Usage examples for beauty

  1. But, to be worth anything, beauty it must have. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  2. It was no wonder that her beauty threw its spell over David's spirit. – The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss
  3. The view which lay before them was one of extreme beauty. – The Young Alaskans on the Missouri by Emerson Hough
  4. I would rather die, Bird of Beauty! – Traditions of the North American Indians, Vol. 3 (of 3) by James Athearn Jones
  5. God has given you the power and beauty. – From Jest to Earnest by E. P. Roe
  6. It's Ohio's beauty spot. – Blister Jones by John Taintor Foote
  7. When we see Him- and not till then- will our sense of beauty be satisfied. – Love's Final Victory by Horatio
  8. Where should I be without my beauty sleep? – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
  9. Nothing except its beauty. – What Answer? by Anna E. Dickinson
  10. Is she a great beauty? – A Daughter of the Vine by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  11. But a beauty I was. – The History of Samuel Titmarsh and the Great Hoggarty Diamond by William Makepeace Thackeray
  12. And it's the sort of beauty, may be, that one might feel as one went along. – A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  13. I'm not a beauty. – Paris From the "Three Cities" by Emile Zola
  14. One pale- face has marked Sansuta's beauty. – The White Squaw by Mayne Reid
  15. Oh, Celestina, do look, isn't this a beauty? – The Rectory Children by Mrs Molesworth
  16. When beauty failed, even beauty with money in its hand, Lady Mary hesitated, and then fell back on goodness. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  17. Why was not that beauty remember'd till then? – The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood by Thomas Hood
  18. " See," she said, standing in the light; " life and beauty and joy- all in a rose." – Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed
  19. Speaking of the supposed death of Walter he says, Though lost to sight, to memory dear, and England, home, and beauty. – Charles Dickens and Music by James T. Lightwood
  20. Second, the beauty of the result. – Resonance in Singing and Speaking by Thomas Fillebrown