Definitions of battery

  1. group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place
  2. an assault in which the assailant makes physical contact
  3. a series of stamps operated in one mortar for crushing ores
  4. a collection of related things intended for use together; " took a battery of achievement tests"
  5. a unit composed of the pitcher and catcher
  6. The act of battering or beating.
  7. The unlawful beating of another. It includes every willful, angry and violent, or negligent touching of another's person or clothes, or anything attached to his person or held by him.
  8. Any place where cannon or mortars are mounted, for attack or defense.
  9. Two or more pieces of artillery in the field.
  10. A company or division of artillery, including the gunners, guns, horses, and all equipments. In the United States, a battery of flying artillery consists usually of six guns.
  11. A number of coated jars ( Leyden jars) so connected that they may be charged and discharged simultaneously.
  12. An apparatus for generating voltaic electricity.
  13. A number of similar machines or devices in position; an apparatus consisting of a set of similar parts; as, a battery of boilers, of retorts, condensers, etc.
  14. A series of stamps operated by one motive power, for crushing ores containing the precious metals.
  15. The box in which the stamps for crushing ore play up and down.
  16. The pitcher and catcher together.
  17. A crime consisting of physical contact that is intended to harm someone. Unintentional harmful contact is not battery, no mater how careless the behavior or how severe the injury. A fist fight is a common battery; being hit by a wild pitch in a baseball game is not.
  18. The act of beating another; as, in law, assault and battery; a number of large guns with their accompaniment of officers, men, and equipments, for field operations; any raised work where guns are mounted and gunners protected; an apparatus for producing electricity.
  19. A number of cannon with their equipment: the place on which cannon are mounted: the men and horses attending a battery: an instrument used in electric and galvanic experiments: ( law) an assault by beating or wounding.
  20. The act of beating; a line of cannon; the place on which cannon are mounted; an electrical apparatus.
  21. ( 1) An earthwork enclosing cannon. ( 2) A company of artillerymen or their guns and other equipment.
  22. Elec. A group of cells, dynamos, etc.
  23. The unlawful use of force by one person upon another.
  24. An instrument for battering or attack; a certain number of cannon for the field, their equipment, and the artillerymen; the men of a battery; a raised work on which cannon are placed, usually protected by a parapet, to screen the gunners; the unlawful beating or even touching of another; a number of coated jars placed in such a manner that they may be charged at the same time, and discharged in the same manner; a pile or series of plates of copper and zinc, or of any substances susceptible of galvanic action.
  25. In mil., a parapet or wall breast high, thrown up to protect the gunners and others, or as a position for guns; any number of guns and mortars ranged in order for firing; an apparatus for generating the electric fluid : masked- battery, a battery screened from the sight of the enemy by any contrivance.

Usage examples for battery

  1. Captain Morrison's battery of the Third New York Artillery had three men wounded, and lost the same number of horses. – Kinston, Whitehall and Goldsboro (North Carolina) expedition, December, 1862 by W. W. Howe
  2. The dawn of the 4th of March was saluted by the guns at the Battery in New York and by the ringing of church bells. – Union and Democracy by Allen Johnson
  3. It came at about two o'clock in the morning and of all places, near the Battery itself. – The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve
  4. Can he play that battery of instruments? – The Rustler of Wind River by G. W. Ogden
  5. Sheaffe's despatch to Sir George Prevost, that it was " in the western battery." – Toronto of Old by Henry Scadding
  6. But first one was struck, then another and another, and there appeared every probability that the battery would be overwhelmed. – The Three Commanders by W.H.G. Kingston
  7. I haven't seen a Grimsley outfit since '61. Grimsley it is, said the veteran captain of the light battery. – A Trooper Galahad by Charles King
  8. Why is it the Battery? – Sunny Boy in the Big City by Ramy Allison White
  9. And that battery, when in action, must have been truly terrible. – The Crisis, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009
  10. With one wild bound I leapt forward, and, hardly knowing what I did, I pressed the button, turned off the current from the battery, and rushed wildly upon him. – Recalled to Life by Grant Allen
  11. " Quick, to the Battery, they'll need every man to- night, they'll-" Then he sank back into his chair. – Frenzied Fiction by Stephen Leacock
  12. This is really happening, down near the Battery in New York City. – Prologue to an Analogue by Leigh Richmond
  13. An officer discovered that a battery on the shore of the harbor was apparently vacant. – The Little Book of the Flag by Eva March Tappan
  14. Your father used to be in charge of a battery there, and I was an officer in the same brigade. – Plays by Chekhov, Second Series On the High Road, The Proposal, The Wedding, The Bear, A Tragedian In Spite of Himself, The Anniversary, The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov
  15. You should hear the men talk of that battery. – With Rimington by L. March Phillipps
  16. It was two days' work to accomplish this, but Frank, who was impatient to see the inside of the fortifications worked with a will, and finally the battery was mounted in its old position. – Frank on the Lower Mississippi by Harry Castlemon
  17. There, he discovered the second battery of tubes had ceased firing about a minute after the first. – Deepfreeze by Robert Donald Locke
  18. Up to now the Battery had worked without coming under any serious fire. – Between the Lines by Boyd Cable