Definitions of group

  1. To from into a collection or class.
  2. form a group or group together
  3. arrange into a group or groups; " Can you group these shapes together?"
  4. To form into a group.
  5. To bring or place together in a cluster or knot.
  6. the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen
  7. A cluster, crowd, or throng; an assemblage, either of persons or things, collected without any regular form or arrangement; as, a group of men or of trees; a group of isles.
  8. An assemblage of objects in a certain order or relation, or having some resemblance or common characteristic; as, groups of strata.
  9. To form a group of; to arrange or combine in a group or in groups, often with reference to mutual relation and the best effect; to form an assemblage of.
  10. A number of eighth, sixteenth, etc., notes joined at the stems; - sometimes rather indefinitely applied to any ornament made up of a few short notes.
  11. A small crowd or assemblage; a cluster; as, a group of houses.
  12. A number of persons or things together: ( art) an assemblage of persons, animals, or things, forming a whole.
  13. Cluster; assemblage.
  14. A small collection or company; cluster.
  15. A cluster; an assemblage; an assemblage of figures forming an artistic whole; a class scientifically connected.
  16. A small crowd or assemblage; in art, an assemblage of figures or objects having some resemblance or character in common.
  17. A number of plants, or animals, related to one another, and considered collectively.
  18. for or by a group rather than individuals; " dipping each his bread into a communal dish of stew"- Paul Roche; " a communal settlement in which all earnings and food were shared"; " a group effort"