Common misspellings for plant

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Definitions of plant

  1.   To set in the ground; establish.
  2.   buildings for carrying on industrial labor; " they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
  3.   To set in the ground for growth.
  4.   A vegetable growth.
  5.   place into a river; " plant fish"
  6.   To set or put in the ground for growth; to furnish with plants; to set firmly; to fix; to settle; to set and direct.
  7.   To set up; to install; to instate.
  8.   The sole of the foot.
  9.   A vegetable; machinery and outfit of a manufactory.
  10.   A vegetable; an organized living being, generally without feeling and voluntary motion, and having, when complete, a root, stem, and leaves, though consisting sometimes only of a single leafy expansion, or a series of cellules, or even a single cellule.
  11.   A young oyster suitable for transplanting.
  12.   To perform the act of planting.
  13.   To furnish, or fit out, with plants; as, to plant a garden, an orchard, or a forest.
  14.   To sow seeds, or set plants.
  15.   The whole machinery and apparatus employed in carrying on a trade or mechanical business; also, sometimes including real estate, and whatever represents investment of capital in the means of carrying on a business, but not including material worked upon or finished products; as, the plant of a foundry, a mill, or a railroad.
  16.   To put or set in the ground for growth; to set that it may increase, as the germ of anything; to set firmly; to fix; to settle; to fill or adorn with plants.
  17.   a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
  18.   An oyster which has been bedded, in distinction from one of natural growth.
  19.   Any vegetable organism; a sprout or sapling; the tools, machinery, fixtures, and sometimes buildings, of any trade or business; as, a manufacturing plant; the equipment of an institution, as a college of hospital.
  20.   put firmly in the mind; " Plant a thought in the students' minds"
  21.   A plan; an artifice; a swindle; a trick.
  22.   fix or set securely or deeply; " He planted a knee in the back of his opponent"; " The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum"
  23.   To introduce and establish the principles or seeds of; as, to plant Christianity among the heathen.
  24.   A bush, or young tree; a sapling; hence, a stick or staff.
  25.   Any vegetable production; a sapling; the fixtures, machinery, tools, & c., necessary to carry on any business.
  26.   To put in the ground and cover, as seed for growth; as, to plant maize.
  27.   To engender; to generate; to set the germ of.
  28.   A sprout: any vegetable production: a child: the tools or materials of any trade or business.
  29.   An organised living body destitute of sensation; a small vegetable; a herb or shrub; the tools necessary to any trade; the stock, fixtures, & c., necessary to carry on any large concern, as railway plant.
  30.   The appliances required for a factory or other institution.
  31.   something planted secretly for discovery by another; " the police used a plant to trick the thieves"; " he claimed that the evidence against him was a plant"
  32.   an actor situated in the audience whose acting is rehearsed but seems spontaneous to the audience
  33.   put or set ( seeds or seedlings) into the ground; " Let's plant flowers in the garden"
  34.   To put into the ground for growth; as, to plant seed; to provide or prepare with seeds, roots, etc.; as, to plant a garden; fix in the mind; establish.
  35.   place something or someone in a certain position in order to secretly observe or deceive; " Plant a spy in Moscow"; " plant bugs in the dissident's apartment"
  36.   To supply ( ground) with plants or seeds.
  37.   To set in the ground for growth, as a young tree, or a vegetable with roots.
  38.   set up or lay the groundwork for; " establish a new department"
  39.   To put into the ground for growth: to furnish with plants: to set in the mind: to establish.
  40.   To set firmly; to fix; to set and direct, or point; as, to plant cannon against a fort; to plant a standard in any place; to plant one's feet on solid ground; to plant one's fist in another's face.
  41.   To furnish with a fixed and organized population; to settle; to establish; as, to plant a colony.

Antonyms for plant

extirpate, uproot, exterminate, gather, root out, wipe out, eradicate, reap, weed out.

Quotes of plant

  1. The offshore ocean area under U. S. jurisdiction is larger than our land mass, and teems with plant and animal life, mineral resources, commerce, trade, and energy sources. – Tom Allen
  2. Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant or a child in its mother's womb. – Jean Arp
  3. I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time. – Robert Browning
  4. I have friends who have a CD mastering plant in Hollywood and they are very sceptical about European record labels' understanding of digital technology. – Gavin Bryars
  5. I think that one's art is a growth inside one. I do not think one can explain growth. It is silent and subtle. One does not keep digging up a plant to see how it grows. – Emily Carr
  6. We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. – Moshe Dayan
  7. The best opinion now is, that there are multitudinous forms which are not sufficiently differentiated to be distinctively either plant or animal, while, as respects ordinary plants and animals, the difficulty of laying down a definition has become far greater than ever before. – Asa Gray
  8. Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. – Napoleon Hill
  9. If a tree dies, plant another in its place. – Carolus Linnaeus
  10. Manufacturing takes place in very large facilities. If you want to build a computer chip, you need a giant semiconductor fabrication facility. But nature can grow complex molecular machines using nothing more than a plant – Ralph Merkle
  11. No matter how much we love our family and friends, a part of us needs the occasional moment of solitude as a plant needs water. It is the inmost core of each of us that, that part which nobody can define but which we all recognize because it never changes. – Anna Neagle
  12. A committee is organic rather than mechanical in its nature: it is not a structure but a plant It takes root and grows, it flowers, wilts, and dies, scattering the seed from which other committees will bloom in their turn. – C. Northcote Parkinson
  13. I mean, we're really making a quantum change in our relationship to the plant world with genetic modification. – Michael Pollan
  14. As an integral part of the Department of Agriculture, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service monitors our Nation's agriculture to protect against agricultural pests and diseases. – Mike Rogers
  15. Nitrogen fertilizer is used on all crops produced in this country, but it is a key plant nutrient to produce corn a critical crop to Illinois farmers. – John Shimkus

Usage examples for plant

  1. The plant that is cut down one year, yet grows again the next- did this miracle make him religious and silent? ” – Look Back on Happiness by Knut Hamsun
  2. Let's plant the charge and lay the wire. ” – The Flaming Mountain by Harold Leland Goodwin
  3. It is time to dress my plant children, and give them work to do. ” – Buttercup Gold and Other Stories by Ellen Robena Field
  4. The only plant they spare is the tomata, which they will not touch. ” – Spain by Wentworth Webster
  5. Now to go back to our plant – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  6. The plant occurs during late summer and in the autumn in woods. ” – Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc. by George Francis Atkinson
  7. “ " We couldn't plant flowers till next spring," said Gladys. ” – Marjorie's Busy Days by Carolyn Wells
  8. Though its root grow old in the earth, And its stock die in the ground; By the scent of water it will bud, And put forth its branches like a plant – The Makers and Teachers of Judaism by Charles Foster Kent
  9. He went to the place; then he saw it was a plant – Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Unknown
  10. How much pain we cannot tell; but that the plant feels, as well as the animal, we can clearly prove. ” – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  11. Not until he had eaten his fill did Martin begin to look closely at the flowers on the plant – A Little Boy Lost by W. H. Hudson
  12. “ " It's a plant he announced. ” – The Box with the Broken Seals by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  13. “ A habit is a plant of which an act is the seed. ” – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays by Lemuel K. Washburn
  14. Quite near to the sea we shall find a very strange little plant – On the Seashore by R. Cadwallader Smith
  15. “ Bradbury, who had been busy down at the Mortlake plant – The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise by Margaret Burnham
  16. “ " Ay, I love 'em well enough- well enough," and he looked fondly at the plant though it's long since I saw any but these." ” – Melchior's Dream and Other Tales by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  17. “ Mr. Wayland has come to look over your plant – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
  18. Third, could I run the plant and make it succeed? ” – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
  19. This, it seems, is the method usually employed when the corpse is caught by one of its limbs in some narrow fork of a low- growing plant – The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles by Jean Henri Fabre
  20. That by proceeding in this manner, we shall advance from the simple to the complex, from the plant to the animal, and from the animal to man. ” – On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment by Honoré Bourguignon

Idioms for plant

  • plant a seed;
  • plant sth on sm;
  • plant sth in sth;