Definitions of period

  1. The present day.
  2. A definite portion of time, the beginning and end of which are fixed; as, the period of summer; any space of time, or series of years; end: a dot to mark the end of a sentence; in rhetoric, a complete sentence.
  3. 1. A certain duration or division of time. 2. One of the stages of a disease, as the p. of incubation, p. of convalescence, etc.
  4. A certain time.
  5. The time in which anything is performed: ( astr.) the time occupied by a body in its revolution: a stated and recurring interval of time: a series of years: length of duration: the time at which anything ends: conclusion: ( gram.) a mark at the end of a sentence (.): ( rhet.) a complete sentence. See DATE, EPOCH, ERA.
  6. A circuit; time in which anything is performed; portion of time; date; elaborate sentence; point (.) marking the end of a sentence; end.
  7. A definite portion of time; era.
  8. A dot (.) marking the end of sentence; a complete sentence.
  9. A circuit; the time a planet takes to make a complete revolution round the sun; a revolution or series of years by which time is measured; a series of years, days, & c., in which a revolution is completed, and the same course to be begun; any specified portion of time; end or conclusion; any indefinite portion of existence; limit; length of duration; a complete sentence; a full stop.
  10. A stated number of years; a round of time, at the end of which a thing may return to a former state; a specified portion of time; state at which anything terminates; the time occupied by the revolution of a heavenly body; end; conclusion; a complete sentence; the point indicating the end of a sentence; a series of numbers recurring, or pointed off by a dot or comma.