Definitions of cram

  1. To eat greedily or beyond satiety; to undergo cramming for an examination.
  2. To press together; eat greedily; stuff; crowd; overfill.
  3. To stuff; fill to overflowing; colloquially, to put hastily through a course of study.
  4. To stuff; crowd; over fill.
  5. Colloquially, to study hard for an examination; to eat greedily.
  6. To eat greedily:- pr. p. cramming; pa. p. crammed.
  7. To eat to excess.
  8. prepare ( students) hastily for an impending exam
  9. eat until one is sated; " He filled up on turkey"
  10. To stuff; to fill to superfluity; to fill beyond satiety; to thrust in by force; to prepare for an examination by storing the mind with cut and ready formulae and answers in connection with some prescribed subject of study.
  11. To press or drive in; to fill to excess; to stuff; to eat greedily.
  12. To prepare, in a limited time, for passing an examination by the stuffing in of intellectual food, whether by a tutor called acoach,” or by one's own endeavours.
  13. Cramming.
  14. To press, force, or drive, particularly in filling, or in thrusting one thing into another; to stuff; to crowd; to fill to superfluity; as, to cram anything into a basket; to cram a room with people.
  15. To fill with food to satiety; to stuff.
  16. To put hastily through an extensive course of memorizing or study, as in preparation for an examination; as, a pupil is crammed by his tutor.
  17. To eat greedily, and to satiety; to stuff.
  18. To make crude preparation for a special occasion, as an examination, by a hasty and extensive course of memorizing or study.
  19. The act of cramming.
  20. Information hastily memorized; as, a cram from an examination.
  21. A warp having more than two threads passing through each dent or split of the reed.
  22. Information acquired by cramming; a lie.
  23. The information so imparted or acquired.
  24. Crammed.