Definitions of beam

  1. To emit rays of light; to shine. On the beam, at right angles to the keel. On her beam ends, when a ship is thrown so much over on one side that the beams approach a vertical position. To be on one's beam ends, to be in extreme embarrassment.
  2. To send forth; to emit; - followed ordinarily by forth; as, to beam forth light.
  3. To send forth, as rays of light.
  4. To send forth light: to shine.
  5. To send out as rays of light.
  6. To furnish with beams.
  7. To burnish.
  8. To emit beams of light.
  9. To send out rays; to shine.
  10. smile radiantly; express joy through one's facial expression
  11. express with a beaming face or smile; " he beamed his approval"
  12. To shine; be radiant.
  13. To send forth; to emit.
  14. To throw out rays, as the sun; to dart; to glitter or shine.
  15. long thick piece of wood or metal or concrete, etc., used in construction
  16. breadth amidships
  17. ( nautical) breadth amidships
  18. especially of the complexion: show a strong bright color, such as red or pink; " Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna"
  19. Any large piece of timber or iron long in proportion to its thickness, and prepared for use.
  20. One of the principal horizontal timbers of a building or ship.
  21. The width of a vessel; as, one vessel is said to have more beam than another.
  22. The principal stem or horn of a stag or other deer, which bears the antlers, or branches.
  23. The pole of a carriage.
  24. A cylinder of wood, making part of a loom, on which weavers wind the warp before weaving; also, the cylinder on which the cloth is rolled, as it is woven; one being called the fore beam, the other the back beam.
  25. The straight part or shank of an anchor.
  26. The main part of a plow, to which the handles and colter are secured, and to the end of which are attached the oxen or horses that draw it.
  27. A ray or collection of parallel rays emitted from the sun or other luminous body; as, a beam of light, or of heat.
  28. Fig.: A ray; a gleam; as, a beam of comfort.
  29. A heavy iron lever having an oscillating motion on a central axis, one end of which is connected with the piston rod from which it receives motion, and the other with the crank of the wheel shaft; - called also working beam or walking beam.
  30. One of the long feathers in the wing of a hawk; - called also beam feather.
  31. A long piece of timber or iron used to support the rafters of a building; one of the principal crosswise horizontal timbers of a building or ship; the extreme breadth of a ship; the bar of a balance on which the scales are hung; a ray or the parallel rays of light given out from the sun or any other body which gives forth light.
  32. A large and straight piece of timber or iron forming one of the main supports of a building, ship, etc.: the part of a balance from which the scales hang: the pole of a carriage: a cylinder of wood in a loom: a ray of light.
  33. A large piece of timber; a ray of light.
  34. Beamy.
  35. A long horizontal piece of wood, stone, or metal in the frame of a building.
  36. The bar of a balance.
  37. A ray of light, or a group of rays.
  38. A large piece of timber or metal laid across the walls to support the principal rafters in a building; a transverse piece of timber, the width of a ship, supporting the deck and staying the sides; any large and long piece of timber; the part of a balance, from the ends of which the scales are suspended; the pole of a carriage; a cylinder, or part of a loom, on which weavers wind the warp; also, a cylinder on which the cloth is rolled, as it is woven; the main piece of a plough, in which the plough- tails are fixed, and by which it is drawn; the shank of an anchor; the part on the head of a stag which bears the antlers; a collection of parallel rays of light emitted from the sun, or other luminous body; a ray.
  39. Any large and long piece of timber or iron; the principal piece of timber in a building; the rod from which the scales are suspended; the horn of a stag; ray of light.
  40. Beamingly.
  41. Beaming.