedclothes added. In a general sense, any thing or place used for sleeping or reclining on or in, as a quantity of hay, straw, leaves, or twigs.
  7. One who, or that which, lays.
  8. That which is laid; a stratum; a bed; one thickness, course, or fold laid over another; as, a layer of clay or of sand in the earth; a layer of bricks, or of plaster; the layers of an onion.
  9. A shoot or twig of a plant, not detached from the stock, laid under ground for growth or propagation.
  10. An artificial oyster bed.
  11. One that lays; a stratum, row, or bed; one thickness; as, a layer of earth; a runner of a plant fastened down and covered with earth.
  12. Stratum, a sheet of some substance lying upon another, distinguished therefrom by a difference in texture or color or simply not continuous with it.
  13. A bed or stratum: a shoot laid for propagation.
  14. A stratum; shoot laid for propagation.
  15. A single horizontal thickness, as of strata.
  16. A shoot laid in the ground to take root and form a new plant.
  17. One who lays; a stratum; a bed; an undetached shoot laid under ground for propagation.
  18. To propagate by layers. Layer out, one who expends money; a steward. Layer up, one who deposits for future use; a treasurer.
  19. A bed; a stratum; a coat, as of paint; a row or course, as of bricks; a shoot or twig of a plant for propagating.

Quotes of layer

  1. Like a layer on a pearl, you can't specifically identify the irritant, the moment of the irritant, but at the end of the day, you know you have a pearl. – Ken Burns
  2. The appearance of the bones of quadrupeds, especially those of complete bodies in the strata, tells us either that the layer itself which carries them was in earlier times dry land or that dry land was at least formed in the immediate area. – George Cuvier
  3. Red Carpet has a nice package abstraction layer that allows us to support RPMs and DEBs transparently. – Nat Friedman
  4. For fossils to thrive, certain favorable circumstances are required. First of all, of course, remnants of life have to be there. These then need to be washed over with water as soon as possible, so that the bones are covered with a layer of sediment. – Richard Leakey
  5. This world is run by people who know how to do things. They know how things work. They are equipped. Up there, there's a layer of people who run everything. But we- we're just peasants. We don't understand what's going on, and we can't do anything. – Doris Lessing
  6. In the case of composite colour, an infinity of systems must be obtained for maxima infinitely slight and with an infinity of interval values separating them- that is to say, the whole thickness of the sensitive layer is occupied in continuous manner by these maxima. – Gabriel Lippmann
  7. Race is a layer of being, but not a culmination. – Thylias Moss
  8. If you want a higher power, go to the goddamn sun. Just go to the sun- and stop destroying the ozone layer – Susan Powter
  9. When cutting staff at the Pentagon, don't eliminate the thin layer that assures civilian control. – Donald Rumsfeld
  10. We do not have a functioning market in the true sense of the word in health care. That's a layer of transparency that's sorely needed in America. – Paul Ryan
  11. Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. – Carl Sandburg
  12. So I'm going to go on and work on preserving the ozone layer encouraging everyone to recycle. – Dean Stockwell
  13. The surface of American society is covered with a layer of democratic paint, but from time to time one can see the old aristocratic colours breaking through. – Alexis de Tocqueville

Usage examples for layer

  1. Lloyd's voice was so imperative that Symonds took the steps two at a time, and arrived breathless at the top, to find Lloyd, booted and spurred, and covered from head to foot with a thick layer of mud, waiting impatiently for him. – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln
  2. Cook only one layer in the basket at a time. – Better Meals for Less Money by Mary Green
  3. Later, when all danger was over, it transpired that these supposed resources were fictitious, for the open sacks contained only corn with a thin layer of gold on the top. – Grain and Chaff from an English Manor by Arthur H. Savory
  4. It is easy to show, however, that the light comes not from the crystal layer but from another layer of cells containing large granules. – The Nature of Animal Light by E. Newton Harvey
  5. When we study the action of the medium in an inorganic mass, we are led to see that between the outer changed layer and the inner unchanged mass, comes a surface where active change is going on. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  6. But I got him in at last, and then, when I had closed up the case with a new lacing, I applied a fresh layer of bitumen which effectually covered up the cracks and the new cord. – The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman
  7. Properly moistened into a paste, the artificial soil is heaped, layer by layer around a central reed, of a bore equal to that of the animal's natural burrow. – The Life of the Spider by J. Henri Fabre
  8. Cover with a thin layer of the chopped mixture. – The Myrtle Reed Cook Book by Myrtle Reed
  9. Well, did the layer of felt answer? – Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2 by Martin Anderson Nexo
  10. At that epoch hardly anything was known of the physical constitution of the Moon, and it was figured as enveloped with an atmospheric layer analogous to that at the bottom of which we carry on our respiration. – Astronomy for Amateurs by Camille Flammarion
  11. 93. Layer Christopher: Arrested, i. – A History of the Four Georges, Volume I (of 4) by Justin McCarthy
  12. It raced madly over the irregular upper surface of the cloud layer – Space Platform by Murray Leinster
  13. When the shaft is down that far other fires are built at the bottom, against the sides of the layer and tunnels made in this manner. – All about the Klondyke gold mines by J. Armoy Knox J. G. Pratt
  14. A box with glass front contains a layer of clay and one of sand. – Lessons on Soil by E. J. Russell
  15. There was something inscribed on the handle, under a layer of rust and dirt. – Jezebel's Daughter by Wilkie Collins
  16. Upon reaching a layer which seemed to be a good one, the gravel on top was stripped off and thrown aside and the 'pay streak' worked with the rocker. – Kalitan, Our Little Alaskan Cousin by Mary F. Nixon-Roulet
  17. You saw below the surface- below the top- dressing of education, below the solid layer of traditional morality- deep down to the primitive passions, the fire of the clay we're all made of. – Audrey Craven by May Sinclair
  18. Expressed in another way this means that a layer of water from 2 to 3 inches deep can be stored in the soil to a depth of 12 inches. – Dry-Farming by John A. Widtsoe
  19. The layer out left about half an hour ago. – The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett
  20. 40 4 layer cake tins................................ – The Complete Home by Various

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