Definitions of popular

  1. Popularity.
  2. Popularly.
  3. comprehensible to the general public; " written for the popular press in plain nontechnical language"
  4. ( of music or art) new and of general appeal ( especially among young people)
  5. regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public; " a popular tourist attraction"; " a popular girl"; " cabbage patch dolls are no longer popular"
  6. carried on by or for the people ( or citizens) at large; " the popular vote"; " popular representation"; " institutions of popular government"
  7. Of or pertaining to the common people, or to the whole body of the people, as distinguished from a select portion; as, the popular voice; popular elections.
  8. Suitable to common people; easy to be comprehended; not abstruse; familiar; plain.
  9. Adapted to the means of the common people; possessed or obtainable by the many; hence, cheap; common; ordinary; inferior; as, popular prices; popular amusements.
  10. Beloved or approved by the people; pleasing to people in general, or to many people; as, a popular preacher; a popular law; a popular administration.
  11. Devoted to the common people; studious of the favor of the populace.
  12. Pertaining to, suitable for, or pleasing to, the common people; easily understood; familiar; as, popular music; held in favor by large numbers of people.
  13. Pertaining to the people: pleasing to or prevailing among the people: easily comprehended: inferior: vulgar.
  14. Pertaining to the people at large.
  15. Widely trusted or admired.
  16. Suitable to the common people.
  17. Prevalent among the people.
  18. Pertaining to the common people; suitable to common people; easily comprehensible; plain; familiar; pleasing to the people; extensively prevalent.
  19. Pert. to the common people or to the public; suitable or pleasing to the public in general; plain; easily comprehended.