Definitions of ram

  1. To drive with violence; to force in; to cram.
  2. To strike; butt; batter.
  3. To butt or strike against; to drive a ram against or through; to thrust or drive with violence; to force in; to drive together; to cram; as, to ram an enemy's vessel; to ram piles, cartridges, etc.
  4. To fill or compact by pounding or driving.
  5. To strike or butt against in order to crush; to press or force into something.
  6. To thrust with violence, as a ram with its head: to force together: to drive hard down:- pr. p. ramming; pa. t. and pa. p. rammed.
  7. To thrust with violence.
  8. force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically; " She rammed her mind into focus"; " He drives me mad"
  9. strike or drive against with a heavy impact; " ram the gate with a sledgehammer"; " pound on the door"
  10. To strike like a ram with his head; to thrust in with much force; to drive hard down or together.
  11. Ramming.
  12. ( astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Aries
  13. the first sign of the zodiac which the sun enters at the vernal equinox; the sun is in this sign from about March 21 to April 19
  14. a tool for driving or forcing something by impact
  15. The male of the sheep and allied animals. In some parts of England a ram is called a tup.
  16. Aries, the sign of the zodiac which the sun enters about the 21st of March.
  17. The constellation Aries, which does not now, as formerly, occupy the sign of the same name.
  18. An engine of war used for butting or battering.
  19. In ancient warfare, a long beam suspended by slings in a framework, and used for battering the walls of cities; a battering- ram.
  20. A heavy steel or iron beak attached to the prow of a steam war vessel for piercing or cutting down the vessel of an enemy; also, a vessel carrying such a beak.
  21. A hydraulic ram. See under Hydraulic.
  22. The weight which strikes the blow, in a pile driver, steam hammer, stamp mill, or the like.
  23. The plunger of a hydraulic press.
  24. A male sheep; a military engine for battering, or crushing by heavy blows; a battering- ram; an engine for raising water; an ironclad war vessel with a steel beak designed to cut into an enemy ship.
  25. A male sheep: ( astr.) Aries ( L., the ram), one of the signs of the zodiac: an engine of war for battering, with a head like that of a ram: a hydraulic engine, called water- ram: a ship of war armed with a heavy iron beak for running down a hostile vessel..
  26. A male sheep; hydraulic engine; sign of the zodiac.
  27. Rammer.
  28. A male of the sheep.
  29. An instrument for driving, forcing, battering, or crushing, as a projection from the bow of a war - vessel; also, a war - vessel constructed for ramming.
  30. An instrument for raising water by pressure of compressed air; called also hydraulic ram.
  31. The male of the sheep or ovine genus; Aries, the sign of the zodiac; an engine formerly used for demolishing walls, called a battering- ram; an ironclad steam warship armed under water with a steel beak; a hydraulic engine.
  32. A male sheepcalled also a tup; an anc. warlike instrument for batering walls; Aries, a sign of the ecliptic; a steam war- ship armed with a heavy steel or iron beak for driving against, and so destroying other vessels; a machine for raising water by the moving force of part of the water to be raised; the hammer of a pile- driver; the piston of a hydraulic press.
  33. Rammed.