Definitions of war

  1. a legal state created by a declaration of war and ended by official declaration during which the international rules of war apply; " war was declared in November but actual fighting did not begin until the following spring"
  2. make or wage war
  3. a concerted campaign to end something that is injurious; " the war on poverty"; " the war against crime"
  4. the waging of armed conflict against an enemy; " thousands of people were killed in the war"
  5. an active struggle between competing entities; " a price war"; " a war of wits"; " diplomatic warfare"
  6. Ware; aware.
  7. A contest between nations or states, carried on by force, whether for defence, for revenging insults and redressing wrongs, for the extension of commerce, for the acquisition of territory, for obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one over the other, or for any other purpose; armed conflict of sovereign powers; declared and open hostilities.
  8. A condition of belligerency to be maintained by physical force. In this sense, levying war against the sovereign authority is treason.
  9. Instruments of war.
  10. Forces; army.
  11. The profession of arms; the art of war.
  12. a state of opposition or contest; an act of opposition; an inimical contest, act, or action; enmity; hostility.
  13. To make war; to invade or attack a state or nation with force of arms; to carry on hostilities; to be in a state by violence.
  14. To contend; to strive violently; to fight.
  15. To carry on, as a contest; to wage.
  16. The state of armed attack of defense aginst another; a contest by force between states or nations; an armed conflict; oppsition or contest; contention; as, a war of words; hostility or enmity.
  17. To engage in an armed conflict; fight.
  18. Warred.
  19. Warring.
  20. A state of opposition or contest: a contest between states carried on by arms: open hostility: the profession of arms.
  21. To make war: to contend: to fight:- pr. p. warring; pa. t. and pa. p. warred.
  22. Armed contention between States or large numbers of people; open hostility.
  23. To make war; contend.
  24. To be at war; make war; contend.
  25. An armed contest between nations or states.
  26. A contest between nations or states, or parties in the same state, carried on by force of arms; instruments of war; forces; arms; the profession of arms; art of war; hostility; state of opposition or contest; enmity; disposition to contention.
  27. To carry on a contest. Man- of- war, an armed ship of large size, for attack or defence. Holy war, a religious war; a crusade.
  28. To make war; to invade or attack a nation or state with force of arms; to carry on hostilities; to contend; to strive violently.
  29. An armed contest between nations or states; a contest carried on by force of arms; open hostility; the profession of arms; opposition or contest of any kind carried on between two parties.
  30. To attack a state with force of arms; to carry on hostilities; to contend; to strive with violence.

Usage examples for war

  1. I want the thing I wanted before the war as much now as ever. – The Brightener by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  2. This is the War that never ends. – In Times Like These by Nellie L. McClung
  3. I asked what were the laws of war. – A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 7 (of 10) From "The Works of Voltaire - A Contemporary Version" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire) Commentator: John Morley Tobias Smollett H.G. Leigh
  4. Through the War I tried to, but I had to stop. – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)
  5. What did he care for the war? – The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me by William Allen White
  6. Visit of the English Man of War. – Peter Stuyvesant, the Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam by John S. C. Abbott
  7. " America is at war with Germany," was the reply. – The Boy Volunteers with the Submarine Fleet by Kenneth Ward
  8. First, there must be a war. – Trial of the Officers and Crew of the Privateer Savannah, on the Charge of Piracy, in the United States Circuit Court for the Southern District of New York by A. F. Warburton
  9. He meant business, he told me, and had come to make his name in this little war. – Tomaso's Fortune and Other Stories by Henry Seton Merriman
  10. The war 'n' all that- and the two children. – Comrades by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
  11. They must be even nearer to war than we thought. – The Lost Kafoozalum by Pauline Ashwell
  12. Why is it war? – The Orchard of Tears by Sax Rohmer
  13. It's war from now on. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  14. They were talking, but not of the war. – The U-boat hunters by James B. Connolly
  15. It's a war- and I have just begun to fight! – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  16. Then the war came. – Torchy and Vee by Sewell Ford
  17. And where they remain, war is. – The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers
  18. I should very much like to have that man- of- war here. – Soldiers of Fortune by Richard Harding Davis