Definitions of hammer

  1. To work; to labour in contrivance. To bring to the hammer, to put up to auction. Hammer and tongs, with noise and vigour.
  2. To pound; drive; work out laboriously; toil.
  3. To beat with a hammer; to beat with heavy blows; as, to hammer iron.
  4. To form or forge with a hammer; to shape by beating.
  5. To form in the mind; to shape by hard intellectual labor; - usually with out.
  6. To pound; to drive, as a nail; to work out in the mind.
  7. To drive or shape with a hammer: to contrive by intellectual labor.
  8. To beat or drive with a hammer.
  9. To be busy forming anything; to labor hard as if shaping something with a hammer.
  10. To strike repeated blows, literally or figuratively.
  11. To work hard.
  12. To strike repeated blows.
  13. of metals
  14. beat with or as if with a hammer; " hammer the metal flat"
  15. create by hammering; " hammer the silver into a bowl"; " forge a pair of tongues"
  16. To beat or forge with a hammer; to conceive and produce with labour.
  17. To beat or forge with a hammer.
  18. a hand tool with a heavy rigid head and a handle; used to deliver an impulsive force by striking
  19. a power tool for drilling rocks
  20. a striker that is covered in felt and that causes the piano strings to vibrate
  21. a heavy metal sphere attached to a flexible wire; used in the hammer throw
  22. an athletic competition in which a heavy metal ball that is attached to a flexible wire is hurled as far as possible
  23. An instrument for driving nails, beating metals, and the like, consisting of a head, usually of steel or iron, fixed crosswise to a handle.
  24. Something which in firm or action resembles the common hammer
  25. That part of a clock which strikes upon the bell to indicate the hour.
  26. The padded mallet of a piano, which strikes the wires, to produce the tones.
  27. The malleus.
  28. That part of a gunlock which strikes the percussion cap, or firing pin; the cock; formerly, however, a piece of steel covering the pan of a flintlock musket and struck by the flint of the cock to ignite the priming.
  29. Also, a person of thing that smites or shatters; as, St. Augustine was the hammer of heresies.
  30. A spherical weight attached to a flexible handle and hurled from a mark or ring. The weight of head and handle is usually not less than 16 pounds.
  31. An instrument with a handle and iron head, used for driving nails, beating metals, etc.; anything resembling this tool.
  32. A tool for beating, or driving nails: anything like a hammer, as the part of a clock that strikes the bell: the baton of an auctioneer.
  33. A tool for beating, or driving nails, & c.
  34. An implement for driving nails, beating, pounding, etc.
  35. An instrument for driving nails, beating metals, & c.; what resembles a hammer in form or action, as the striker of a clock, the baton of an auctioneer.
  36. A striking instr.; an instr. for driving nails, & c.