Definitions of period

  1.   The present day
  2.   A definite portion of time the beginning and end of which are fixed as the period of summer any space of time or series of years end a dot to mark the end of a sentence in rhetoric a complete sentence
  3.   1 A certain duration or division of time 2 One of the stages of a disease as the p of incubation p of convalescence etc
  4.   A certain time
  5.   The time in which anything is performed astr the time occupied by a body in its revolution a stated and recurring interval of time a series of years length of duration the time at which anything ends conclusion gram a mark at the end of a sentence rhet a complete sentence See DATE EPOCH ERA
  6.   Termination
  7.   A circuit time in which anything is performed portion of time date elaborate sentence point marking the end of a sentence end
  8.   A definite portion of time era
  9.   A dot marking the end of sentence a complete sentence
  10.   A circuit the time a planet takes to make a complete revolution round the sun a revolution or series of years by which time is measured a series of years days c in which a revolution is completed and the same course to be begun any specified portion of time end or conclusion any indefinite portion of existence limit length of duration a complete sentence a full stop
  11.   A stated number of years a round of time at the end of which a thing may return to a former state a specified portion of time state at which anything terminates the time occupied by the revolution of a heavenly body end conclusion a complete sentence the point indicating the end of a sentence a series of numbers recurring or pointed off by a dot or comma

Quotes of period

  1. I look for a role that hopefully I feel empathy with and that I can understand and love but also that has that challenge for me to play a different kind of role a different type of character a different time period – Kathy Bates
  2. The accepted definition of a serial killer is a person who kills at least three times with a cooling off period in between his murders – Pat Brown
  3. Middle age is the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with Mother Nature – Harold Coffin
  4. During this period with a series of excellent students we further studied hyperon decays – James Cronin
  5. In the last 5 years American employers have lost over $150 billion of productivity to depression alone That is more than the GDP of 28 different States during the same period – Patrick J. Kennedy
  6. We said OK We'll as long as you take good care of us And so it was a lot of fun There was a lot of ups and downs throughout the whole period of time And it's a very unique experience – Emmanuel Lewis
  7. There was a bit of a readjustment period because I didn't know what it was going to be like I didn't know what was happening how it was going to be how it was all going to feel As time went on it was great Everything felt good so we decided to go with it – Dave Lombardo
  8. It was a long period of time where I tried to figure out what worked what didn't work – Josh Lucas
  9. I have never used steroids Period – Rafael Palmeiro
  10. Ethical conduct is something that becomes inherent in an organization over a long period of time – Lee R. Raymond
  11. Probably the happiest period in life most frequently is in middle age when the eager passions of youth are cooled and the infirmities of age not yet begun as we see that the shadows which are at morning and evening so large almost entirely disappear at midday – Eleanor Roosevelt
  12. The crisis triggered a fertile period of scientific ferment and revolution in economic theory – James Tobin
  13. You can't do a machine without knowing something about how it's going to work As for the romantics the costumes bored me and I don't enjoy doing period clothes – Boris Vallejo
  14. There is no question that we are in a period in which we are going to have to use those sources to fund about 35 million dollars a year that used to be paid for by the federal government – Charles Vest
  15. To protect our freedoms it seems we're going to have to relinquish some of our freedoms for a short period of time – Neil Young

Usage examples for period

  1. Period implies extended time – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel
  2. Period of occultation 9 y ” – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  3. Period of vague speculation – The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders by Ernest Scott
  4. Period of the Crusades – Legends of the Madonna by Mrs. Jameson
  5. Period or full stop its pause – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  6. Period from first feeding with thyroid thirty days ” – Hormones and Heredity by J. T. Cunningham
  7. Period of Spanish War – A Catalogue of Early Pennsylvania and Other Firearms and Edged Weapons at "Restless Oaks" by Henry W. Shoemaker

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