Definitions of mill

  1. To fill ( a winze or interior incline) with broken ore, to be drawn out at the bottom.
  2. To cause to mill, or circle round, as cattle.
  3. To grind very fine in a machine; groove or stamp, as the edges of coins; full ( cloth): roll into bars, as metal.
  4. To grind; to stamp, as a coin; to full, as cloth.
  5. To grind as in a mill.
  6. To indent the edge of ( a coin).
  7. To undergo hulling, as maize.
  8. To move in a circle, as cattle upon a plain.
  9. To take part in a mill; to box.
  10. To swim under water; - said of air- breathing creatures.
  11. To swim suddenly in a new direction; - said of whales.
  12. move about in a confused manner
  13. grind with a mill; " mill grain"
  14. roll out ( metal) with a rolling machine
  15. of the edge of a coin
  16. To grind; to make a raised impression round the edges of a piece of money; to stamp; full, as cloth; to heat severely with the fists. To mill chocolate, to froth it.
  17. To grind; to press or stamp, as the edges of coins; to full, as cloth.
  18. a plant consisting of buildings with facilities for manufacturing
  19. English philosopher and economist remembered for his interpretations of empiricism and utilitarianism ( 1806- 1873)
  20. produce a ridge around the edge of; " mill a coin"
  21. A money of account of the United States, having the value of the tenth of a cent, or the thousandth of a dollar.
  22. A machine for grinding or comminuting any substance, as grain, by rubbing and crushing it between two hard, rough, or intented surfaces; as, a gristmill, a coffee mill; a bone mill.
  23. A machine used for expelling the juice, sap, etc., from vegetable tissues by pressure, or by pressure in combination with a grinding, or cutting process; as, a cider mill; a cane mill.
  24. A machine for grinding and polishing; as, a lapidary mill.
  25. A common name for various machines which produce a manufactured product, or change the form of a raw material by the continuous repetition of some simple action; as, a sawmill; a stamping mill, etc.
  26. A building or collection of buildings with machinery by which the processes of manufacturing are carried on; as, a cotton mill; a powder mill; a rolling mill.
  27. A hardened steel roller having a design in relief, used for imprinting a reversed copy of the design in a softer metal, as copper.
  28. An excavation in rock, transverse to the workings, from which material for filling is obtained.
  29. A passage underground through which ore is shot.
  30. A milling cutter. See Illust. under Milling.
  31. A pugilistic.
  32. To reduce to fine particles, or to small pieces, in a mill; to grind; to comminute.
  33. To shape, finish, or transform by passing through a machine; specifically, to shape or dress, as metal, by means of a rotary cutter.
  34. To make a raised border around the edges of, or to cut fine grooves or indentations across the edges of, as of a coin, or a screw head; also, to stamp in a coining press; to coin.
  35. To beat with the fists.
  36. To roll into bars, as steel.
  37. Short for Treadmill.
  38. The raised or ridged edge or surface made in milling anything, as a coin or screw.
  39. A machine for grinding grain or other substances; a manufactory; one- tenth of a cent.
  40. A machine for grinding any substance, as grain, by crushing it between two hard, rough surfaces: a place where grinding or manufacture of some kind is carried on.
  41. A machine for grinding; the building containing it; the tenth, of a cent.
  42. A machine or a building for grinding grain, reducing ores, etc.
  43. Mill dam, mill pond.
  44. The thousandth part of a dollar.
  45. A machine for grinding and reducing to fine particles grain or other hard substance: a manufactory.
  46. A money of account, valued at the tenth of a cent, and the thousandth part of a dollar.
  47. A machine in which corn and other substances are ground into meal or flour; a machine for spinning, weaving, sawing, or for performing other operations; the building in which such operations are carried on.
  48. In the U. S., an imaginary money of account, the tenth of a cent, or the thousandth of a dollar.